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September Is National Yoga Awareness Month – Here Are 3 Ways to Celebrate

Did you know that September is National Yoga Awareness Month?

Every year, the month of September is officially dedicated to raising awareness around the practice of yoga and its many health benefits.

For over a decade, the month of September has been used to educate the general public about the vast field of yoga and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle overall. How cool is that?

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What Is National Yoga Awareness Month?

In 2008, the Department of Health and Human Services designated the entire month of September as National Yoga Awareness Month. This designation is one of a select number of public health observances within a calendar year.

In its first year, this designation sparked a national interest in yoga and many yoga studios and health centers participated in a yoga health festival tour, incorporating lectures, classes, entertainment, and more to spread awareness about the health benefits of the practice.

To this day, many still spread the teachings and benefits of yoga during the month of September.

Despite being a US-based awareness month, the movement has gained international recognition and has spread globally. There are now many campaigns around the world offering education, inspiration, and motivation to adopt a healthier lifestyle with yoga being a core component of that transition.

Many of us know the numerous benefits that the yoga practice offers, but this national (and international) recognition moves yoga one step farther on the global stage to introduce it to the masses as a revolutionary well-being practice.

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Here Are 3 Ways to Celebrate National Yoga Awareness Month:

Whether it’s your first or 12th year celebrating National Yoga Awareness Month, there are a number of different ways that you can honor yoga this month.

1. Hit Your Mat

Of course, you can hop on your yoga mat to commemorate National Yoga Awareness Month. Gather a group of your closest friends for a live or virtual yoga practice together.

Celebrate by taking an online yoga class today on YA Classes by YouAligned!

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You can also join in on the official 30-Day Yoga Month Health Challenge.

Also, spread the love and wellness by introducing your parents to Yin Yoga or inviting your partner to take the next online yoga class you do together. Enlighten your loved ones about the amazing health benefits of yoga and inspire them to give it a try.

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2. Indulge in Philosophy

Yoga is far, far more than just the physical asana. So for National Yoga Awareness Month, bring your awareness to the more subtle aspects of the yoga practice and its rich philosophy.

Read the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali or study the Bhagavad Gita. Indulge in self-study.

Practice love and devotion and follow your dharma. Explore, study, practice, and experience the deep philosophy of the yoga practice to see how far-reaching its benefits can go.

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3. Meditate

The true essence of the yoga practice lies in meditation. Seen as a pure, unadulterated experience with your highest self, meditation is not only physiologically beneficial, it’s also incredibly beneficial for your mental health.

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The practice of meditation doesn’t need to be extravagant, lengthy, or complicated to be beneficial either. Simply sitting with yourself for a brief period of time or following a guided practice can produce significant results.

So in honor of National Yoga Awareness Month, take at least five minutes every day to be with yourself without distraction. You might be surprised by the effects and you may wish to continue with this ritual beyond September.

Try This Guided Meditation for a Calm and Centered Mind

Whether you’re new to meditating or already have an established meditation practice, this online guided meditation on YA Classes is a great choice.

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Happy National Yoga Awareness Month!

The best part about National Yoga Awareness Month is that there is nothing prescriptive about it. It’s simply about honoring this beautiful practice and enriching your life with a healthy practice for longevity and vitality.

So go out and enjoy this month by filling it with yoga practices that you love and that enrich your life, whether they’re sweaty Vinyasa flows or soothing Pranayama techniques.

Yoga is as vast and diverse as we are, so there is very likely a practice for everyone – and that’s exactly what this month intends to prove.

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Leah Sugerman

Leah Sugerman is a yoga teacher, writer, and passionate world traveler. An eternally grateful student, she has trained in countless traditions of the practice and teaches a fusion of the styles she has studied with a strong emphasis on breath, alignment, and anatomical integrity. Leah teaches workshops, retreats, and trainings both internationally and online.

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