9 Funny Workout Memes Sure to Motivate You (Or at Least Make You Smile)

Funny memes: if you don’t use them for communication, or love them and laugh with friends over them . . . are you even a millennial?

From the slew of (seemingly endless) ones inspired by Sandra Bullock in Birdbox to the classic memes that so accurately summarize what we’re all thinking, funny memes are a part of our collective pop culture landscape.

Perhaps in no area are there more hilarious and accurate memes than those pertaining to fitness and working out.

If you’ve ever so much as stepped foot into a gym, tried to walk after leg day, or vowed to eat healthier, you can guarantee there’s a meme for that (or probably 100!).

Here Are 9 Hilarious Workout Memes Sure to Motivate You (Or at Least Make You Smile):

We’ve done the scrolling and searching for you, and here are nine workout memes that best sum up what the fitness life is truly like.

1. The Gym Is Alive With the Sound of Music

Is there any better feeling? No sharing machines, no waiting on weights. Just you and an empty gym. #paradise

2. That Horrible Moment When You Lose Your Soundtrack

Anddd on the flipside . . . is there any worse feeling? No there is not. We’ve all been there. This meme says it all.


3. Yes, I Have Been Working on My Peach!

Sidenote – totally still counts if it’s just you noticing your own booty gains while checking yourself out in the mirror. You worked hard for those gains . . . you should be proud!

4. One Size Fits All

Remember back when we used to think that “leggings aren’t pants?” Neither do we. Nowadays, it’s all we care to wear. And no, it doesn’t matter if it’s a gym day or rest day. They’re the only pants we want to put on our body.

5. Wet Sports Bra, Anyone?

There’s no bond on earth stronger than that of a wet sports bra. If you find yourself in the awful position of having to remove one, go ahead and give yourself an extra 30 minutes to change. You’ll need it.

6. Seeeee Yaaaaa, Ladies

If you’re one of those lucky people who can lose weight without losing the girls, good for you and congratulations.

But for the rest of us, it’s just a universal sad but true fact that once the pounds start to melt away so do the boobs. Embrace it and wear those cute bralettes with pride.

7. The Pain Is Real

Is there any pain worse than that of leg day pain? Stairs, sitting down to pee, changing clothes, getting in a car – all things that aren’t your BFF after leg day. Relish the soreness though . . . it means it’s working.

8. Holy Kale

We may have laughed a little too much. But, seriously, how relatable is this? We’ve all loaded up on greens and healthy foods only to come home after a long day and wished dearly there was something more salty or sweet in the fridge.

In all seriousness, if you’ve experienced this, it means you’re doing something right. Cheers to your commitment to your health and to your will power.


9. Shake It Off

Truth . . . so much truth. If your shake cup collection doesn’t outnumber or at least rival your collection of regular glasses, do you even gym?

Nothing Explains the Fit Life Quite Like Funny Memes

Love em or hate em, nothing sums up how we collectively feel about a topic in a more 21st century way than funny memes.

Memes are here to stay (at least for now), and at the end of the day, they say something bigger about the way we think and what we find funny and relatable as a society.

So, cheers to hilarious workout memes! Share your favorites in the comments below.

Need to laugh a little more? This tongue-in-cheek and hella accurate look at millennials is so on point: JP Sears Bashes Millennials in This Funny-Because-It’s-True Video

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