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These 11 Online Prenatal Yoga Classes Will Help You Ease Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a wonderfully magical time of life. It opens the door to so many new possibilities. But it can also be a stressful time for your body and your mind. It opens the door to so many new physical aches and pains and emotional fears and uncertainties.

Thankfully, Prenatal Yoga can offer a world of relief for both your physical body and your mind. But unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find or attend a Prenatal Yoga class.

These Prenatal Yoga classes are designed specifically for the needs of expecting mamas, because it was designed by an expecting mama!

Enter the Healthy Mama, Happy Baby online Prenatal Yoga program, which will walk you through 11 classes of prenatal bliss, incorporating asana (physical yoga poses), pranayama (guided breathwork for relaxation), stress-relieving meditations, and more.

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Keep reading to learn more about this unique Prenatal Yoga program, along with tips for a safe, effective, and comforting prenatal practice.

Navigate Your Pregnancy With Ease With This 11-Class Online Prenatal Yoga Program

Wondering what this online prenatal yoga program has in store for you?

There are practices and classes for all trimesters, so you can what you’re looking for anytime you feel the urge to move (or to sit still!) throughout your pregnancy.

Guided by experienced Prenatal Yoga teacher Jess Rose (E-RYT 500) who is also expecting, you can practice with confidence and ease as she offers many modifications and variations throughout to help you find the most comfortable postures for your own body.

From restorative prenatal classes focused on taking time for yourself, to back pain relief, prenatal hip openers, prenatal for better sleep, to endurance for birth, there is a class that you can take to bring you comfort, relief, or invigoration based on what you need that day.

Whether you need stress relief or better sleep, there’s a class designed specifically for the needs of expecting mamas, because it was designed by an expecting mama!

So grab your yoga mat and all your favorite yoga props (Jess recommends 1-2 bolsters, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap and a blanket) to dive into some deliciously juicy stretches, liberating meditations, and empowering Pranayama practices.

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Some Final Tips for Your Online Prenatal Yoga Program

Each trimester of your pregnancy is different and so your yoga practice needs to be adjusted accordingly throughout.

During your first trimester, your energy will likely be at an all-time low. If not, you’re super lucky! But for many, hormones skyrocket as the embryo implants on the uterine wall, which may drain a lot of energy.

This is the perfect time to go slow and perhaps practice more restorative or gentle practices like Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga or to focus on your Pranayama or meditation practice.

During your second trimester, you’ll probably get a boost of energy back and start to “show.” This can be a really nice time to connect with your little one through a modified yoga practice. At this point, you’ll want to avoid laying on your belly and your back.

In your final trimester, your belly will start to expand a lot and limit your mobility in some ways. You’ll likely feel ready to give birth at this point but you might feel anxious about the birthing process or the expectations of motherhood.

Your body always knows best, so listen to it carefully during this precious time.

This might be a nice time to again turn to breathwork and meditation while also maintaining a modified yoga practice if it feels appropriate for you.

Throughout your pregnancy, avoid retention of your breath and any postures that put pressure on your belly. If during any practice, something feels wrong, stop immediately. Your body always knows best, so listen to it carefully during this precious time.

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Your practice can be a beautiful way to connect with your child and to reestablish a connection with your changing body. Use it in all of its capacities to help you expand and grow (both physically and mentally) on this beautiful journey of pregnancy into motherhood.

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Leah Sugerman

Leah Sugerman is a yoga teacher, writer, and passionate world traveler. An eternally grateful student, she has trained in countless traditions of the practice and teaches a fusion of the styles she has studied with a strong emphasis on breath, alignment, and anatomical integrity. Leah teaches workshops, retreats, and trainings both internationally and online.

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