@Yoga_Girl Rachel Brathen Launches Social Mission for Safe Drinking Water

If you haven’t already done so, follow Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl on Instagram before you continue reading this article. 1.7 million people have already done so, and for good reason.

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Rachel Brathen is a native of Sweden. She left Stockholm after graduating from school, and traveled to Costa Rica. There, she began incorporating yoga into her daily life. Brathen began to teach as a yoga instructor while deepening her own practice. From this point, her journey led her to Central America, where she was inspired to learn about the spirituality behind yoga. Fast-forward to early 2010 – Brathen moves to Aruba and begins teaching yoga full time. It was in Aruba that she pioneered SUP Yoga. She distinguished her trademark style of vinyasa flow with alignment, core work, and breathing techniques for basic poses.
With close to two million followers, Brathen is a social media queen. She is one of the most popular yogis on Instagram, and she maintains her social media presence by posting photos daily. This allows her followers to dive into her world and admire the tropical landscapes in which she practices yoga. Her book Yoga Girl was released nearly a year ago. It became a New York Times bestseller. The book reads in part like a self-help book, and in part like a memoir. She gives the readers an in-depth look at her journey from her rough teenage years, to the beautiful life she lives in Aruba today.
Now, Rachel is adding philanthropy to her list of accomplishments. She is launching her first-ever social mission, which she has named #109Water. #109Water is the first of seven passion projects within the 109 World non-profit organization. 109 World was founded by Rachel and a few of her good friends. Together, these inspirational women have created a worldwide movement for social change. Their mission? To build a global community of people dedicated to making a difference and creating a positive ripple one social outreach program at a time.

The #109Water mission in particular is aimed to raise awareness about the global issue of insufficient access to safe water. The #109Water campaign will peak with a social mission trip, where Brathen will give top supporters the opportunity to join her and her team on location to experience the positive impact of community efforts.
These projects will work towards education for all, access to safe water, food security, animal rescue, women’s empowerment, protection of the environment, and ensuring a bright future for our children. Activities during the trip will include hands-on work in implementing a water system, and daily yoga with Brathen, as well as enjoying the beautiful surroundings while kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and more.

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Rachel is an incredible source of inspiration in the yoga world. One glance at her photos will illuminate how she lives her life full of gratitude like all yogis aspire to. Rachel is always eager to introduce people to the bliss of practicing yoga, providing every student with a space to safely play in the art of yoga on both land and water. If you’re like me, you probably are hoping to cross paths with her one day!
You can learn more about Rachel and #109Water at rachelbrathen.com and 109world.com.

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