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Are You an Introverted Yoga Teacher? Read These 4 Tips to Overcome the Jitters

Do you get sick to your stomach in front of a crowd? Do you avoid being the center of attention? Being an introverted yoga teacher can be uncomfortable – like those dreaded public speaking courses in college. The idea of voluntarily having all eyes on you, and possibly saying the wrong thing, is enough to make your heart race!

But you can overcome this! It’s a skill you can learn and practice, just like you practice yoga to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. It takes discipline and constant practice, so teaching once a month won’t do it! You will need to dive in head first and just try. Risk looking or sounding stupid, and just try.
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Here Are 4 Tips For the Introverted Yoga Teacher

I’ve put together some pointers to make teaching a little easier for my fellow introverted yogis! I hope they help you out, even if just a little bit.

1. Remember: It’s Not About You

Remember that yoga does not need you to work its magic – it’s magical and healing all on its own. You are simply there as a guide to say what the Divine wants your students to know that day. And all you have to do is to get out of the way, and let yoga do its magic.
It’s your ego that wants you to get caught up in how you look, or how eloquent you speak. It wants you to value yourself over your students. But none of that matters. All that matters is that you show up and serve the beautiful souls that are in your class that day.
As yoga teachers, we don’t telepathically know what our students are experiencing that day, but we can guess it’s probably pretty similar to our own lives. Days full of worries, joy, love, heartache, peace, insecurity, bravery, and fear.
They come to your class for the yoga. They are on their mat to safe and cared for. Let’s get out of our own heads and plug into the Source, so we can give students our all.

2. Find Your Inner Extrovert (aka Your Alter Ego)

I’ll be the first to admit this sounds odd, but hear me out. Your alter ego simply implies embodying the extroverted part of yourself, even if it’s a teeny tiny part of you. It’s the person who comes out on weekend getaways with your girls! Maybe she’s loud and funny, tells naughty jokes, or doesn’t give a f*ck what people think about her.
Try to get that person to make an appearance.
Show up big for your students – like how Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce when she has something big to say. (Quick note: even freaking Beyoncé needs an alter ego to truly embody Beyoncé!)
If you struggle to find your extrovert, then start by emulating someone you admire. It could be a friend, yoga teacher, or coworker who never seems to be shy in social situations. Hell . . . it could even be Beyoncé! Whoever it is, put her “on” and work it.


3. Get Excited

There’s a book called How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger. It talks about how vital enthusiasm is to make people buy into you.
And, really, isn’t that what you’re doing as a yoga teacher? You’re asking people to believe in you, that you know what you’re talking about, and that you care about their safety and experience. You might even be asking people to invest in private sessions, or to come to more of your classes.
Take a deep breath, and get excited.
Your enthusiasm and visible love for yoga are contagious. Students will feel inspired and enraptured in your passion. And if you have to, fake it until you feel it. Faking it till you make it is a legitimate self-improvement strategy.

4. Always End On a High Note

Even if that introverted brain of yours tells you lies about your teaching, even if you believe you didn’t lead a great class, try to end the class well! People remember how you made them feel.
The last 20 minutes is where you get to leave students with a feeling, and it’s a whole lot easier than the first 20 minutes. So rally your internal troops, be enthusiastic, and lead an awesome meditation or pranayama. Really give it your all.
While your students are in Savasana, breathe and calm yourself. Find your center and connect to the Divine. Remember your purpose and reason for teaching, and then really show them what’s in your heart. Show them what you’re good at. Or where you truly shine. Show them THAT.

The Takeaway For Introverted Yoga Teachers

Being introverted and feeling called to teach yoga is an interesting combination. It swings between feeling truly like dharma and feeling like “how long is an hour, again?” We may need different teaching tools than our extroverted sisters and brothers, but we also must remember our unique power.
As introverted yoga teachers, we have the power to quiet down, to observe, and to adjust ourselves based on environments. It’s kind of like a super power! And it comes in very handy when teaching yoga.
The next time you teach, remember these tips. Be bold, be fearless, and remember . . . it’s not about you, anyway.

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Jessica Desai

Jessica Desai is a blogger and yoga teacher specializing in yoga for infertility. She is passionate about bringing peace and healing to women who are struggling to reach parenthood. Jessica provides customized yoga sequences and self-help exercises to mend broken hearts and help women reclaim their inherent value as WOMEN regardless of parental status!

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