A Letter From Your Yoga Mat That Will Fill Your Heart

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes skip yoga. Don’t we all? We skip yoga for sleep, for shopping with friends, for ladies that lunch, for TV programs, for a good book, for laundry, for kid’s soccer games, for relationship time, for me. When we skip our yoga practice, we feel a bit naughty, like we are playing hooky.

Your mat doesn’t care. Your mat doesn’t judge. Your mat accepts that you come first, and it still supports you EVERY SINGLE TIME.

When we do go back to the mat, we might feel even worse because we may have lost the gains and progress in our yoga practice. It takes more time to settle in, deeply Forward Fold, flip your grip in Dancer’s Pose, lengthen our Downward Facing Dog, or even just breathe consciously and fully.
I judge me when I skip my yoga practice. You judge you . . . we all do it.
But guess what? Your mat doesn’t care. Your mat doesn’t judge. Your mat was lonely. Your mat misses your time together. Your mat accepts that you come first, and it still supports you EVERY SINGLE TIME.
If your mat could talk, it wouldn’t lecture. It wouldn’t yell. It wouldn’t be disappointed. Quite the opposite: like your yoga practice itself, your yoga mat simply supports you, accepts you, and only asks that you come as you are.
I invite you – no – your yoga mat invites you – to roll it out, lay down, and place your ear to it. Hear it speak from YOUR heart.

A Love Letter From Your Yoga Mat

Dear Yogi, [it would whisper]

I am so happy you made time for your practice today. We have lots to work on. Do you feel tired? That’s ok, just lie down and we can sit together awhile with your thoughts.

Oh, you feel refreshed? Great! Let’s try something new; don’t be afraid because I have your back, or foot, or hand, or whatever needs me today. Resting those joints between practices allows you the ability to try new things more effectively. I’m so happy you rested while holding the couch down yesterday and binging on your favorite show! I’m sure Couch liked your time together and missed you like I do.

Feel sad or anxious? Let’s stretch and move so you can work through what you have going on in your life. Cry on me, it’s ok. I will wick your tears away.

Laugh with me when we face plant together in Crow Pose. Who cares? We are here for each other. If not for you, I would float away.

Rejoice together when you rise up in your fiercest Warrior ever. Press down through your toes to imprint on me. What lovely feet you have.

Did you know that taking time away for yourself is actually beneficial to your practice? Yes, I miss you dearly, but you were recharging while you were gone. Your brain was still busy growing new pathways and your muscles were still busy burning calories to stay strong. I bet that froyo date with friends helped your spirits and nourished you with Calcium!

Now lie down and rest. You worked hard on yourself, and you deserve some YOU time.

Hope to see you again soon.

With Love and Gratitude,
Your Yoga Mat



Final Words of Encouragement For Your Yoga Practice

When you finally get back to your yoga practice, you are not the same, and your mat knows that it’s ok. Your yoga mat will lift you up anyway. And when you take time off again, just know that your mat will be there for you when you need it.
So, when you feel you are at your weakest, your slowest, your heaviest, your saddest, or your most elated, remember your mat. It is the closest to your skin as two beings can be while you practice. It supports you, it’s got your back, and it misses you when you are away.
And deep down, you miss it too! Take a deep breath, center your thoughts, and step onto your faithful yoga mat . . . in your time. ☺

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Melissa Nordin

Melissa is a yoga teacher and Clinical Exercise Physiologist who blends the wisdom of yoga practice with the science of corrective exercise and nutrition. Melissa believes mindfulness is the key to happiness and brings that philosophy into her yoga classes, workshops, and writing.

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