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This Futuristic Bedding From NuSleep Regulates Your Body Temperature While You Sleep

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night feeling hot, or maybe even drenched in sweat? Night sweats are common for a lot of people, and if you’ve ever experienced it, you know it’s disruptive to a good night’s rest.
Yet whether you have night sweats or not, your body temperature plays a major role in the quality and even duration of your sleep.
You can regulate body temperature to a certain extent by adding or removing extra bedding or clothing, and changing the temperature of your bedroom. But what if your bedding could actually regulate your body temperature and climate in which you sleep?
“Microclimate” means the temperature and humidity closely surrounding your skin. Studies have shown that the human body finds optimal comfort while sleeping when the microclimate is at 37.5% humidity and 37.5º C.
NuSleep has tapped into this knowledge and developed a technology that actually goes into your sheets and bedding to keep your microclimate within this “37.5 zone.”

How NuSleep’s 37.5 technology works

Now that we’ve established what a microclimate is, we can take a look at how this 37.5 technology works. Our bodies produce heat all the time, and we release that excess heat by releasing vapor through the skin.
As you can imagine, when we sleep, this vapor is what creates that hot and humid, uncomfortable microclimate beneath the sheets that disrupts our rest and makes us wake up.
The 37.5 technology in NuSleep’s bedding attracts this vapor, removes the moisture, and absorbs the infrared energy your body emits to evaporate heat if you’re hot, retain the warmth if you’re cold, and either way, keep you dry and comfortable.
Romell Bhaala, Director of NuSleep’s eCommerce & Marketing states that, “NuSleep’s 37.5® bedding technology has been tested in laboratories around the world. We even tested NuSleep at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where 80% of the athletes stated they performed better after sleeping with NuSleep technology.”
NuSleep’s entire line of bedding is made from all-natural fibers derived from volcanic ash and coconut hairs. This 37.5 technology is permanently embedded in the fabric, so it won’t ever wash out and is actually reactivated every time you wash it. Pretty cool, huh?!

Why this 37.5 technology is important

Getting a quality night’s sleep is incredibly important to your health and wellbeing, and quality of life overall. We perform at our best when we are well-rested, and the value there is immeasurable.
Studies have shown that the temperature in which we sleep directly affects the duration and also quality of sleep, including REM cycles, which is crucial for quality rest. NuSleep’s technology in their bedding creates the optimal microclimate so you can stay comfortable and undisturbed all night long.
Yet perhaps most impressively, NuSleep’s 37.5 technology adapts to the needs of your specific body. This creates longer, deeper states of sleep so you wake up well-rested and refreshed. Even if two people with varying body temperatures sleep in the same bed, this technology is activated by your specific infrared energy, so both people can stay comfortable.

NuSleep offers an entire line of 37.5 technology bedding, from pillows and bedsheets to comforters and mattress pads.
If you’re interested in seeing this 37.5 technology bedding for yourself, check out

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