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Here Are 5 Positive Changes That Can Come From This Pandemic

While we’re all beginning to settle into the new “normal” of life amidst a pandemic, we’re also beginning to imagine what our future “normal” will look like.

How will life be once this virus runs its course and we gradually head back to work, school, and normal socialization?

While we may not know exactly when that will come or how things will look in our post-covid world, one thing is for sure: This pandemic is presenting us all with the opportunity to re-examine many aspects of our lives.

Most of us are impacted by the fear, big changes, and uncertainty around this pandemic, yet there is also an opportunity for positive change . . .

Here Are 5 Positive Changes That Can Come From This Pandemic:


1. We Can Be More Conscious About How and Where We Shop

With so many businesses shutting down or experiencing a major decline in sales, a new appreciation for and desire to help out small and struggling businesses has risen.

Many are choosing to forgo the big box stores and online giants in favor of doing curbside pickup at a local restaurant or shopping online to buy from the boutique down the street.

It’s also become painfully obvious how much small businesses rely on each of us. This pandemic gives us all a chance to reevaluate our shopping habits and become more conscious consumers.

Personally, in a desire to help struggling small businesses, I’ve discovered new gems right down the street from me. I now order my books and self-care products from these places – places I might not have even found in my old, less conscious life.

2. We Can Be More Conscious About How We Interact (And Just How Connected We All Are)

It has become very obvious how interconnected we all are. This pandemic has reminded even the most introverted among us how vital connection is.

As a self-proclaimed extreme introvert, I didn’t realize how vital all human connection truly is. But I now wave at every single neighbor and car I pass on my walks. I smile at neighbors and I’ve seen and met (from afar) more of my neighbors than I ever had before.

Instead of putting off calling people back, I relish phone calls and texts with people I haven’t spoken to in a while.

Hopefully, this pandemic has reminded us how what happens to someone across the world can affect us all, and thus how truly interconnected all of our lives are.

3. We Can Become More Conscious About the Way We Spend Our Time

It’s very telling that, for many, quarantine life is the first time they’ve been able to get eight hours of sleep. Or have the time to cook healthy meals. To spend more than a few rushed moments a day with their loved ones.

This should tell us all a lot about our previously over-scheduled lives. While you might be feeling bored or stir-crazy, perhaps this chance to slow down also comes with its blessings.

Perhaps it can remind us just how unsustainable our former jam-packed lives were. Perhaps you’ve had a chance to return to old beloved hobbies, dreams, and passions.

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Perhaps this time has given you perspective about things you used to complain about. Perhaps this has been a reminder of what is and isn’t deserving of our precious time and energy.

4. We Can Be More Conscious About Appreciating Heroes of Our Society

In pre-covid times, our society idolized athletes and celebs. During the pandemic, it became incredibly obvious that it’s the healthcare providers, the delivery people, the grocery store clerks, the teachers, and many others who deserve the hype.

We’ve all become reliant on these people in a way we often don’t stop to realize. One can only hope this leads to long-term heightened appreciation and better treatment and pay for these vital workers.


5. We Can Become More Conscious About the Way We Treat Our Planet

Perhaps one of the biggest silver linings of this experience?

As more of us stayed inside, not driving our cars or polluting the earth in our usual numbers, it became obvious just how much our normal habits affect our planet.

For the first time in memory, the water running through Venice cleared. People can now see the Himalayan peaks in India, where smog has covered the mountains for decades.

Battling climate change always feels daunting, but what if we could all reduce our usage just a bit like quarantine life did?

What’s Next for Our Society Post-Pandemic?

There’s no way to forecast exactly what life will look like in the coming months (much less years). There’s just so much we don’t yet know.

What most agree on, though, is that this pandemic has and will continue to bring about change – permanently.

And one can only hope this change will include a shift in our collective consciousness that brings about increased appreciation for the smaller things, for each other, for our interconnectedness, and for our planet.

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Emmy Schneider-Green

Emmy is a passionate vegan foodie with a wanderlust spirit. When she’s not working her digital marketing day job or writing, she's probably spending time with her two calico cats, lifting weights, listening to a true crime podcast, or daydreaming (sun & moon Pisces here!)

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