Female Entrepreneurs: These 4 Mental Health Tips Support You AND Your Business

You’re a female entrepreneur or an aspiring female entrepreneur, welcome to the club!

There are many highs and lows to entrepreneurship. There is abundance and freedom on one hand, and on the other hand, many sleepless nights.

Your business becomes your baby and the next thing you know, sleep cycles are interrupted, meals become few and far between, and you may begin to push yourself way over the edge.

And it’s all in the name of the business. Anything for the dream, right?

But then you begin to notice, you’ve hit a wall. Ideas dry up. Creativity becomes a chore. You begin to question why your dream is your dream in the first place.

All these things are a part of the entrepreneurship process, but let’s face it – you literally cannot run your business or live your dream without – you.

10 Daily Reminders to Support Your Mental Health During Challenging Times

Your mental health is one of your business partners. She, too, must feel supported and taken care of.


Female Entrepreneurs, Use These 4 Tips to Support Your Mental Health:

Here are four tips to support your mental health and your business as a female entrepreneur.

1. Set Boundaries

The dreaded “B” word in business. It takes effort and a ton of authority to begin to understand what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to.

Think of it this way . . . we must say “yes” to receive a “no” to preserve.

So, as you’re navigating when and where to set boundaries, consider where you are on that spectrum.

If you have said “yes” to a lot and you’re on the brink of burn out, it’s time to preserve. And on the other end, if you have said “no” to many things as a means of protection or fear, maybe it’s time to play the “yes” game for a while.

Your mental health is one of your business partners.

It is completely okay to have some fear moving on new opportunities, especially as an entrepreneur. You may have just found some balance and you’re holding onto it with all your power. That is completely fair.

However, part of supporting your mental health is also falling out of balance at times to show yourself that you already have all the tools you need within you to find your center again.

It’s also difficult to say “no” in business. Especially when your business is new. You may fear saying no will limit you or keep you from growing your business to the exponential rate you dream of.

Find comfort in knowing that, ultimately, everything that is meant for you will find you.

“No” can also be translated as “not now” . . . revisit the opportunity later, when you’re more mentally and emotionally available to receive it.

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2. Create Self-Care Routines

You’re a business owner. You likely wake up every day with a to do list the size of Mount Everest. It can be super difficult to find any time for yourself.

We find ourselves falling asleep with the computer in our hands and waking up to hop right back on it.

Yeah, you’re powering through your workload, but what is this doing to your beautiful brain? There is no point of disconnection for it to rest.

We need time to turn off and recenter.

Consider, for the first few minutes of your morning, just being with yourself. Avoid your phone and your emails. Take a moment to check in with your breath and set your intentions for the day.

Think of a morning when you felt like your day was going to be spectacular. What did that morning look like? How did it start? What did you do?

For some of us, that may be making a hot cup of coffee or tea. Then sipping it slowly while journaling or stepping outside for some fresh morning air.

We need time to turn off and recenter.

For others that may be starting the morning with movement or exercise. It could be just hopping in the shower and allowing the water to run down your back to remind you that you’re alive.

Create routines for yourself that allow you to check in first thing in the morning. And don’t stop there – create little routines throughout your day that allow you to take a moment and check-in with yourself.

Maybe you combine your first point of setting boundaries with your second point of creating routines.

You could stop your workday at a certain time to go make yourself dinner. You can try determining that certain parts of your home are work-free zones and keep those spaces sacred for your “you” time.

Whatever brings you joy, do more of it!

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3. Use Positive Self-Talk

How we speak to ourselves in our most private moments is vital. Speaking life into yourself literally means you will have what you say!

So, if you’re repeating to yourself all day, “I’m never going to make this deadline,” well . . . you probably won’t because you don’t believe you can.

A trick for this is switching your statements to the affirmative. So instead of “I’m never going to make this deadline,” try “I will make this deadline.”

Life is life and sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Of course we have to adjust and roll with the punches, but think of how much more pressure you feel when you speak to yourself negatively about what’s inevitable versus when you speak to yourself positively about it.

Life is going to happen anyway. You might as well let it happen while you’re singing your sweet blessings to your soul and eating a cookie.

Change the narrative. Be sweet to yourself. Life is going to happen anyway. You might as well let it happen while you’re singing your sweet blessings to your soul and eating a cookie.

To get started, begin adding positive self-talk time into your day! Combine it with the previous step. Make it a part of your daily routine. Write down a list of affirmations and decide when you’ll recite them. You may choose every morning or if you feel more alert with the moon then maybe every night.

Think of the words you enjoy hearing and begin to say them to yourself more often. It will not only provide support to your mental health, but it will attract more of what you say to you.

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4. Build Allies in Business

Do you have other friends that are also female entrepreneurs? If not, are you plugged into any communities where you can connect with other female entrepreneurs on Clubhouse or Instagram?

Having allies who understand where you’re at is incredibly helpful. There are moments in business that can be disappointing. There are other moments that are absolutely thrilling. You will desire someone who you can share both with.

Our mental health is just like any other element of our body. It requires support. Most things do not function and succeed fully on their own. Entrepreneurship is no different.

You may be completely stressing and in a funk about something that a member of your circle has been through. They would be more than happy to help you process it if they knew you were going through it.

Allies in business can provide you with guidance in the beginning, endurance through the middle, and preparation at the end. Because your true allies will be focused on your growth and see you through to the next step of your journey.

Supporting your mental health looks a lot like being vulnerable and asking for help.

Combine this with the previous step and recite the affirmations: “I deserve support.” “I am open and available to receive support.”

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!

The Takeaway on Mental Health Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

There you have it, my loves. A list of four tips to support your mental health as a female entrepreneur.

Your business thanks you for the time and contributions you’ve spent pouring into yourself. Your success physically is tied to your success mentally. Find your harmony and balance as you reverberate through the journey of entrepreneurship.

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Sending you virtual love and high vibrations! If you’re searching for allies and connection, find me on Instagram. We can also start a networking circle in the comments below. You never know who would love to know you. I hope to hear from you!

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Frandasia "Frannie" Williams

Frandasia is a wellness guide for her company, Guided Surrender. She is a performer and also teaches yoga and improvisation. She is passionate about mental health, self-love, and living an abundant life. As a wellness guide, she believes we can find healing using what we already have within us.

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