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Hot Yoga Domes: The Latest Social Distancing Fitness Trend?

With social distancing becoming the new norm, many of us are finding creative ways to stay connected.

People continue to host all sorts of meetings and events via Zoom. Restaurants have come up with private dining pods. Most recently, the fitness industry is following the outdoor pod trend.

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Lmnts Outdoor Studio partnered with six other Toronto studios to create a one-of-a-kind pop-up event: a hot yoga class with individual domes. A group of 50 yogis were able to gather together while practicing social distancing.

These yoga domes measured 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide, with a heating system to provide the same effect of a hot yoga session. At the end of each yoga class, every dome is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

A Unique Hot Yoga Experience In Social Distancing Domes

LMNTS Hot Yoga Dome 4

Source: LMNTS Outdoor Studio

Organizer of the yoga event, Steve Georgiev says, “the domes are our design. We actually fabricate them in Canada here.” While it takes eight hours to put everything together, the end result is worth it. “About 110 square feet, approximately, of private space” he explains.

While it’s not the same as a typical hot yoga class in a studio, this is a nice change for people who have been using Zoom and other online-based classes during quarantine and miss a hot yoga practice.

The hot yoga domes “allow us to do this in a safe and responsible way, where people get to enjoy … a group fitness activity in a private environment,” Georgiev adds.


Social Distance Domes Are Cropping Up for More Than Just Hot Yoga

Interested in safe social distancing outdoor dining? New dome concepts are popping up left and right.

One restaurant in Amsterdam set up private dining greenhouses for two to three guests, and waiters pass the food through a door from a safe distance. As an added precaution, only people who live in the same house are allowed in the same pod.

Other restaurants are experimenting with social distancing techniques, like outfitting their dining rooms with mannequins and playing “ambient chatter” on the speakers to make the restaurant feel more busy.

A restaurant in Sweden offers a single dining table for two in the middle of a field, complete with a delivery basket on a rope for the ultimate social distancing precautions.

Other social distancing ideas are emerging around the world as people race to find ways to stop the spread. One designer created a concept for restaurants when they’re able to reopen: large plastic shields that resemble lampshades to cover each guest while they eat.

During the Pandemic, Social Distancing Is Key

LMNTS Hot Yoga Dome 3

Source: LMNTS Outdoor Studio

The hot yoga dome pop-up event is an interesting look at how social distancing is starting to shape the way we interact and approach the type of activities we did pre-pandemic.

Attendees are instructed to bring their own yoga mats and water, and their temperature is taken before each class. They also have to provide photo ID in case someone in the class starts to show symptoms, and a track-and-trace protocol will be implemented.

Since the pandemic started, we’ve all been missing group exercise and other public interactions. While safety and social distancing are the top priority, hopefully more social distance solutions for these activities will continue to emerge.

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Main Source Image: LMNTS Outdoor Studio

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