Your Six Go-To Essential Oils for A Healthy Summer

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Ahh summer – the fun-filled time of year marked by activities under the warm sun. Aside from everything we love about summer, though, it can also be filled with unwanted sunburns, bug bites, and travel stress. Having the right essential oils on hand can help you overcome any of those not-so-glamorous parts of summer.
Essential oils have been used for centuries to soothe, repair, and rejuvenate the body. There are so many ways to incorporate essential oils into your routine, no matter the season. During the summer months, essential oils can come in handy to help repair your skin, keep bugs away, and help you de-stress.
Whether you prefer to inhale or apply your favorite essential oils directly to your body, you can quickly reap the benefits in no time.
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6 Essential Oils to Have On Hand This Summer

Here are a few essential oils for summer that you can use to repair your skin, repel insects, and unwind after a long, stressful day of traveling!

Essential Oils to Heal Your Skin

It’s no secret that extra exposure to the elements is something you will face during the summer months. Not only can essential oils help with sunburn, but they can also help relieve skin irritation caused by the wind and the other harsh elements of nature!
Sandalwood can reduce puffiness and soothe the skin after getting some serious sun. By mixing sandalwood with water, you can rub it on the areas of your body that need a little TLC. This particular oil is also great to help ease stress! It’s rich, woody notes and earthy undertones soothe the skin and rejuvenate the mind.
Lavender is great for soothing a cut, scar, or dry skin. This all-purpose oil can also be used as an anti-anxiety aid, muscle relaxer, pain reliever, an antibacterial oil for burns, and a topical treatment for dry skin.
Lavender can help you fall asleep and it can speed up the healing process of severe sunburn! However, you should not apply lavender to the skin before going out into the sun because it makes your skin photosensitive.
Quick Tip: Enriching carrier oils such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera gel are wonderful when combined with sandalwood and lavender.

Essential Oils to Repel Insects

Insect repellents are a must-have during the summer months, but it can be difficult to find a repellent that isn’t filled with unwanted chemicals. Between disease-carrying ticks and infected mosquitoes, it’s important to protect yourself and your family from these pesky insects with the help of essential oils.
Eucalyptus Citriodora is from the eucalyptus family. This plant’s leaves give off a citrusy odor when it is crushed to make the oil. This particular scent has been used in South Africa as a natural bug repellent for years and is still used to this day. It’s refreshing and uplifting scent is also great for waking up the senses!
Cedarwood is obtained from the wood, sawdust, and shavings of the slow growing evergreen tree. This oil provides a woody, balsamic aroma that has been used to repel insects for centuries. It was used extensively in Asia when building closets to keep moths and other small insects away!
Quick Tip: Keep bugs away and calm the skin by combining either Eucalyptus Citriodora or Cedarwood with water and aloe vera gel.


Essential Oils to Relax Your Body

The joy of experiencing new cultures can be a blast, but the stress and strain that come along with travel can cause complete chaos within your body. Try keeping the following essential oils on hand to help guide you through even the worst of delays.
Sweet Orange is an essential oil used to lift the spirits and encourage happiness. Its fresh, sweet, citrusy fragrance will cleanse away any negativity that might be weighing on you. It’s also a great oil to have on hand when eating new and exotic foods because it aids digestion!
Cardamom is extracted from the seeds of the Cardamom plant. It provides a refreshing scent to the stressed traveler. This oil’s warm, sweet, and spicy aroma make it a perfect companion when traveling the world. Its calming effects on the nervous system and digestive properties make it a summer must-have.

The Takeaway

The health benefits of essential oils are truly endless! By incorporating just a few of these essential oils into your daily summer routine, you can easily (and quickly!) feel the rejuvenating and healing effects that each of them have to offer. After all, summer should be filled with family fun and long days by the pool, not pesky insects, unwanted sun burns, or travel stress!
This article and all included information is not intended as medical advice and does not treat or diagnose. Please consult your doctor for any health-related questions or concerns.

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