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6 Influential Yogis to Watch in 2015

There’s no shortage of awe-inspiring men and women in the yoga world today – yogis from all different countries and walks of life, willing to make a difference and determined to leave the world a little brighter. To choose only 6… #thestruggleisreal, but these influential yogis are ready to light a fire and blaze a new trail in the western world of yoga.

Here’s our list of 6 yogis to watch in 2015:


1. Bizzie Gold


A photo posted by Bizzie Gold (@bizziegold) on

If you haven’t heard of Buti Yoga yet, you will. This hot new style of yoga has women in 45 states and 15 countries sculpting their bodies and awakening their Shakti! This blend of power yoga, high-intensity tribal dance and deep abdominal toning is an all-in-one workout that will tone and sculpt your body while facilitating complete inner transformation. No wonder Bizzie named the practice Buti, which is a Marathi Indian phrase that means, “The cure to something hidden or kept secret.” Bizzie Gold’s mission isn’t just to give you a great booty; she’s determined to create empowered leaders and invites women to take charge of their lives. The Buti Tribe tosses out the common belief that women are competitive with each other. What you’ll find instead is a group of strong and empowered women who support and encourage each other. The Buti motto: Connect and Thrive. Learn more about Bizzie Gold and her vision for Buti Yoga in this interview with YouAligned.


2. Rachel Brathen


A photo posted by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on

Meet Rachel Brathen, more affectionately known as Yoga Girl by her one million followers on Instagram. Rachel has a light-up-the-room smile and sincere love for teaching yoga. She’s also known for her love of inversions and leads workshops focusing on handstands, arm balances, and fearless living. If that’s not reason enough to love her, maybe her love for combining Yoga with SUP (stand up paddle board) will win you over. Savasana on the water…need I say more? Want to know more about SUP with Rachel? check out this interview.




3. Patrick Beach


Patrick Beach is all about handstands. Actually, he’s all about the form and muscle control that goes into handstands. He calls this “energy efficiency.” If you’ve seen his videos, they look like slow motion, but actually, that’s Patrick’s insane muscle control. He generously offers a wealth of free yoga videos on Youtube that range from 20 minute core strengthening to 5 tips for holding your handstands. He is locally and nationally acclaimed for his unique teaching style that seamlessly blends strength conditioning with creative sequencing. Patrick has definitely contributed in a big way to the online yoga community. There’s an outpouring of comments thanking him for his unique and helpful guidance. Patrick–you the man!!


4. Jessamyn Stanley


A photo posted by Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) on

Chances are good you’ve already caught wind of the latest media tag “fat yoga.” If you haven’t yet, it won’t be long. Although the tag seems a bit blunt, or perhaps even downright offensive, there is a refreshing and wise yogi leading the way for larger-bodied people to practice yoga with unabashed confidence and truly useful instruction.

Jessamyn Stanley, self-described “Fat Femme” Yogi, is drawing a lot of attention to a glaring void in popular yoga media – a lack of diversity, not just in ethnicity, but also in the shape and size of our bodies. Jessamyn took notice and has since created an open invitation to practice yoga and a huge following for everyone who doesn’t fit the media standard.

Already gaining attention from major media publications, Jessamyn is a fresh voice in the world of yoga and seems to have her heart in the right place, lending great perspective on the appearance of “Fat Yoga Studios” and what it means to practice yoga in a larger body.


5. Coby Kozlowski


What makes Coby K (Coby Kozlowski) such a game changer in the world of yoga? Her practice extends far beyond a series of asanas. With an impressive list of credentials and study behind her, Coby’s classes, workshops and trainings incorporate “…aspects of [life] coaching as well as studies of yoga philosophies, Ayurveda, expressive arts, dance, meditation, [her] self-study of neuroscience and positive psychology, [and her] love of juicing and raw food!” If you decide to study with Coby K, prepare for an adventure. Whether you want to attend a 200-hour training with her at Kripalu School for Yoga, hone a specific skill or area of personal growth in a workshop, or head down to Costa Rica for a 2 week Leadership intensive program, Coby’s invigorating approach to life will have a profound impact not just on your daily practice, but on your life.


6. Dylan Werner


You may have seen some of Dylan’s videos scattered around the internet. He is the guy doing the seemingly impossible arm balances and inversions. This war-veteran-turned-yoga-instructor is doing something very important for yoga. He is getting men that otherwise may have thought yoga was all about stretching and meditation to see that yoga can provide more benefits and true strength than the gym. Dylan is turning skeptics into believers and along the way, opening the minds of guys around the world to the positive ripple effects of a yoga practice.


These 6 inspiring yogis are just a handful of dedicated men and women out there changing people’s lives and positively impacting the world. We are honored to feature these amazing yogis, but by no means is this list all-encompassing. Feel free to share someone you feel should be recognized for their impact on the yoga community in the comments below. Rock on!!


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Stephanie Stanley

Stephanie Stanley lives in Chandler, AZ and is a mom of 2. She teaches Buti yoga and is the creator of GiveBirth, a new approach to childbirth education. Beyond credentials and labels she is a connoisseur of life, always curious, always willing to try something new. Her husband is her best friend and when they’re not enjoying a cup of coffee together they like to hike, travel, read and cook delicious, healthy gourmet food.

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