The First No-Mess Juicer Is Here – And You’re Going to Want One

What do you think of when you first hear “juicer”? Yummy, healthy, fresh juice . . . but with a lot of dreaded clean-up. People are so gung-ho when they first buy a juicer. They go to the market and buy pounds of fresh produce to juice away.
But inevitably, the clean-up becomes too much, our busy lives take over, and the juicer gets retired into the dusty back corner of the highest kitchen cabinet.

Enter the JUISIR!

The JUISIR is a cold press juicer with an innovative design that results in zero clean-up. Yep – you heard correct – a juicer that doesn’t require any clean-up. Now you get why we’re so excited!!
Cold press juicers are totally different from their traditional juicer counterparts. How? The JUISIR cold press juicer uses large amounts of force (8 tonnes to be exact) which in turn yield much more juice. And since there’s no heat produced using this method (hence cold pressed), the nutritional enzymes are more wholly preserved so you get maximum nutrients in your juice.


How does this no clean-up juicer work?

This high-quality juicer uses a recyclable, reusable juice bag that catches all the unused produce. Just cut your fruit and veggies into pieces and place inside the juice bag. Each bag can hold over half a pound of produce, which in turn yields about 8 ounces of juice.

These juice bags are one way that JUISIR is so distinguished from other juicers. The bags keep the fruit and vegetables completely separate from the machine itself, which is why you don’t ever have to clean it.

The eco-friendly aspect

JUISIR had us at no clean-up. But another aspect we love is how this juicer is eco-friendly. First off, the juice bags are biodegradable, made from recycled materials, and reusable. In addition, the way that JUISIR presses the produce (using 8 tonnes of force) squeezes every last drop of juice and nutrients from the produce, so food waste is at an absolute minimum.
Plus, since you don’t have to worry about clean-up, you’ll conserve water. It’s estimated that it takes over 50 gallons of water when you spend 20 minutes washing a juicer. Even if you wash it in ten minutes, that’s still 25 gallons of wasted water. Just by using a juicer you don’t have to clean, you’ll spend less time and save more resources. We love that!

Are you thirsty yet?

If you want your own JUISIR, back them on Kickstarter. By pledging $642, you’re investing in a quality cold press juicer that truly stands out from the crowd. With that pledge, you’ll be the first wave to receive this innovative juicer, plus 60 single-use juice bags and free international shipping.
$600 for a juicer?! That’s what we thought too . . . until we saw the JUISIR on Kickstarter. This ain’t your momma’s juicer.

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