Move Over Face Masks . . . Butt Masks Are the Next Skincare Trend (For Real Though)

The world of sheet masks and clay masks are throwing a major curveball – but it’s one you’ll want to catch. Bum masks, butt masks, booty sheet masks … whatever you want to call them, they’re the latest nourishing skincare trend.

While this doesn’t mean you should toss aside your beloved face masks, it is a PSA to move things, well, a little further South when it comes to your self-care routine.

From seeking out booty exercises to finding the perfect pair of jeans to complement your curves, taking care of your derrière is likely a priority. Now, you can add a booty beauty regimen to that list.

Read on to See How Bum Masks Are Your Latest Self-Care Go-To:


What Is a Bum Mask?

Bum masks are quite similar to face masks and hair masks, but target the southern region. Essentially, they exfoliate and replenish our skin with vitamins and minerals to keep our bottoms soft and smooth.

Two main varieties exist on the market – sheet masks and cream/clay-based masks.

Our backside is an often-overlooked body part when it comes to skincare regimens. For most of us, our tushes are lucky to see a swipe of moisturizer post-shower. Masks offer an easy way to give a typically neglected area some much-needed affection.

Why Should I Use A Butt Mask?

Much like the skin on your face, and everywhere else on your body for that matter, the skin on your behind changes over time. It ages, wrinkles, sags, stretches, gets cellulite and pimples from time to time, chafes, and overall is subject to quite a lot.

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For one thing, it’s squished beneath you on a seat of some sort, likely for most of the day. Not to be cheeky, but your cheeks need a break! They also need some tender loving care.

Cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, and moisturizing will all benefit your butt’s complexion. When using masks, you can expect to see some improvement in your skin tone and texture, and possibly a reduced appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

These masks will help improve your booty’s overall skin health, and leave behind (we can’t help make these puns!) some seriously beautiful, well-cared-for buns!

How Do I Use A Bum Mask?

Easy application is one of the biggest perks of using masks. Sheet masks are relatively straightforward, while cream or clay-based masks take a more artful approach to the application – like laying on your belly for 15-20 minutes while it works its magic.

As a tip, always look for products that have clean, non-toxic ingredients. Ingredient lists that include aloe, chamomile, coconut oil, or shea butter will be super soothing and hydrating.

There are plenty of masks out there with caffeine and collagen on the ingredient list, too. Both have been touted to be able to firm and tighten skin, thus reduce the appearance of cellulite and giving your booty a little ‘perk’.
Post-shower is one of the best times to mask-up, as your skin is clean, warm, just damp enough, and ripe for the rewards a mask brings!

Seal the Benefits of Your Bum Mask and Enjoy the Silky Feel!

After you’ve rinsed the mask off, lock that healing hydration in with your favorite moisturizer or body oil!

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Whether you plan to have your buns out for summer, or prefer to keep ’em tucked away just for you, butt masks should be added into your skincare routine. They’re a great way to keep your booty healthy, beautiful, and thriving! Let’s be real…they’re fun, too!

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