7 Morning Rituals to Aid in Clear Communication

Consider the physical counterparts to the throat chakra: the face, teeth, mouth, throat, neck, hands and arms – all used in self-expression with or without speaking. The ancient masters believed that ether created all matter from a vibration – the genesis of the entire universe. From vibration, spoken word and language were formed.
Word evolved into our voice, which is essential to the genesis of who we are and how we communicate. In this same train of thought, how do we create our day? What we say about ourselves and others is fundamental in managing this chakra of self-expression, community and collectivity.
The Vishuddhi, or throat chakra, is our fifth chakra, which defines the beginning of our higher centers. While the first four lower chakras are based on material elements (earth, water, fire and air), the fifth chakra’s element is ether, which defines the ethereal world. Thus, in order to start your day enlightened, it is essential to activate your fifth chakra.
Here are 7 ways to cleanse, balance, and activate your throat chakra, paving the way to clear communication and empowering you to speak your highest truth.
Choose one, several, or all for your morning routine. You will need the following: fresh lemon, honey (optional), dry body brush (buy from your local health food or beauty store), fifth chakra essential oil.

1. Hot lemon water

Drinking hot lemon water when you first wake up is a simple, inexpensive way to clean out your liver and digestive tract. It also disinfects your throat and creates a clean physical ground for speaking your inner truth throughout the day. Try adding a spoonful of honey to your hot lemon water to increase your immunity.

2. Facial exercises

Facial exercises will keep your skin looking young (without the need for botox!). Our face is another aspect to our Vishuddhi chakra and essential in clear communication. We can accomplish this in a matter of 2-5 minutes following one (or both) of the techniques below:

• Technique #1: Perform a quick 2-minute exercise of pronouncing the 5 vowels with an open mouth for 20 repetitions.

• Technique #2: This exercise was taught to me by a Tai Chi master. Sweep your tongue across the roof of your mouth for 12 reps (one rep equals one back and forth). Then do another 12 reps across the back of your upper teeth, then 12 more reps in front of your upper teeth. Repeat the 36 reps on the bottom of your mouth. Our facial muscles are all connected to our mouth, so this technique exercises the entire face, cleansing and strengthening your Vishuddhi chakra inside and out.

3. Dry brush massage

Since the fifth chakra is influenced by the thyroid, it is also connected to our complexion and skin. Energize, circulate and detox your skin with this technique used by ancient cultures from all over the world. I recommend two brushes: one for firmer skin and a softer one for delicate skin.
Important to note: Brushing the breast area and lymph nodes under the arms helps prevent breast cancer as it gets rid of toxins. *source

• Technique: Start with the firmer dry brush and work with clockwise circular motions from foot to torso up to the heart area. Next, use the softer brush and do the same circular motions under your arms, breast area and neck. Be sure to wipe away the dead skin cells with a damp washcloth. *Note: Dry brushing is not recommended for eczema or varicose veins.

4. Essential oils

Nothing feels better than adding some essential oils to our well-brushed skin. Specifically for the fifth chakra, there are several suggested essential oils that help with this area of communication and expressing our inner voice: geranium, jasmine, rose and sandalwood. Choose the one that resonates best with your body chemistry.
Pro tip: Mix three to four drops of your chosen essential oil in a carrier oil like almond or coconut oil for easier and more even distribution.
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5. Sun Salutation postures for the throat chakra

Most of us yogis already practice sun salutations on a regular basis. According to the book Meditation as Medicine (by Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D.), the first two postures of the sun salutation are especially effective on the fifth chakra.

• Technique: Center yourself with a bija mantra for the fifth chakra: Sat Nam. Then move into the first position of the sun salutation. Slowly move into the second position and breathe slowly through the nose into your belly. Repeat the flow 2-5 times. You can repeat the mantra either out loud or inside your head as you move.

6. Wear Chakra-Specific Gemstones

Express yourself and add a final touch with some vibrating gemstones for the fifth chakra energy center: turquoise, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, sodalite. Wear these gemstones on or near your throat for clear and effective communication.

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7. Breakfast!

Eat food that resonates with your mind and body to give you the added boost of energy that you need. Tantalize your Vishuddhi taste buds! Eating food that is rich in nutrients will fuel your mind and body and help keep your lines of communication clear. Perhaps this is why they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try my favorite no-bake recipe to keep you feeling healthy and energized on the go:
No-Bake granola Bars:
Mix 1 cup almond butter, 1 tsp. coconut oil, ½ cup chopped dates and walnuts, shredded coconut and chia seeds. Place them in a glass dish in the fridge to harden. Enjoy!

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Depending on how much time you have in the morning, try one or more of these tips and become aware of how they impact your communication throughout the day. Not only are these tips beneficial for your throat chakra; they help you lead a healthier, happier lifestyle overall, and they’re a quick and easy way to start your day on the best note.

Have you tried any of these techniques? Have any additional tips you’d like to offer? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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Maria Moscato

Maria has been an expat Californian living in Bologna, Italy for 18 years. After her two trips to India, she started yoga during her pregnancy 13 years ago and has been a yogi ever since. An artist, writer and innovative cook, she integrates her love for yoga and meditation into her work, including a line of yoga clothing based on the spiritual foundation of selenite, a crystal gypsum used by the Romans.

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