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These Weed Tampons Will Relieve Your Period Cramps

We all experience it – some of us worse than others. But all of us can agree, it is, for the most part, our least favorite week of the month. Yes, we are talking about our periods, ladies.

Once a month, women experience excess bloating, cramping, and discomfort that sometimes leaves them in the fetal position and missing out on work or other responsibilities.
When that time of the month comes, the protocol is to head to the medicine cabinet, pop some ibuprofen and hopefully get on with our days. However, in most cases, the cramping remains. That is why a company called Foria created a new way to ease the pain without popping any pills.
Enter the marijuana vaginal suppository called Foria Relief, which is said to ease pain and discomfort caused by PMS symptoms. This is not to be confused with a tampon, although they are inserted the same.
Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 11.50.28 AM
The suppository uses good-for-you ingredients such as organic fair trade cocoa butter along with distilled THC oil, and CBD isolate from organically grown hemp – the two active ingredients in cannabis.
According to the Foria website, these elements activate the cannabinoid receptors in your pelvic area and positively affect the nerves in your uterus, cervix, ovaries, and surrounding muscle tissue, blocking pain and allowing more pleasure signals to be sent to the brain while suppressing inflammation and easing tense muscles.

After 20 minutes I begin feeling a lower sensation. It was very nice and relaxing.

Marijuana use is very popular when it comes to pain relief. It is also recommended by many doctors and has been used for medicinal purposes for cancer patients, inflammatory diseases, and injury. This marijuana suppository was created with your wellness and period cramps in mind, hoping to help ease the pain without having to take over-the-counter medication.
We know what your first question is: Do these get you high? The answer is no; these weed tampons won’t get you high. They will simply ease your pain and are particularly useful for those suffering from dysmenorrhea, a fancy word for really, really, really bad period cramps.

These weed tampons won’t get you high. They will simply ease your pain.

According to the reviews on their website, after insertion, it takes around 8-10 minutes for the medicinal properties to begin working. You will feel a soothing sensation, and start to experience cramp relief. Across the board, the reviews for this product are satisfactory. Reviewers are using words like “life changing,” “effective,” “outstanding,” and “amazing” to describe this product.
With research continuing to advance, we keep finding more ways that medicinal marijuana is a game changer in the health world. Weed, cannabis – whatever you want to call it – is no longer seen as a negative influence, but rather a positive alternative to prescription drugs, relieving you of pain, and helping you relax without the fear of overdosing, becoming addicted, or causing more harm to your body.
Foria’s goal is just that – to combine the power of cannabis to create healthy, natural, and healing products that make your time of the month a little less distressing.
Would you use Floria Relief? Share your thoughts in the comments below with our community.

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Jessica Gomes

Jessica Lynn Gomes is a creative writer and health enthusiast living in Laguna Beach, California. As an athlete, she develops her own workout routines and practices a clean eating lifestyle. She loves experimenting in the kitchen, creating new ways to cook gluten‐free. Check out Jessica's personal blog.

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