Yogadance: Dance Your Asana (Video)

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We all love a good playlist in our vinyasa flow class, and if the track is right, paired with the right asana at the just the right time it can often feel like we’re dancing. Dance is all about expression through movement. Pair that with yoga, something all about introspection through movement, and you’ve got quite the pair.

Theresa Elliott, a yoga and dance instructor saw this in the early 90’s and has been molding dance and yoga into Yogadance ever since. She was asked to teach Yogadance at the Northwest Yoga Conference, and it was the most often requested workshop!

From that experience, the “Yogadance Video Project” was born. A two-day workshop with the intent of documenting the process of combining yoga asana with movement and music, and filming a full scale production of a group piece.

The participants had a broad range of yoga and dance experience, and the result of the workshop is this video, “Taj Yogadance: Dance Your Asana.”

The yogis dancing in this video are: April Kieburtz, Autumn Needles, Binka Popov, Carol Sanders, Cheryl Davis, Elfie Luther, Heidi Krotzer, Julia Dean, Margaret Ann Gregerson, Melina Stasuik , Michelle Befus, Rich Williams, Robin Werner, Sheryl Woolover. You all rock!

Credit: Theresa Elliot on Vimeo

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