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How Lyme Disease Became One of the Top Ten Most Googled Conditions

Are you wondering why Lyme Disease has become such a hot topic? You’ve probably heard or read about Lyme Disease in the news recently and it’s continuing to get more coverage. In fact, Lyme Disease has been listed among the top ten most Googled conditions.
But why the sudden interest?
USA Today’s Scott Fallon is calling 2017 “a very bad year for Lyme disease.” He explains that a larger than average amount of acorns produced back in 2015 has caused an influx in mice in the North/Eastern US.
So what do acorns and mice have to do with Lyme Disease, which we know is spread through ticks?

The Lowdown on Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is commonly known to be spread through infected ticks. Surprisingly, the tick needs to stay attached for up to 48 hours to become infected. This is why it is usually the small/ baby ticks that bite in hard-to-find places and end up spreading the disease.
The good news is that this bacterial infection, if caught early enough, is treatable with medication. However, if Lyme Disease is left untreated, it can lead to serious health complications.
Fun fact from the Center of Disease Control – ticks cannot jump or fly. Meaning they’re literally just walking from place to place. These ticks crawl from the mice to other fur animals, then maybe chill in some tall grass, or lounge up in the trees.
Fallon continues to explain how those tiny mice “are breakfast, lunch and dinner to ticks, dozens of which can attach themselves to a single rodent, feed on its blood and acquire the bacteria that cause Lyme Disease.”
So – if you enjoy hiking, spending time outdoors, walking your dog, doing yoga in the park, or even reading a novel under a tree, then keep reading.
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Why Are the Number of Lyme Disease Cases Increasing?

According to Fallon, “The CDC estimates the number of Lyme disease cases nationwide could be 10 times higher than what’s actually reported.”
Why? Many of the early onset symptoms of Lyme Disease are common symptoms that can be caused by many things, and as a result, are often overlooked.
The Center of Disease Control and Prevention lists common Lyme Disease symptoms as:

  • Rash (erythema migrans)
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Muscle / Joint pain
  • Swollen lymph nodes

Commonly misdiagnosed, Lyme Disease requires a blood test from your doctor and can be easily treated with medication if caught early enough.
For more information, you can read the CDC’s brochure with education information and helpful Lyme Disease prevention tips.

Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease

While this disease is more common in the Northeast states (Michigan, New York, Vermont, etc.), cases are still common nationwide.
Prevention is as easy as wearing pants or long socks, checking your body and scalp for ticks after being in a potential tick- infested areas, and even using specific essential oils as bug repellent.
Bug spray can help prevent being bit by a tick, but always opt for natural, safe bug sprays without the chemicals. Stay away from nasty chemical bug sprays with Easy-to-Make DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray.
Find peace of mind in knowing that as we approach colder days, tick season is coming to an end. However, this doesn’t mean cases don’t pop up year round, so always take precautions when planning a day in the fields or a hike through the woods.
Moral of the story? – Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ health!

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