How to Harness Healing Energy For Peace, Health and Happiness

Healing energy is incredibly helpful to our body, minds, and hearts. This energy lives inside of us and is key to functioning and thriving. We can use the beautiful bright white light energy within to calm anxiety, reduce sadness, let go of limiting beliefs, and cleanse our emotional fields.

We can also harness healing energy when we’re sick. Sometimes when you’re not feeling great it can be hard to acknowledge that you will feel joyful again – you feel like you will never recover. Healing energy is like the transition from winter to spring – it feels nearly impossible after months of snow, but you know it will come.

You have all the healing energy you need already inside of you.

And . . . GUESS WHAT? You have all the healing energy you need already inside of you. All you have to do is tune into it.

How to Find Your Healing Energy

Turn your attention to what is working in your body. Start to deepen your breath as you continue to read this article. Notice how your mind becomes more centered and peaceful.
Your breath is your greatest asset – it can change the way you feel instantly. Imagine that each breath in is energetic and beautiful bright white light, and each breath out signals a clearing out of what no longer serves you.
Bring to mind all of the things your body does for you without being asked on a daily basis. How your organs work and how your heart never misses a beat. By appreciating what is going right, we create a vibrational energy that gives your body a higher healing energy frequency!
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How to Harness Your Healing Energy

Did you know that the turtle is a symbol of healing, good luck, and longevity? They represent patience, endurance, stability, and strength. They teach us that all things happen in divine timing, that we are at home in our bodies, and that it is okay to rest when we need to.
These three steps are inspired by the healing powers of the turtle. They’ll teach you how to harness your healing energy to regain your peace, health, and happiness!
Mantra For Healing:
On Your Inhale: Slow and steady
On Your Exhale: I am healing
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Step 1: Slow Down

Do you rush around trying to do everything for everyone? Are you busier than you have time to explain?
The turtle teaches us to slow down, which is why recognizing that you need to pump the breaks is the first step in healing yourself. When you pause to let your body settle, you activate your relaxation response. This allows your body to focus on healing. Your energy can be spent on realigning your system instead of exerting yourself to accomplish the things on your to-do-list.

Step 2: Treat Your Home With Love

Turtles are always at home in their shell. Think of your body as your home, because it truly is. Be sure to nourish your home with food that will sustain you. Eat natural, whole foods that will rebuild your strength and give you energy instead of hard-to-digest food that will take your energy away.

Step 3: Retreat Into Your Shell

Turtles can find grounding and comfort wherever they go because they know their home is always with them. In yoga, we create shapes with our bodies to create space for love and light in our bodies and minds.
You can imagine you are retreating into your shell by practicing Child’s Pose and visualizing a magical healing shell on your back. As you connect your forehead to the earth, notice how you can rock your head from side to side, signaling a clearing out of any thoughts of sickness that do not serve you.
You can state the mantra as you rest and retreat into this pose!

Go in Peace, Health, and Happiness

Whenever you need to clear space in your mind, free yourself from anxiety, release limiting beliefs, or regain vitality when you are sick, remember healing energy is inside of you. You are exactly where you are meant to be, and there is no need to rush. You can take time for yourself. Call on your breath, the turtle shape, and your mantra to bring yourself back into alignment.
Sending you light and love!

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