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Who’s Your Love Match? Your Enneagram Compatibility Has the Answer

After people learn their Enneagram type, the next question I invariably get asked is “what’s my Enneagram compatibility?” or “am I a good love match with my partner?”

Unlike the zodiac, the Enneagram doesn’t draw clear lines about Enneagram compatibility and which combinations are most successful . . .

While all Enneagram combinations can work, each Enneagram type brings unique strengths to a relationship.

But there are certain aspects to look for within each Enneagram type that can expose potential compatibility elements (or the lack thereof). Read on!


Here’s How Enneagram Compatibility Works

All Enneagram combinations have the capacity to be happy together if both partners have high levels of self-awareness. Likewise, all combinations may struggle if both people lack self-awareness.

And in the instance in which one person is highly self-aware and the other isn’t, at some point, the relationship usually stops making sense. The disconnects are too great, and it is as if the partners live in different realities. Successful relationships are less about Enneagram compatibility and more about self-awareness.

What’s Great (And What’s Hard) About Each Enneagram Type in Relationships

Use This Enneagram Compatibility Guide to Find Your Love Match

While all Enneagram combinations can work, each Enneagram type brings unique strengths to a relationship. If you’ve got a specific set of characteristics you are looking for in a partner, Enneagram compatibility is a helpful tool.

Let’s take a look.

Type 1: Perfectionist

Are you seeking an ethical, fair partner with a strong internal compass and personal values that matter to them?

Detail-oriented, practical, organized and with an eye for improvement, Type 1 Perfectionists bring a grounded, no-nonsense quality to their relationships. These are the problem-solvers of the Enneagram and make a dependable, reliable love match.

Blindspots: Type 1s can be quite serious with an attitude that work must come before play. Workaholism can be a theme, and they can have a hard time relaxing.

Compatible with: Type 1 is often seen with Type 7, the Enthusiast. These two types complement each other as the Type 7 brings fun, adventure, and a light-hearted attitude, while the Type 1 keeps the couple grounded in reality and makes sure goals are pursued and practical obligations are met.

Type 2: Helper

Do you want a warm, kind-hearted partner who focuses on your needs and has a sixth sense of what will make others happy?

Empathic, concerned, other-referencing and helpful, the Type 2 Helper brings a focus on relationships and a gift for human connection. These are the big hearts of the Enneagram, and when in balance, they make a kind, generous partner.

Blindspots: Your Type 2 might be so focused on helping other people their boundaries can slip, leaving little time for you. Self-care can be a challenge for Type 2s.

Enneagram Self-Care: The Best Routine Based on Your Personality Type

Compatible with: Often seen with the Type 8 Leader, this can be a balancing partnership. The Type 2 focuses on the emotional world and relationships, while the Type 8 brings a practical resourcefulness, a focus on the material world, and shows their Type 2 how to set healthy boundaries.
love match enneagram1

Type 3: Achiever

Do you want a polished, accomplished, high energy partner? With a focus on the external markers of success, the Achiever strives to be the best in class in a wide variety of environments. This is the Energizer bunny of the Enneagram, and if you want a polished, high achieving partner, you’ve come to the right place.

Blindspots: Image is important to Type 3s so don’t make them look bad!

Compatible with: When paired with a Type 9 Peacemaker, this couple has the potential to balance each other. Type 3s bring energy, focus, and a can-do attitude while Type 9s are accommodating, mellow, and relaxed. When blended in an even way, this Enneagram compatibility brings out the best in each other.

Type 4: Individualist

Do you want an emotionally sensitive, intuitive partner who is committed to authenticity and fearless about the emotional world?

The Type 4 Individualist has high emotional fluency, intense feelings, and a willingness to operate outside the mainstream. Authenticity is one of their highest values. If exploring your feelings is something you desire, you may have your match with this Enneagram compatibility.

Blindspots: Type 4 can have a tendency to take things personally and can hold a grudge. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it.

Compatible with: It might seem counterintuitive, but a popular pairing is with the Type 5 Investigator. These two can balance each other, with the Type 4 focusing on the emotional world while the Type 5 brings logic and a fact-based, rational approach to the dynamic. When in balance, these two are unstoppable.


