Here Are the 11 Best Cities for Yoga in the US

Since yoga hit the United States, it has grown in popularity and morphed into tons of vastly different styles. In any of the many yoga-friendly cities across the states, you can choose from dozens of yoga studios and basically any discipline you can imagine.

From Hot Yoga to Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, or even Beer Yoga, you can really find just about any yoga style in the US.

While yoga is everywhere in the United States, there are certain “pockets” where the yoga lifestyle is really vibrant and the yoga community is well-established. In these extra special cities for yoga, the sky is the limit when it comes to your practice.

The 11 Best Cities for Yoga in the US (Plus a Studio to Try In Each City):

These are the top yoga-friendly cities across the states.

1. New York City, NY

New York City is pretty much the mecca of everything, and yoga is no exception. With a long (and growing) list of exceptional and diverse yoga studios, find some headspace in the city that never sleeps.

You’ll find some of the top teachers and lavish studios all over the Big Apple plus all the yogi friends you could ask for in this thriving yoga community.
Yoga Studio to Try: Laughing Lotus
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2. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is known for cultivating all things health and hippie, so it’s no surprise that the City of Angels is a hub for up-and-coming yoga trends. You can try all the exciting new trends yoga has to offer – like Aerial Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga – in this epic city for yoga.
Studio to Try: Modo Yoga LA


3. San Francisco, CA

One of the first major yoga communities in the US, San Francisco boasts some of the original OGs in the yoga game. This is one of the ultimate cities for yoga as it is where Yoga Journal was born and also where amazing teachers like Jason Crandell still thrive.

And with marijuana legal in California, it’s no wonder that San Fran is also a hotspot for budding yoga styles (pun intended!) like High Yoga.
Studio to Try: Yoga to the People

4. Portland, OR

One of the best cities for yoga, Portland is the place to be if you’re in love with the community aspect of your yoga practice. In the city that prides itself on giving back and shopping local, you’ll find yoga studios that take a lot of pride in their community.
Studio to Try: Love Hive Yoga

5. Austin, TX

The city famous for its weirdness is a great place to get a little funky with your yoga practice. Renowned for its innovative food and trend-setting events, you’ll love all the diverse yoga opportunities Austin has to offer.
Studio to Try: Wanderlust Yoga

6. Boulder, CO

Boulder has been a hub of spirituality, wellness, and yoga for decades. Nestled against the picturesque Flatirons, this quaint town has an eclectic blend of yoga disciplines and studios with a little something for everyone. Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, and Gaiam – all yoga giants – are headquartered in the area.
Studio to Try: The Little Yoga Studio

7. Denver, CO

Following in Boulder’s footsteps, Denver has established itself as one of the major cities for yoga, attracting huge yoga festivals and events throughout the front range. From Friday Night Yoga Club, to Yoga Rocks the Park and Yoga on the Rocks (set on the world’s largest natural amphitheatre), there’s no shortage of yoga happenings year-round.

Studio to Try: The River Yoga


8. Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a vibrant, sprawling city with yoga woven throughout. From Scottsdale to central Phoenix, it’s hard to list all the incredible yoga studios and teachers in this vast yoga-friendly city. Check out YouAligned teacher Anton Mackey at Moksha Yoga, or take a Buti Yoga class with the founder herself, Bizzie Gold at BMVMNT.
Studio to Try: Modern Yoga

9. Sedona, AZ

There’s something ridiculously magical about Sedona. The giant red rocks and vortexes (or natural pools of spiritual energy) make it so easy to feel deeply connected here. It’s no wonder Sedona attracts spirit seekers of all kinds!

Studio to Try: Awakenings Yoga Studio

10. Asheville, NC

While this may not be your first guess on the top cities for yoga list, Asheville has a booming yoga scene. From Kundalini to Hatha to Ashtanga to Hot to Yoga Nidra, Asheville has a wide range of classes to choose from so you can get your zen on however you like!

Studio to Try: Asheville Community Yoga

11. St. Petersburg, FL

For years, this unassuming city has been holding down the fort in Florida for amazing yoga! Definitely one of the top cities for yoga in the south, St. Petersburg has countless yoga studios with diverse offerings.

Studio to Try: The Body Electric Yoga Company

Elevate Your Yoga Experience: Explore These Top Yoga-Friendly Cities!

If you’re someone who loves yoga, and exploring everything that yoga can offer, visiting local yoga studios is a great way to dive into a particular city’s community. These cities for yoga are just a few suggestions, but you can find yoga wherever your heart takes you!

With so many cities for yoga to choose from, there is likely a thriving yoga community nearby to you!

By no means is this list comprehensive! What are your favorite yoga-friendly cities? Please share in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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