Struggle With Hydration? These 5 Winter Hydration Tips Can Help

We know – an article on winter hydration tips? It might seem counterintuitive, as we don’t give as much thought to thirst during the colder months. However (you know where this is going), we should!

Of course, we need to commit to winter hydration because we need to be hydrated all year long (and as many as 75% of Americans are going through daily life dehydrated!)

We know we need water if we’re sweating or laying out by a pool, but you may not realize how much water your body is losing when it’s cold out, which can lead to sneaky dehydration.

One study found we lose a great deal of water from our bodies in the winter due to respiratory fluid loss through breathing, so it’s extra important to know how to stay hydrated during the winter.

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If You Struggle With Hydration, You Are Not Alone! Here’s How to Change That

When I was young, my mom’s advice for just about any ailment under the sun from a headache to a sore throat was the same: “drink more water!”

Though it took me a while to realize it, and commit to a routine, staying hydrated is about as close to a magical cure-all as we get. (Surely you’ve heard we’re about 60-70% water ourselves! and staying hydrated is something we know we should be doing more of.)

I went from a skeptic to a water devotee, regularly drinking a gallon + every single day. While you don’t have to go quite so big (there is such a thing as dangerously overhydrating– so don’t push yourself!) I fully believe my winter hydration tips can be applied to any hydration goal.

Once you get into a routine, you’ll wonder how you ever got away with drinking so little water. So, bottoms up!

5 Winter Hydration Tips to Keep You Hydrated All Season (and Year) Long:

Here are five tried and true tips to help you stay hydrated in the winter, and year round!

1. The Bottle Matters: Choose a Big One (And Carry It Everywhere!)

Let’s start with the vessel, because it 100% matters.

If you notice your water intake on days where you don’t have a large water bottle nearby, vs. the days when you do, I’d bet you’ll take in significantly more water on the days where a large bottle never leaves your side.

(We don’t have data to back up this hunch, but give it a try and notice the difference!)

Our tip: Go big! Invest in a reusable water bottle, preferably one made of materials like BPA-free plastic or eco-conscious materials, with a capacity of at least 36 ounces, if not bigger.

You might feel ridiculous toting around a jumbo half gallon bottle at first, but it works! Winter hydration pro-tip: try a clear bottle so you can visibly monitor your intake.

2. Start Early!

If you’re not drinking much in general, it’s easy to wake up feeling parched. An easy way to improve your winter hydration is to keep a trusty jumbo bottle near your bedside so you can hydrate first thing every single morning.

You’ll get ahead of your daily goal before your feet even hit the ground.

Winter hydration pro tip: add boiling water to a thermos before going to bed, and enjoy warm water in the morning!

If you’re used to skipping water and going straight to other beverages in the morning, after a few days of AM hydration you’ll wonder how you ever did. Once you start drinking more and earlier, you’ll crave it naturally – which is a beautiful thing!


3. Make Each Drink Count – Don’t Take Baby Sips!

It sounds obvious, but so many people tell me they struggle with staying hydrated in the winter (or in general) and when I see them sipping, it’s obvious why!

If you’re taking tiny little sips and wondering how other people are getting through a gallon or so a day – there’s your answer. Make those sips count.

As many as 75% of Americans are going through daily life dehydrated!

It’s important to know that drinking too much water in too short a time can be dangerous and even fatal (this most often happens with athletes, but can happen to anyone so understand that more is not always more!

To improve your winter hydration, aim to drink a solid cup or so each time you pick up your water bottle.

4. Set Goalpost Goals During the Day

If you’re serious about your winter hydration, set goalposts as mini goals throughout the day to stay on task.

For example, aim to have a certain number of ounces down by noon, then another chunk before you hit the gym in the afternoon. Enjoy another 36 ounces at the gym, and then polish off the remainder up until bedtime.

Set your goals however makes sense with your day, but having these goalposts keeps you on top of your winter hydration and prevents that 6:00 pm realization that you’ve barely touched your first bottle yet.

5. Add Some Flavor!

Water gets a bad rap for being bland, but it doesn’t have to be. A game changing winter hydration tip is to simply up the flavor game.

Add frozen berries or a fresh orange slice to one bottle or a fresh sprig of peppermint to another. Punch up the bottle you sip during your workout with a scoop of a workout supplement.

Having a different flavor to look forward to goes a long way in making your winter hydration habit enjoyable.

Want to add some pizzazz to your water? Here are 12 Infused Water Recipes for Delicious + Healthy Hydration

Bonus Winter Hydration Tip

Not into cold H20 in the winter? If your main struggle with how to stay hydrated in the winter is because you don’t love chugging ice water when it’s freezing, no one would blame you!

Drinking lukewarm water or even hot water sure is a lot cozier, and absolutely counts toward your overall water intake goal. Make yourself a steaming mug of herbal tea or some hot water with lemon and a little honey.

Cheers to Hydration Winter Tips – A Healthy Habit That Sticks!

Staying hydrated is a basically free and easy way to give your whole body a boost. From your general wellbeing to your metabolism, athletic performance, mental health, mood, and more, you’ll feel the difference.

Which winter hydration tip are you going to try? Please share with us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

Whatever your water goal, whether it’s a full gallon, half your body weight in ounces, eight glasses or just one more per day than you’re currently drinking, your body will thank you!

Cheers to that!

All included information is not intended to treat or diagnose. The views expressed are those of the author and should be attributed solely to the author. For medical questions, please consult your healthcare provider.

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