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12 Skin Care Routine Hacks for Radiant + Healthy Skin

Healthy, radiant skin is something we all want. But without a healthy skin care routine, you risk dry, dull skin or even worse – premature aging, wrinkles and loss in skin elasticity.

So, if you want to look your age (or younger) and keep you skin looking (and feeling!) youthful and radiant, there are many things you can do for your skin care routine, your diet, and even your sleeping habits . . .

Here Are 12 Easy, At-Home Skin Care Routine Tips to Give You Healthy, Radiant Skin:


1. Exfoliate

Dry skin looks matte, flaky, and dull. To smooth your skin and keep it healthy, exfoliation is important.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dust, dirt, and impurities and smooths your skin so it reflects light and looks polished. Regular exfoliation clears out clogged pores and hair follicles to prevent acne. It also allows your skin to more easily absorb moisturizers and other skin care products.

Try a dry brush or an exfoliating scrub.

2. Skin Care 101

An appropriate skin care routine is essential. Be sure to avoid over-washing your face (no more than twice a day), as it removes your skin’s natural oils.

If you have a blemish, apply a topical treatment and let nature take its course. Popping a zit will just cause redness, inflammation, and even scars.

Always completely remove makeup before bed, as it can clog your pores and promote the growth of yeast on your skin. Also, be sure to use a separate body and face towel so you don’t transfer bacteria from your body to your face.

3. Ice Water Challenge

For a temporary pore-less look, you can submerge your face in a quick ice bath. The cold water forces the rest of your body to increase circulation and warm up, causing your face to have a rosy flushed look.

Even after you wash your face, give your face a quick cold-water rinse to close your pores and prevent bacteria and dirt from entering your pores.


4. Tone

Applying a facial toner after you wash your face is an important step that you should not miss.

Toners restore your skin’s natural pH balance and create a fresh, smooth, and youthful appearance. They also clean deep down in your pores, to help prevent blackheads and reduce the size of your pores.

5. Moisturize

Whether you have dry, oily, or in-between skin, you should moisturize each day. Using a high-quality organic moisturizer or facial serum is vital to improving and maintaining the way your skin looks and feels.

Moisturizers are meant to help your skin hold in moisture, and also reduce the appearance of rough, dry, or cracked skin.

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6. Sun Protection

You have heard this one time and time again: beware of the sun’s harmful rays.

The sun is great for achieving a bronzed look and soaking up doses of Vitamin D. However, UV rays are harsh and damage the texture of your skin and can even lead to skin cancer. Slather on the organic SPF to avoid the harsh chemicals found in many sunscreens, wear a hat and sunglasses, and sit in the shade whenever possible.

Even a little exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause irreversible harm and age you prematurely. Be sun smart and say goodbye to sunspots.

7. Eat Fat

Healthy skin doesn’t just come from a great cleanser and moisturizer. It also comes from a healthy diet with good-for-you fats.

Good fats promote radiant, glowing skin. You can integrate healthy fats into your diet easily by tossing in some ground flaxseed and coconut oil in your smoothie, slicing avocado on your salad, and cooking your veggies in extra virgin olive oil.

Stay away from bad fats, including vegetable oil and processed foods high in trans fat, as they are known to age your skin and increase inflammation and free radicals.

8. Drink Water

Drinking water first thing in the morning awakens your body and encourages blood flow. Throughout the rest of your day, try to drink half your bodyweight in ounces (so if you weigh 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces of water).

This will hydrate your body and provide adequate moisture for your skin. Water also helps your body flush out toxins and remove excess oils and dirt.

You can eat your water too! Eat These 3 Hydrating Foods for Healthy, Radiant Skin


9. Juice

Juicing is a great way to rid your body of chemicals and toxins that you accumulate from the environment and the foods that you eat. During a juice cleanse, your body detoxes your liver, colon, and kidneys to improve their functions.

A “detox diet” that consists of fruits and veggies (without alcohol, sugar, salty or processed foods) helps your body maintain a pH balance and improves your complexion.

10. Reduce Stress

Signs of stress can literally show on your face. When your body feels stress, your stress hormones will cause you to produce excess oil, which results in whiteheads and other skin imperfections.

To reduce stress, practice yoga, take a warm bath, meditate, read a book, or do whatever you can to calm your body and mind.

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11. Sleep

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! Sleep is essential for your health (and for healthy skin!). Sleep gives your body time to rest, recover, and rebalance hydration.

But, sleep deprivation causes your body to produce cortisol – a stress hormone that increases inflammation in your body, negatively affects the quality of your skin, and causes skin conditions such as acne. Make sure to get your beauty sleep (at least seven hours each night!).

Are you feeling sleep deprived? Practice This Bedtime Yoga Sequence for Better Sleep (Free Class)


12. Physical Activity

Stay active in any way that you like, whether with yoga, walking, running, weight training, or anything else that gets you up and off the couch.

Physical activity increases your blood and oxygen flow to help your skin heal itself and counteract the harmful effects of environmental contaminants and free radicals. Exercise literally cleanses your skin from the inside out, allowing your cells to flush out toxin and debris through your sweat.

Use These Skin Care Routine Hacks for Healthy Skin at Any Age

When it comes to your skin, it is just as much about what you put on your body as it is what you put inside your body.

Integrate some or all of these skin care routine tips and you will soon see flawless, glowing, healthy skin when you look in the mirror.

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