10 Reasons Why Yogis Are So Damn Happy

Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram or attending a hot vinyasa class, you see it: happy yogis. Not just happy, but blissful! We find a way to integrate our yoga practice into our lives on a deeper, more spiritual, emotional, and intellectual level. The blissful yogi’s secret is that we practice what we love (yoga!) in all parts of our lives.

Here are 10 reasons why we yogis have found a lasting sense of happiness, contentment, and bliss:

1. We move – a lot! On a regular basis, we incorporate movement in a playful way that’s good for our bodies, our minds, and our attitudes. From lunges and hops to handstands and heart openers, we move to feel good!
2. We have a sense of wholeness. Our yoga practice has filled our gaps and broken our bad habits. Some people turn to food, alcohol or other substances, but us yogis have found that shortcomings or uncomfortable feelings within can instead be resolved through our yoga practice.
3. We know how to breathe! We’re Ujjayi (victorious) breathing all the time…whether we’re driving in traffic or walking on a beautiful day, at work or on the mat. We are literally practicing our breathing techniques All. The. Time. We’ve realized that our rich, nutritious, yummy breathing yields peace and happiness—it is one of the greatest gifts of our practice.
4. Our relationships are balanced and healthy. The balancing and healing effects of yoga not only help our bodies; they positively influence our relationships as well. Our practice has helped us become more open and authentic with others. From our friends and families to our love life, our relationships are enriched through yoga.
5. We let go of what no longer serves us. The perseverance we’ve developed on the mat has permeated our daily lives, allowing us to roll with the ebb and flow of life. If a habit, a thought-pattern, or a person no longer serves us, we have the strength and awareness to simply let it go and move on.

6. We love, accept, and know our bodies inside and out. As yogis, we’ve cultivated a deeper sense of body awareness. We can recognize ailments and use poses to work through them. We develop strength and reap the benefits of a yoga booty, toned arms, lean torso, and great posture. We have a positive body image and are in control of how we feel.
7. We eat to live. With a regular practice, many of us find that it is easier to keep our diets clean. We crave wholesome and natural foods. We have learned how to eat to live, and actually enjoy nourishing our bodies with healthy food that’s good for us.
8. Our creative energy flows freely. Whether we’re working, playing, or practicing yoga, we have established a clear line of communication between our minds and our hearts, and we enjoy expressing ourselves creatively in all areas of our life. Our practice is what allows our spiritual energy to take hold, grow, and inspire creativity in others.
9. We sleep well. Yoga can give us a boost of energy, but certain yoga poses can also bring us peace and relaxation as we wind down the day. Being physically active ensures we lead a well-rounded life. We work hard, we play hard, and we sleep soundly!
10. We bend so we don’t break. As a result of 1-9, yogis are resilient to the bone. Yoga teaches us to be flexible, not just on the mat, but when life happens. Us yogis are strong inside and out, so we’ve learned to go with the flow and face what life gives us with elegance, grace, and control.
Being a yogi has a positive influence well beyond the mat. The more we practice, the more we grow as individuals. Yoga has the power to change you, to inspire you, to make you grow and evolve into your highest potential. Whether you’re new to yoga or a lifelong yogi, you’ve seen the positive impact it has. Keep practicing, keep showing up, and keep believing in yourself. Yogis have the most important ability of all: to let their happiness inspire others to find their own yoga practice. What an amazing gift. Now that’s something to be happy about!!

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Jillian Grabarczyk

Jillian is a yogi and recipe developer living in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a Finance graduate from Ohio University and divides her time between teaching yoga and working a part-time office job to support her essential oil habit.

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