Aries New Moon and Super Pink Moon in Scorpio Bring You This Good News

Have you been dragging your feet on a project and unsure how to take the next step in some area of your life?

The new moon in the sign of the Aries Ram is coming in to push you into high gear on April 11. And later in the month the super pink moon on April 26 will help you self-reflect and tap into your intuitive side.

This new moon in Aries will catapult you into an exciting chapter of your life.

This month will be a time for new beginnings and gaining a greater sense of self-awareness for all zodiac signs.

New Moon in Aries: Here’s What to Expect

The new moon in Aries on April 11 is all about fearlessness and strength. Whatever is toxic or unhealthy in your life will be crushed by Aries’ flames to create space for a new you to rise from the ashes.

This is a time to contemplate on your goals. And with the Ram on your side, you’ll have the energy and confidence boost you need to make it happen.

Aries is a zodiac sign that represents assertiveness and taking charge, so don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden urge to start a new project or take the next step in your relationship or career.

Aries is a zodiac sign that represents assertiveness and taking charge

This new moon in Aries will catapult you into an exciting chapter of your life. Aries will help you open your heart and dive headfirst into your passions. You’ll have the strength to face challenges, overcome obstacles and come out on top with whatever you decide to do.

While the new moon brings mostly good news, there is one important thing to keep in mind. This new moon occurs at the same time Venus squares off with Pluto. This planet can bring out your dark and self-destructive side.

While there’s nothing wrong with having negative feelings, it’s up to you how you choose to act on them. If you decide to explore that darker side of yourself, be sure not to act impulsively because it could have damaging effects on your relationships with others.

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Super Pink Moon in Scorpio: A Time for Self-Reflection

This will be the first of two supermoons this year, and it will be taking place on April 26.

Fun fact: supermoons are said to be bigger and brighter than your average full moon. This is due to the fact that the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest point of orbit to Earth, also known as the perigee.

Generally, supermoons are 7% bigger and 15% brighter compared to a regular full moon. So, get ready for a stellar lunar event!

Supermoons are bigger and brighter than your average full moon

Now, let’s dive into what this super pink moon represents astrologically . . . Since this supermoon is in Scorpio, the theme will be introspection and deep thinking.

Scorpio is an intense zodiac sign, which means whatever you’re afraid to face will be front and center. You won’t be able to ignore any issues that you’ve buried under the surface. Unhappy in a current relationship? Feeling burnt out, but haven’t admitted it to yourself?

While facing the truth isn’t easy, it’s necessary to grow and evolve. Scorpio will help you explore whatever your underlying fears and concerns are.

Here’s How the New Moon in Aries and Super Pink Moon Will Affect You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign:



You’re ready to make moves, Aries so don’t hesitate! Since this new moon is in your sign, you will feel even more amped up than normal. The energy you need to create change is there, so use it to your advantage.

The super pink moon at the end of the month will help you wrap your head around these changes and do what needs to be done to succeed.



As an earth sign, Taurus is naturally very grounded and when fire comes into play, the Bull can go one of two ways. Know that Aries can either make you extremely excited or frustrated, so do what you do best and stay centered.

This fire sign is in your corner and wants to spark change in your life, so don’t fight it. And even better news: the pink super moon at the end of the month will solidify all the hard work you’ve done. So, know that you will be rewarded!



One day at a time, Gemini. You’ve likely been feeling more scattered than usual lately, and Aries is about to add even more energy into the mix. Before this happens, you’ll need to become grounded in order to accept all the Ram has to give you.

And as for the super pink moon, you’ll definitely enjoy this lunar event. You’re no stranger when it comes to going deep into your thoughts, and Scorpio will help you do just that.



Your career is front and center, and thanks to Aries you will be motivated to come out of your shell and take action. As a Cancer, you’re naturally more introverted, but you’re extremely talented and the world deserves to see it!

You’ve worked hard over the last few months and now it’s your time to shine. Embrace it!



Take this time as an opportunity to create massive change, Leo. When you blend fire with fire, you’re unstoppable and Aries is here to help you shine.

But be careful not to get too overwhelmed – this energy can be a blessing as long as you know how to channel it.

The pink super moon at the end of the month will make you think about what and who matters most, so brace yourself for some intense revelations.



With such a rational mind, Aries will bring you out of your comfort zone. Virgos are always the ones with a plan and while you may have a handle on your current circumstances, Aries invites you to incorporate more personality and charisma.

Don’t worry, it’s in you – sometimes you just need to take a deeper look! And the super pink moon will bring clarity to a relationship that you’re on the fence about.



You’ve been feeling a bit indecisive lately and this new moon in Aries will give you the tools to choose the path that’s right for you, Libra.

A word of caution: don’t second guess yourself – the full moon at the end of the month will help you reflect and prepare for what’s coming next.



The new moon may make you feel rushed when it comes to matters of the heart, but you’ve already been doing a great deal of thought, Scorpio!

As an intuitive sign, you know what you need to do and Aries is there to give you courage. The super pink moon in your sign will be making you extra psychic in the latter part of this month, so get ready for some wild dream activity.

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April is your month, Sagittarius. Burn baby, burn! Aries blends beautifully with your zodiac sign and you’re about to reap the benefits in all aspects of your life: healthy, fit body? Check. Job accolades? Double check. Romantic trip with your significant other? Triple check.

This is an exciting time for you – enjoy it!



Money is on your brain, Capricorn and while you’ve been feeling stressed about financial management, the Aries new moon is going to work in your favor.

With the energy of the Ram in your corner, you’re going to make that investment, sign that new lease, or book that trip. No more holding back! Now is the time to make moves.



Take a deep breath, Aquarius. Your thoughts are always going a million miles per hour, and this is what makes you the smartest person in the room, but also the most anxious. This new moon is here to help you break the cycle and start fresh. And the super pink moon on April 26 will seal the deal.



With the new moon in the fire sign of Aries, you will be feeling a bit out of your element, Pisces. But Aries can work in your favor if you choose to tap into your assertive and dominant side.

Doing this will serve you well in your career. Who knows? You may sign your biggest client. The Scorpio full moon will make you more intuitive than ever, so schedule all of your business meetings later this month. You’ll be able to read everyone’s minds in the room. 😉

With the New Moon in Aries and Super Pink Moon in Scorpio, Brace Yourself for New Beginnings!

Thanks to the Aries new moon, energy and motivation are in the air. This zodiac sign calls for moving forward, following your passions and doing what makes you feel alive in April. The supermoon in Scorpio will help you look inward and find the balance you seek.

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