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How to Find Your New Favorite Yoga Studio in 5 Simple Steps

Whether you are new to yoga or moving to a new city, finding a yoga studio can be challenging, intimidating, and frustrating. If you are new to yoga, you may feel overwhelmed with your yoga studio search. If you recently moved to a new place, you may feel like you don’t know where to start (and you are probably missing your previous studio!).

Either way, you’ll want to find a yoga studio that feels like home. A space where you can retreat to, feel safe in, and find nourishment from.

Some cities have really vibrant yoga scenes and the yoga studio choices can be overwhelming. In other cities, the yoga community might be less established and finding a new studio might require a bit of digging. Follow these steps to find your yoga sanctuary anywhere.

Here’s how to find a yoga studio in 5 simple steps:


1. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Yoga Studios

Most yoga studios offer trial options for new students, such as your first class or week are free. This is a safe and affordable way to try new studios before you commit. You’ll also get a feel for the different yoga disciplines and teaching styles that are available.
If you don’t know what to look for in a studio, check out the What to Look for When Choosing a Yoga Studio Checklist.
Don’t get intimidated if there are styles of yoga you that are new to you. You could surprise yourself with what you end up being attracted to! Always ask the studio for more information if you ever feel unsure about how to prepare for a class.

2. Experience All the Yoga Instructors

Most studios provide a list of their instructors and biographies about their personal beliefs and teaching styles. This is a guide for exploring instructors, but not a substitute for actually attending their class and experiencing their style for yourself.

Your connection with your instructor can sometimes be more important than the style of yoga you practice.

Go and experience all of the instructors you can – you are bound to find one that meets your needs and inspires you. And when you find a great instructor, you may even follow them to different studios.

3. Ask for Recommendations Online

We are blessed to have a world of information right at our fingertips. Never underestimate the power of social media and search engines, especially in your quest for your new yoga studio. Here are a few suggestions for finding a yoga studio online:

  • Facebook: Facebook is a wonderful place to find local yoga communities. Reach out to friends and local yoga groups to find studio options and get suggestions
  • Instagram: Instagram is a great place to find yoga teachers and yoga practitioners who inspire you. Discover the yogis you really resonate with and see where they are teaching (even if it is just a workshop at a local studio)
  • Yelp: Yelp is a resource that collects user reviews of various types of establishments, including yoga studios. You can see what other folks have to say about nearby yoga studios, instructors, and the overall vibe
  • Yoga Finder: This website helps you find yoga classes, studios, and events. This resource is geared towards North American cities but also has a few things listed around the world
  • Yoga Class Near You: The online search engine for yoga studios is here, and it’s available in both the US and the UK. Enter your zip code and you can even see nearby studio results on a map



4. Use a Yoga App

Yoga apps are a convenient way to find nearby classes. Check out the following yoga apps for suggestions on yoga studios, disciplines, and teachers:

  • Lymber allows you to search and book a class from a wide variety of classes, gyms, and studios in your area
  • ClassPass is a membership-based app that gets you into the best classes and gyms near you
  • YogaTrail keeps track of classes and events offered by the studios and instructors you follow so you don’t have to


5. Check Out Local Bulletin Boards

Visit local cafes, bookstores, shops, and grocery stores – and find bulletin boards where local yoga teachers and studios advertise. This is the old school way of doing things, but you can find hidden gems on bulletin boards.

Be Open and Brave

Hopefully the tips above help you find a yoga studio that you love – and a community that inspires you. Most importantly, be open and brave on your yoga studio search. Each city has its own personality and yoga scene. If you recently moved, the style of teaching in your new city may be completely different . . . and you might be pleasantly surprised!
Still at a loss in your search for a new studio? While you continue your search, keep up your practice with YouAligned’s online yoga classes.
Your practice will ground you and a new studio, when you find the right one, will nurture you. Remember, anytime you need the mat, it is there for you. You always have a home in yoga, no matter where you are.

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Shay Grant

Shay became a yoga instructor after moving to London UK from Vancouver, Canada. After a break-up with competitive dance, she needed nourishing movement fell in love with yoga. She is trained in several disciplines as she believes each school of yoga has something valuable to offer.

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