These 7 TSA-Approved Travel Beauty Products Are All You Need for Your Next Trip

When you travel, less is more. You still want to bring your beauty essentials, but you don’t want to carry the full sizes, and you also want to make sure they’re TSA-approved (nothing worse than having to throw out your favorite brand new beauty product as you go through security).

We’ve curated 7 travel beauty essentials that are multi-purpose, TSA-approved, and made with natural, quality ingredients.

Next time you hit the road (or sky), you can pare down your toiletries bag with these key travel beauty essentials. Consider this your minimalist list of hair, skin and beauty travel essentials.

You’ll Definitely Want to Pack These 7 Travel Essentials for Beauty, Skincare and Hair On Your Next Trip:


1. Two-In-One Face and Body Wash

Is there anything worse than forgetting your face wash and having to use something drying and harsh that’s in your hotel bathroom?

Pack a gentle scrub like this Tea Tree Scrub for your face and body, or pack a simple bar of the classic, all-purpose Dr. Bronner’s soap.

Tea Tree Scrub

Dr Bronner's Bar Soap

2. Cheek / Lip Color

The ultimate two-birds-with-one-seed product – a tint that adds pretty color to your lips and cheeks. Another two-in-one, this makeup staple is key for travel to help you freshen up as you get off the plane or if your travels have left you sleep-deprived.

The Cheek and Lip Cream by Organic Skin Co is a great option with all-natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredients to keep skin nourished and hydrated, available in a range of colors.

Lip and Cheek Cream Pod

3. Tinted SPF Moisturizer

Sun protection should be a staple of daily life, wherever you are, and to cut down on products and steps, snag a moisturizing SPF that you can slather on as your foundation and sunscreen.

Babo Botanicals makes an awesome tinted moisturizer that is 30 SPF. Made with hyaluronic acid, zinc oxide and argan oil, it has enough coverage to make you feel like you have a face full of foundation, stays matte, and looks fresh and light all day.

Tinted Moisterizer

4. Dry Shampoo / Styling Product

Did you know with each spray of an aerosol product like dry shampoo, tiny particles go airborne, meaning you can actually be inhaling your dry shampoo into your lungs? You don’t have to choose between clean-looking hair and healthy lungs.

Beauty By Earth makes a dry shampoo powder that’s organic and comes in a squeeze bottle vs. aerosol, meaning you “poof” out a bit of powder where you want it. Plus, with all-natural and organic ingredients, you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting onto your scalp.

Dry Shampoo

5. All-Over Face Highlighter

When travel has your skin looking a little dull, a quick way to wake up your face and also add some contour is with a highlight stick. Cocokind makes a super versatile facial highlighter (offered in several shades) that’s infused with mushroom adaptogens and other ingredients that are natural and nourishing.

You can dab this onto any area that needs a little light, like eyelids, cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose, and the bow of your lips to add some glow to a jetlagged face.

CocoKind Highlighter

6. Eye Mask

Nothing feels more refreshing than stepping off the plane, into your hotel room, and then applying a hydrating, revitalizing eye mask!

The Hydrating Eye Masks from Petite Amie Skincare make the delicate skin around your eyes feel and look silky smooth, and deliver a blast of hydration that helps awaken your skin and eyes after travel. They come in a handy single-use pouch – perfect to toss in your carry-on and go.

Eye Mask

7. Coconut Oil

Seriously, does this one even need an explanation? When it comes to travel, beauty, skincare, and wellness, coconut oil is incredibly versatile and useful.

Love coconut oil as much as we do? Here Are 50 Handy Uses For Coconut Oil

The one downside of coconut oil is that it can be a pain to travel with, which is why these coconut oil travel packets are the perfect travel essential to pack on your next (and every) trip.

Coconut Oil Packets

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Make Packing a Breeze With Your Travel Beauty Essentials!

These TSA-approved travel beauty products will save you space, stress, and time – all the important things when you travel.

The best part of this travel beauty essentials list is that all the products are at least two-in-one purpose so you can get more out of the same product. And we always recommend high-quality, natural and organic products so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your body.

Embrace and enjoy your new minimalist packing list, and safe travels!

Have you tried any of these products from the list? Which is your favorite? Have other travel beauty essentials to share? Please tell us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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