Listen to This 1-Hour Yoga Playlist For Gratitude and an Open Heart

The holidays should be a time of reflection, spending time with loved ones, and focusing on gratitude. But with the stress of the holidays, and the negativity in the world on a day-to-day basis, it can at times be hard to open your heart to gratefulness.
This yoga playlist is perfect for a heart-opening yoga class. It’s also great as a soothing background soundtrack while you’re driving, working, or doing chores around the house.
Designed to ease in, work up, and then ease out of emotions, this playlist brings peace and contentedness to the pure, grateful heart in all of us.
Another way to cultivate gratitude is with a Gratitude Journal. Check out our Top 5 Gratitude Journal Recommendations for a Happier Life

Chill Out With This Heart-Opening Yoga Playlist

Take an hour to practice yoga at home, or listen to this playlist while you’re making your Thanksgiving dinner!

Nothing It Can by Helios

Beautiful and soothing. The best way to open your heart is to create a feeling of safety.


Collie Man by Slightly Stoopid

Opening deeper now, this beach-y vibe from Slightly Stoopid acknowledges that life isn’t always perfect, but it still goes on.


Sunny by Bobby Hebb

This cheerful song is pure sunshine and appreciation for people’s presence in your life.


White Flag by Joseph

This song is a powerful ode to not giving up and staying strong through the hurt.


Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin

This classic is made to sing and dance to. Open up your heart to love, let them take another piece, and show how strong a woman can be.


Solar Radiation by The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band

A slightly slower jam to keep the good vibes flowing. Begging for fluid movement here, this song will open the deepest corners to let the light in.



Valerie by Amy Winehouse

Amy, Amy, Amy. Can anyone not feel moved from her soulful voice? Enough said.


Jay Jay Ma by Govindas and Radha

Perfect kirtan to sing along to, with easy lyrics and a great beat, Jay Jay Ma speaks to the celebration of creation or to the Divine Mother.


She Treats Me Well by Ben Howard

A song, literally, about a woman treating the singer well. Pure gratitude for those by your side.


Float On by Ben Lee

A delightful acoustic cover that is recognizable but new and interesting enough to pay attention to and take in the message. We’ll all float on okay.


Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hellos

A greeting to your heart, no matter the pain or worry, safe in your chest.


Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone

Whimsical and soothing, an adventure about soaring through the sky. Yes, please.


Answer by Phantogram

A beautiful song about finally asking for the answers your heart needs to know.


Let it Be by Maneesh do Moor

In my opinion, this is possibly the best Savasana song. A tune everyone knows, slow and without lyrics. This is the perfect song to melt away the last of your reservations, open your heart, and feel grateful for this beautiful life experience.


Turn On Your Yoga Playlist and Find Gratitude On Your Mat!

Throughout the holiday season, add plenty of heart-openers to your yoga practice (and yoga playlist) to find a deeper sense of gratitude throughout your days. This playlist promotes space in your heart and allows more room to cultivate gratitude for life.
What are your favorite heart opener poses? Do you have a song or songs that you love for cultivating gratitude on (and off) the mat? Please share in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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Teresa Adele

Teresa is a 200hr RYT, writer, and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. As a teacher and coach, she focuses on self-love, body positivity, and embracing challenges. She loves writing about the science behind holistic healing modalities, creative sequencing, and making whole-body wellness more accessible for everybody.

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