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How to Use 3 Common Yoga Props In Your Practice (Video Tutorial)

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What is the benefit of using yoga props in your practice? Many students assume that yoga props are only for beginners . . . but that is far from accurate! In fact, yoga props can support and enhance your yoga practice at any level.

If you’re newer to your yoga practice, yoga props help support you in poses and stretches. For more advanced practitioners, props can help you deepen and strengthen your overall practice.

YouAligned teacher Ashton August breaks down how to use three popular yoga props: yoga blocks, a yoga strap, and a yoga wheel.

This tutorial is great if you’re on the fence about getting one (or any) of these yoga props for yourself. It’s also helpful if you already have them and you’re wondering where to begin and how to incorporate them into your practice.

You’ll also learn new ways to use these props, so there’s something for everyone!

Watch This Yoga Props Tutorial Video and Learn How to Incorporate Yoga Blocks, a Yoga Strap and a Yoga Wheel Into Your Own Practice:


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1. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks bring the ground up to meet you and aid in proper form in a variety of yoga poses. In this video, you’ll learn how to incorporate a yoga block into Triangle Pose and also Low Lunge.

Yoga blocks can help you increase flexibility and deepen into poses safely over time. In this video, you’ll learn how to support yourself in Pigeon Pose and find proper alignment to safely go deeper in the elusive Revolved Triangle Pose.

Next, you can find a base for balancing poses like Ardha Chandrasana (or Balancing Crescent Moon). Yoga blocks can also provide support in more restorative yoga poses like Bridge Pose, and also Butterfly Pose so you can relax into the pose without needing to clench or tighten.

Finally, you can use them to increase your body awareness of where you need more muscle engagement. Taking this a step further, you can get creative with yoga blocks and add them to poses like Boat Pose for core strengthening.
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2. Yoga Straps

The most common function of yoga straps is to increase flexibility and mobility. Yoga straps allow you to deepen the stretch safely (such as a reclined hamstring stretch).

You can also utilize yoga straps for more advanced practices like flipping your grip (as demonstrated with Dancer’s Pose). If you’re working towards clasping your fingers in Gomukhasana, yoga straps help you bridge the gap and progress towards that final expression.

Finally, yoga straps are a great companion for working towards a full bind (as demonstrated in Extended Side Angle Pose).

While yoga straps are an easy and simple yoga prop to help you increase flexibility over time, there’s obviously so much more you can do with them, too!

Pro tip: many yoga mats (including the yoga mats offered on 2nd Wind) come with a yoga mat strap that can double as a yoga strap (which is what we used in this video).
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3. Yoga Wheel

Ahhh yoga wheels – one of the ‘cooler’ yoga props on the market. A few years back, the yoga world saw an insurgence of yoga wheels. But what started as a popular trend turned into another helpful yoga prop to add to the list.

Yoga wheels provide an amazing spinal massage. Their circular shape is the perfect way to extend and decompress the spine. From here, you can add a shoulder stretch and incorporate other feel-good stretches like Puppy Dog Pose or a hamstring stretch.

You can also strengthen with a yoga wheel by using it for Plank roll-ups, squats and even holding or pulsing the wheel overhead in squats for an upper body workout.

Finally, yoga wheels can actually mimic the supportive aspect of yoga blocks in certain poses like Triangle or Extended Side Angle.

Be careful when you use a yoga wheel and remember that unlike other yoga props, yoga wheels are not stable so it’s important to move mindfully and take it slow.

This is when you can incorporate yoga blocks to help keep the yoga wheel from moving around if you want to work into advanced yoga wheel fun like balancing.
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Yoga Props Are a Fun, Effective, and Safe Addition to Your Yoga Practice for Students at Any Level

Have fun experimenting with all the great ways you can add yoga props to your yoga practice. Be safe, take it slow, and listen to your body. If you’re not sure about something, ask your teacher, or comment with questions here.

Interested in learning more about the 2nd Wind products featured in this video tutorial? Leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


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