Wondering How to Raise Your Vibration? Try These 10 Tips

Have you ever wondered how to raise your vibration?

Or maybe you’ve heard the saying “vibes speak louder than words.” The vibration or “vibes” can be felt by anyone, is not exclusive to an empath.

A vibration is basically the quality of energy of a person, a place, or a thing. You can impact people with your negative energy, or you can be a dose of Vitamin C and infuse them with your positive energy!

Read on to learn more about what our vibration is, how it’s impacted, and how to tell the difference between high vibration and low vibration . . .

The Difference Between High Vibration vs. Low Vibration

Our vibration emits a frequency out to the universe, and that energetic vibration is reflected back in our lives. This affects both; the short term and the long term situations. Let me give you an example of each one:

Let’s say that you wake up one morning out of alignment and you are in a bad mood. You begin your day complaining about your coffee and the weather. If you do not shift your vibration, most likely your day will just get worse.

There’s a chance of you getting into an argument with the people around you, and you can pollute the people and the ambience everywhere you go. This is an example of a short term, because it is a one day situation.

You can be a dose of Vitamin C and infuse people with your positive energy!

An example of a long term would be, you notice that you keep getting rejected on job interviews, and you can’t understand why since your resume is outstanding, you are more than qualified for the job, you have the experience and the skills; so why do you keep getting rejected?

Your energy has more power than you can even imagine. When you vibrate a high-vibration, positive and loving energy, you will receive that energy reflected back to you.

However, when you vibrate at a low vibration, you attract people and situations that are also vibrating at that level.

Our energetic vibration is directly correlated to what we attract in our lives: the people that we attract, the situations that happen, the opportunities that arise, and all in between.

In order for us to be in our highest possible vibration to feel good, in alignment and to attract all the greatness and abundance into our lives, we have to do our part. It is a daily work.

The good news is that shifting and raising your vibration is easier than you think.

It is our responsibility to be aware of our energetic vibration, to know how to shift and raise our vibration at any moment, and to maintain a high vibration.

The good news is that shifting and raising your vibration is easier than you think. My goal is to give you the tools for you to carry them at all times, and to use them whenever you need them in order to stay in a high vibrational state. I want you to empower yourself by choosing YOUR vibration!

So, how do you shift your vibrational energy from a low vibration (anger, fear, anxiety, etc) to a higher vibration (joy, positivity, peace, gratitude)?

Here’s A Simple Guide On How to Raise Your Vibration:


1. Use Morning Mantras

I love to begin my day with morning mantras – it is such a wonderful way to set the tone for the day.

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Lately, I have been using the mantras from the book Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein. Here are some of the mantras from the book:


  • My body is rested and my mind is clear
  • I start my day with positive thoughts and energy
  • My day unfolds with ease and grace
  • I am open to receiving greatness
  • Creative possibilities are available to me
  • I bring light with me wherever I go


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2. Pray

Prayer is one of the most powerful ways to shift your vibration instantly. You can pray before you write that email, make that phone call, have that meeting, go to that job interview, go on your date, etc.

Pray to (God, Universe, Love – whatever resonates with you) and ask to help you align in perfect coherence with love and inner-truth.

As Gabrielle Bernstein says, “A prayer is all you need to invite in a presence greater than yourself to reconnect you to your authenticity and positivity.”


3. Dance

As Martha Graham said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Dance and/or sing to music that uplifts your spirit!

When you dance and/or sing, you not only shift and raise your vibration; you also activate and balance your chakras. Dancing is medicine!

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4. Meditate

Meditation helps you relax, reconnect, tune in, and realign with love and your highest self. As Karson McGinley, founder of Happy-U Yoga says, “Attune your heart to love and your energy will start to soar.”

Here is an easy Love Meditation. If you have a rose quartz crystal you can hold it with your left (receiving) hand as a tool to amplify unconditional love.

