Why is Savasana So F-ing Hard? 10 Musings We’ve All Had in Corpse Pose

From the outside, Savasana appears to be the easiest pose you can do. All you do is lie down and close your eyes, right? But in those few minutes of lying horizontally in a dark room, thinking about nothing and committing to total relaxation, Savasana turns out to be the most complicated pose of all. You are completely alone . . . with your thoughts.


The True Account of a Wandering Mind (From Savasana)

The following thoughts are based on a true account of Savasana, during a particularly difficult power yoga class. Do these thoughts sound familiar?

1. You can’t crank out one more (insert challenging pose here)

You hit the floor before the teacher even begins to mouth the cue for Savasana. You think, thank goodness I made it through. As you lie there, your quads feeling like boiled linguine, you realize that if you had done one more Chair Pose, you may have been a goner.

2. You need to sneak out of Savasana and make a run for it to the nearest pizza/cupcake establishment

You gotta eat, right?! Quick, do it now. The longer you wait, the more you’ll feel awkward and judged. The thoughts begin to stir . . . Is it rude if I just get up and leave? All of a sudden, I’m starving!!

3. Your body is ready to relax, but your mind? Not so much . . .

Although you’re done with the physical portion of this class, remember that thing about yoga being a union of the body and mind? Weary body, meet fickle mind . . . after that sweaty yoga session, you’re physically capable of laying here in bliss for hours, but your mind might not be so still . . .

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4. Laying there for 5 more minutes? Impossible.

You don’t have time for this. Your cat will die of famine if you don’t go home and feed it this very second. You must have a million texts on your phone. People are probably wondering where you are. In fact, your mom, coworkers, and the National Guard have most likely formed a search party to try and locate you.

5. You can’t sit still. You just can’t

You just got done doing 47 chaturangas, but everyone around you appears to be in a zen-like, comatose state. And you just can’t. You need to scratch your arm. Is there a spider crawling on your forehead? Oh now you notice your wedgie or twisted bra strap! Did I just touch my neighbor’s toe?


6. You start to ponder the intricacies of the universe

As your body returns to a state of homeostasis in Savasana, you enter a fascinating state of mental clarity and relaxation that really lets your mind wander. You suddenly realize that the sun will one day implode. And you worry what will happen to taxi drivers if self-driving cars become a commonplace in the meantime. And WTF climate change!

7. You’re about to reach a meditative breakthrough and one or more thoughts rudely derail your quest for enlightenment

You have a notification for 6,548 unread emails on your phone. You should probably unsubscribe from that Teen Vogue newsletter mailing list from 2006. All you have in your fridge at home are Pop Tarts and Sriracha. Pop Tarts don’t even belong in the fridge! When was the last time you took your car in for an oil change?

8. You begin to feel like a powerful, newborn, winged genie . . . AKA Beyonce

Halfway through your Savasana, you seem to lift off your mat and enter an interesting state of fearlessness and empowerment. You can’t tell where your body ends or begins. You are floating!

9. Then you get that wave of overwhelming inner peace and contentment

With patience, you will get there. And when you do, my friend, you will feel so aligned and in tune with yourself (not to mention the universe), it will feel like your chakras just returned from a weekend getaway in Turks and Caicos.

10. You realize that if you can quiet your mind’s chatter during Savasana, you can do anything

Today, quiet mind. Tomorrow, first draft of an international peace treaty! Next week, queen/king of the world!

Embrace Your Savasana Journey

Savasana is no joke. It requires gratitude, mental prowess, an open heart, and recognition of its inherent cyclical nature. One day you will struggle, another you will have grand ideas, the next you will just be.

The golden key to Savasana is self-acceptance. Acknowledge your wandering mind – thank your sporadic thoughts for showing up – and kindly ask them to leave so you can return to your inner work and find contentment (oh, and find Samadhi . . . no big deal). We’re all just here for the Savasana anyway, right?

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