5 Ways Hot Yoga Makes You Better In Bed

We all know that in terms of health and wellness, hot yoga has some pretty crazy bragging rights. But who knew that practicing hot yoga could also lead to more than physical and mental health?! Whether you’re a guy or girl, it’s official: hot yoga makes you a better lover.

Hot yoga kicks up the benefits of typical yoga poses and maximizes the effects on your body. The result?


1. Self-Confidence
In addition to a healthy and strong body, you’ll also get a big boost of self-confidence. And you can take that confidence all the way to the bedroom!! Who isn’t attracted to someone who feels fit and confident?!

You are your sexiest when you feel sexy.

2. Sex Appeal
Confidence and sex appeal go hand in hand. Feeling sexy on the inside translates to major sex appeal on the outside! People can tell when you feel confident and sexy in your own skin. Your hot yoga bod + all that confidence = sex appeal.

3. Flexibility
You can count on gaining flexibility in your hot yoga practice. The heat helps loosen up your tendons and ligaments, making you more flexible over time. Being limber in the bedroom is always a good thing!

4. Stamina
Heated vinyasa-style classes increase your heart rate and make you sweat even more. This added challenge will quickly build your stamina. You’ll notice you can go a lot longer at the gym, during those chaturanga push-ups, and even in the bedroom!!

5. Creativity
Yoga calms the mind and opens it to new ways of thinking. You’ll leave class with a heightened sense of creativity. Keep those creative juices flowing—a fresh perspective keeps things new and interesting in bed.

Take a good serving of self-confidence, mix in a little sex appeal, throw on the flexibility and stamina, and turn up the creativity…and you’ve got yourself a recipe for sexual success fresh out of the hot yoga cookbook!

In love and lust.

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Ashton August

Ashton is the founder and Content Director of YouAligned.com and YA Classes (we plant a food-producing tree for every class a member completes!). As a motivational author and speaker, distinguished yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur, she believes that cultivating empowering self-talk and a healthy mindset opens the door to living an abundantly fulfilling life! Ashton lives in sunny Tucson, Arizona with her husband and their two rescue dogs.


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