  • Breathe, relax and visualize a bright light on your Heart Chakra (center of your chest)
  • Continue breathing in and breathing out, slowly
  • See the light on your heart shimmering and expanding
  • You can even think of someone or a pet that you LOVE
  • Feel how your energy shifts

Love after all, is the highest energetic vibration. <3  

5. Get Grounded In Nature

When you ground yourself in nature, you discharge negativity, and even more importantly, you recharge yourself with the loving and nurturing energy from Mother Earth.

“The Earth is like a gigantic battery that contains a natural, subtle electrical charge.” – The Chopra Foundation

After grounding yourself you’ll feel renewed, refreshed, centered, and balanced. Whether you simply walk barefoot in your backyard, or go to the beach or on a hike, just get out in nature, allow yourself to be present by opening all your senses: see, taste, hear, smell and feel.

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6. Move!!

Movement is essential for a healthy lifestyle for many reasons. When we become aware of the mind-body-spirit connection, we can better understand how moving our bodies can help us balance our emotional state.

“Move your body. It’s an open invitation to the Universe that you are ready to be a high-speed racetrack for energy and frequency.” – Panache Desai

Through movement, we have the ability to move energy in our bodies! My favorite way of movement is yoga. Find ways of movement that speak to you and that makes you happy. For some, this could be dancing (see #3!) while others prefer Pilates, jogging, or hiking.

Try this class and raise your vibration with yoga!
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7. Use Crystals

Crystals are known for their healing properties. Through their powerful vibrations, healing crystals act as a tool to raise, realign, and recalibrate your energy.

Each crystal is believed to have its own unique vibrational healing energy. Here are a few suggestions to help you raise your vibration:

  • To amplify love vibration – Rose Quartz
  • To promote relaxation – Amethyst
  • To infuse joy and enthusiasm – Citrine and Tiger’s Eye

You can wear them as jewelry, keep them near in your workspace or somewhere where you spend time every day. You can also place healing crystals directly on your skin when working on a specific chakra, and/or you can meditate with them.

You can also give your crystal a “job” by setting an specific intention. For instance you can program your crystal to assist you on raising your vibration with JOY.

Here’s How to Cleanse + Charge Your Crystals With Intention (Step-By-Step Guide)

8. Perform an Act of Service

Giving from your heart without expecting anything in return can raise your vibration. When you do something or give time or money to a charity or to somebody in need, not only do you help others; you’ll be equally helping yourself.

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” – Ben Carson

9. Remain Grateful

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.” – Vicki Becker

Being grateful for what you have, not only allows you to raise your vibration but also to attract more abundance and blessings into your life.

Looking through the lens of gratitude helps you to vibrate in a high frequency, and it transmutes negativity into positivity.

When you practice gratitude, you focus on all the good things in your life, and even those struggles that are teaching you something. Looking through the lens of gratitude helps you to vibrate in a high frequency, and it transmutes negativity into positivity.

10. Surround Yourself With Beauty

Your surroundings impact your mood and your energetic vibration. Having a clean and beautiful ambience creates peace of mind, joy and relaxation.

One of my favorite things to have at home at all times is fresh, colorful flowers. When I see them, it makes me happy!

Beauty can be found not only in our surroundings, but also watching or reading something inspirational that can truly lift you up. I love that feeling at the end of an inspirational book, movie or documentary.

How to Raise Your Vibration: The Takeaway

By reading this article, you already took your first step, I’m so proud of you!

The second step is to cultivate awareness in your daily life. Maybe at the beginning it is new and challenging, but I assure you, once you create the habit of making your high vibration a priority, it will get a lot easier.

And the best part is that you will be the change and inspiration for those around you too!

Remember – you have full access to the tools to raise your vibration at any time. As soon as you notice any low vibration or density on yourself or the space around you, act on it, and know that you have the power to change it!

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Carolina Rigoni

Carolina is a certified yoga teacher. She is from Venezuela, an U.S. Air Force wife and a mom of two boys.

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