Type 5: Investigator

Are you looking for an inquisitive, independent, thoughtful partner who isn’t overly demanding and doesn’t crowd you in?

The intellectual deep-diver of the Enneagram, with a keen curiosity for their area of interest, Type 5s often become experts in their field. As a partner, they are respectful, logic-driven, rational and grounding.

Blindspots: If you are looking for a spontaneous, go-with-the-flow partner, you might be disappointed to learn Type 5s like to plan carefully and don’t usually appreciate surprises.

Compatible with: The best relationships offer each other balance, and since Type 5s focus so much on the rational world of logic and data, they are often well-paired with a more emotionally driven, relationship-oriented partner. Type 4 Individualists and Type 2 Helpers have strong Enneagram compatibility with Type 5s.

Type 6: Loyalist

Do you seek a loyal, dutiful, dependable partner who is focused on keeping you safe from harm? The Type 6 Loyalist has an eye for what could go wrong and helps make sure you are prepared. As a partner, this is a deeply loyal person with a strong sense of duty. Security is a key value of theirs.

Blindspots: It can be easy for Type 6s to see the worst in others, and building trust can be a long process.

Compatible with: Type 6 and Type 8s are a popular love match with an “us against the world” mentality. These partners develop a deep trust in each other and maintaining a secure homefront becomes a shared priority.

Type 7: Enthusiast

Do you want a fun-loving, adventurous partner who always sees the glass as half full? The Type 7 Enthusiasts are the rose colored lenses of the Enneagram with a positive outlook and an almost supernatural amount of energy. As a partner, this is someone always on the lookout for new adventures.

Blindspots: Type 7s avoid negative emotions and can avoid facing difficult situations.

Compatible with: With all their frenetic energy, Type 7s match well with the Type 9 Peacemaker who can have a grounding, soothing effect that balances the pair. They also are often seen with the Type 1 Perfectionist who helps make some of their wild plans come to life.
love match enneagram3

Type 8: Leader

Do you want a strong, decisive partner who isn’t afraid to speak their mind? The bull in a china shop of the Enneagram, the Type 8 Leader, has an eye for power and a drive to protect the vulnerable. If you want a capable, resourceful partner who isn’t afraid to take the lead, you’ve come to the right place.

Blindspots: Type 8s don’t always know the impact of their bluntness and can be hurtful without meaning to.

Compatible with: Type 6 Loyalist is compatible with Type 8 as they form a strong defensive team. Type 2 Helper is another balancing choice for Type 8 as one partner focuses on the emotional world and relationships, while the other partner focuses on the material world and power.

Type 9: Peacemaker

Do you want an easy-going, accommodating partner who really listens and supports you? The Type 9 Peacemaker gets along with everyone and puts a lot of energy into understanding other people’s perspectives. As a partner, this is a calming, reassuring, amiable person who avoids conflict and seeks harmony.

Blindspots: Type 9s can be so conflict avoidant that important issues don’t always get discussed.

Compatible with: When self-aware, Type 3 Achievers and Type 7 Enthusiasts can be energizing love matches for the Type 9, who can be prone to inertia.

Enneagram Compatibility: Find Your Best Love Match

Use these Enneagram pairing as reference marks but remember any Enneagram type combination can be successful with the right level of self-awareness.

And if you are wondering what tools you can use to increase self-awareness, try this guide for the best meditation for each Enneagram type.

Want to deepen your relationship with your Enneagram type through mantra? Check out What’s Your Unique Enneagram Mantra? Find Out Here!

Did any of these love matches resonate with you? Or better yet, which Enneagram compatibility surprised you? Please share with us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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Lynn Roulo is an American Kundalini Yoga and Enneagram instructor living in Athens, Greece. She teaches a unique combination of the two systems, combining the physical benefits of Kundalini Yoga with the psychological growth tools of the Enneagram. She blogs about living in Greece and her journey from being a San Francisco CFO to an Athens Yoga instructor.

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