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10 Mindful Jewelry Pieces (The Perfect Gift)

With the holiday season in full swing, we are on the prowl to find the perfect gift for that yogi in our life who radiates too much joy and positivity for any old trinket. Because they are a shining star in your life, you may automatically gravitate toward a piece of jewelry that matches their inner beauty.
This year, do not flock toward diamonds or gold that are merely eye-catching. Choose a yogi-inspired piece that has meaning and intention, and one that shines with the enlightening spirit of your gift recipient. This holiday season, show that special someone in your life that you are thinking about them and want to show them your gratitude.
Check out these 10 meaningful jewelry pieces that will inspire you or that special yogi in your life:

The Neshama Project Soul Sister Earrings and Gypsy Feet Anklet

($56 and $82)


The Neshama Project offers beautiful iridescent opal stones from Israel that are designed into breathtaking necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings. The Soul Sister Earrings are a conversation starter for sure, with their large 1.5-inch hoops that feature a delicate blue opal stone on each hoop. Even though it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean that your piggies need to be neglected. Pair the earrings with the Gypsy Feet Anklet that features a delicate gold chain with the same blue opal stone as the earrings. You can feel good about your gift purchase knowing 10% of all proceeds support one of two charities: Innovation Africa or Zeno Mountain Farm.

Shop it here


Prema Designs Turquoise & Rose Quartz Ganesha Mala with Tassel



The Turquoise & Rose Quartz Ganesha Mala with Tassel from Prema Designs is a handmade mala that features the alluring and visually appealing combination of wooden beads with turquoise and rose quartz, which are stones that are known for their tremendous healing properties. This gorgeous piece will help you enhance your positive energy and conscious presence in your meditation and yoga practices. The focal piece of this mala is the Ganesha pendant, a remover of obstacles, as well as the bold and colorful tassels, which are available in a variety of vibrant colors. The mala is strung with 108 beads, which are meant to help you keep count during your meditation practice. Whether you want to use this mala for meditation or rock it as a statement jewelry piece, this mala necklace is sure to please!

Shop it here


Meaning to Pause Be Mindful Now Bracelet



The Be Mindful Now bracelet from Meaning to Pause is no ordinary wooden prayer mala bracelet. It features a never-before-seen black capsule, with PAUSE written in bold letters, that vibrates intermittently, reminding you to take a moment to pause. You can program the bracelet to vibrate every 60 or 90 minutes, with a quick 1-second gentle vibration. You can also get one for yourself and a friend and synchronize your pauses. You can customize the bracelet to your liking with optional spacers or black onyx beads, a stone that provides a supportive, strong and stable energy when worn. You deserve a moment for yourself, so slip on this bracelet and take full advantage of those daily reminders. You can save 20% by entering the special code “YouAligned” through June 30, 2016.

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Rhodonite and Smoky Quartz Infinity Bracelet



The Rhodonite and Smoky Quartz Bracelet from Silver and Sage is an infinity bracelet with a modern twist. This large infinity charm is a wonderful reminder of the positive flow of karma that we all have the power to create. The 18 karat gold-dipped sterling silver charm is paired with rhodochrosite, faceted smoky quartz and brass.

Shop it here


Mantraband Mantra Bracelets



Mantrabands are simple, elegant bracelets with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message; promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, mindfulness. They come in silver, yellow gold or rose gold. Wear your Mantraband every day as your daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration.

Shop them here


Blooming Lotus Serenity Mala



The Serenity Mala from Blooming Lotus is made of soothing gemstones Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz, along with Sandalwood and soft colors. This mala necklace instills feelings of calm, tranquility, stillness and peace. Accept the things you cannot change, let it go and give space for what makes your soul happy.

Shop it here


Satya Jewelry Silver Om, Hamsa, Lotus Charm Bracelet



The Silver Om, Hamsa, Lotus Charm Bracelet from Satya Jewelry is a stunning sterling silver charm bracelet that features our favorite yogi symbols. Each of the half-inch delicate charms surrounding this bracelet are meaningful and mindful – Om, hamsa, tree of life and lotus. The symbols represent positivity, protection, good fortune and infinite potential. Whenever you are in need of a little inspiration, look no further than your very own wrist.

Shop it here


Tusk & Crown Dharma Wrist Mala



The Dharma Wrist Mala from Tusk & Crown is the perfect gift for that mindful man in your life. This bracelet is made with 18 rich, earthy brown wooden beads and a subtle brass focal bead depicting Buddha. That yogini is your life can wear this wrist mala on and off the mat, to serve as a daily reminder to be grounded and in the moment. The mala fits average to large size wrists.

Shop it here


U-Neek Triad Buddha with Aqua Blue Agate Stones



The Triad Buddha with Aqua Blue Agate Stones from U-Neek is a simple yet beautiful bracelet for the mindful yogi. The vibrant striated aqua blue agate stones compliment the gold buddha heads to create a bold statement about your intentions on and off the mat. The bracelet comes in a custom velvet bag, so it’s ready to gift right out of the box this holiday season.

Shop it here


Bali Malas Jai Ho Bracelet



The Jai Ho Bracelet by Bali Malas is a bracelet that combines the infinite beauty of natural gemstones with rudraksha seeds, a sustainably-grown seed that represents compassion and humanity, while acting as a reminder to be in the moment and remain present. The bracelet is available in a variety of natural gemstone choices from the red garnet and blue lapis lazuli to the deep black onyx or the pale green aventurine. With so many stones from which to choose to pair with your alternating rudraksha seeds, you can find the perfect fit for yourself or that yogi on your list. Better yet, grab a few and align your chakras and match the right stone with your current intentions.

Shop it here
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but yogis are much more inspired and thoughtful in their choices of bodily adornment. This holiday season, or whenever the time is right to show that yogi in your life how much you care, consider an inspiring, thought-provoking and meaningful piece of jewelry that was made with purpose and intention. Choose a yoga-inspired piece of jewelry and bring peace, love and tranquility to yourself or that special someone.
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