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This Might Be Your New Favorite Yoga Playlist

When you’re brutally honest, you can identify only a few things you’re truly exceptional at in this life. If you happen to be Beyonce, the list is much longer. I’m here to claim one of mine: music sequencing. It is my savant talent. I’m not even proud of it . . . I just understand it to be true. Just like bras are uncomfortable and carbs are delicious – I make exceptional playlists.
For all of us who have sequenced a playlist for a yoga class, we know it’s not a simple process and it definitely cannot be rushed. There are songs that flow together well, and songs that don’t. But it’s not always obvious, and that’s why creating a killer playlist is at once challenging and yet so important for every yoga class.
When you’re creating a new yoga playlist, listen to it all the way through first, practice to it, and the “clunker” songs will reveal themselves. Mercilessly discard them and replace with songs that do work.
Whether you teach a 60- or 90-minute class, remember – there always needs to be space to allow for silence at the beginning and end of class.
Some concepts are best conveyed by showing as opposed to simply telling, so in that spirit, I have created a 90-minute yoga flow playlist to share with our readers! Whether you use it in the next class you teach, for your personal home practice, or even driving in your car, I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Check out (and give a listen) to your new favorite yoga playlist:

We Can Fly by Rue Du Soleil
Perfect tempo, and sets a mood that opens you up.

Saudade by Thievery Corporation
I’m barely capable of making a playlist that doesn’t include Thievery Corporation. This particular song builds off the first song quite nicely.

Odyssey by Rival Consoles
First time I heard it, I had to stop the conversation I was having – it’s that moving.

Pools by Glass Animals
Surprising twists in this song make it the perfect place to amp things up a notch.

Outer Space by G (feat. Genevieve)
Just listen to her transcendent vocals and passion. This song feeds the practice into many different directions.

Over Me by Tricky
I love this man, and this song is an all-time fave for yoga.

When I Grow Up by Fever Ray
Interesting progressions and lyrics from The Knife’s Karin Dreijer.

Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win by The Beastie Boys with Santigold
I mean, could there be a more perfect union?! The answer is no. This is a song that takes the heat to yet another level.

Stillness Is the Move by Dirty Projectors
Super fun, high energy, and weirdly wonderful.

State of the Union by Thievery Corporation
What can’t this band do? It’s incredible to conceptualize how varied their music can be.

Tonight by Black Atlass
A student turned me onto this song. It’s perfect for the transition from high to moderate energy.

Overcome by Tricky
This has more ambiance and depth. It very subtly dials your practice down just a notch in the exact right place.

Breathe by Télépopmusik
Sultry, calming, but still keeps the pace of movement appropriately far enough away from the wind down.

Eat Yourself by Goldfrapp
Now you’re on the floor feeling all the feels.

Lace by Random Rab
Just yes.

A Dedication by Washed Out
This song will lovingly grip your heart and take you to a softer place.

Displaced by Azure Ray
I saw this incredible duo perform many times as a band called Little Red Rocket when they hailed from Athens, GA. When they morphed into Azure Ray, they went from girls to women.

Writing Poems by Ludovico Einaudi
His talent and ability to reach right in and touch your innards is a welcome shock. This is one of my absolute favorite songs to enjoy Savasana.

Meditacion En la Dicha Interior – Una Bella…. by Musica Para Dormir Profundamente
Gorgeous and perfect for the fullest unravel.

Discovering new music – especially the yoga-conducive kind – is it’s own special practice. Enjoy, share, and please write your favorite songs in the comments below. I have made this playlist public on my Spotify under “Perfect 90 min playlist.” Let’s connect!

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Lara Falberg

Lara has been teaching yoga since 2006, trained in Atlanta, now residing in Columbus Ohio. Her website is a yoga teacher resource offering verbals cues, mini sequences, class themes, and studio reviews. Her novel Yoga Train is about a group of people who travel through the yoga teacher training experience together. Follow her on Instagram (@iworkbarefoot), Facebook and Twitter.

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