What’s Your Unique Enneagram Mantra? Find Out Here!

Enneagram mantras are officially a thing. Given how the Enneagram system helps us understand ourselves, it only makes sense to use mantras that correspond to our particular Enneagram type.

Ah the Enneagram types… one little number can shed so much light on understanding our inner nature, how we navigate the world, help us better understand the people in our lives, and even how to practice the best forms of self-care for ourselves!

Enneagram Self-Care: The Best Routine Based on Your Personality Type

The Enneagram is a personality typing system to help us understand ourselves and each other. There are nine Enneagram types: the perfectionist, giver, achiever, individualist, investigator, skeptic, enthusiast, leader, and peacemaker.

Your Guide to the 9 Enneagram Types: Which Personality Type Are You?

Whether you’re an Enneagram believer through and through or brand new to the discipline, when it comes to picking a mantra, your Enneagram type can help you hone in on exactly what you need to hear.


But First – Let’s Talk About the Power of Using Mantras

Why do we love mantras? Let us count the ways!

It’s no secret we’re big fans of mantras here at YouAligned – the simple phrases that help guide and ground us whenever we need it can be a powerful tool in our daily lives and during challenging times.

Studies have shown measurable changes to brain waves in those who repeated a mantra.

What is a mantra? Essentially, a mantra is a short phrase or even one word that you repeat, either silently or out loud, to help calm anxious thoughts, pump up your confidence, and generally boost your mental health.

Studies have shown measurable changes to brain waves in those who repeated a mantra. The way we talk to ourselves matters, and the science proves it!

Find Out Your Enneagram Mantras Here:

Keep reading to learn your enneagram mantra, along with insight about your enneagram type and how it relates to the mantra. Explore the mantras for each of the nine Enneagrams, so you can share with your loved ones too!

Type 1: The Perfectionist/Reformer Mantra

The first of the Enneagram types is purposeful, driven by principals, and while responsible and hardworking, may struggle to give kindness and tolerance to themselves – often feeling like they’re carrying the weight of the world.

Your Enneagram Mantra: I am enough

Type 2: The Giver/Helper Mantra

Enneagram type twos, as the name implies, are everyone’s best support system and helper, as the most generous and giving number of the enneagram types. It’s important to turn that loving compassion and support inward, too.

Your Mantra: I am deserving of self-care. Self-care is not selfish

Type 3: The Achiever/Motivator Mantra

If you’re a type three, you’ve likely never met a goal you didn’t crush or a deadline you didn’t meet. What doesn’t come quite so naturally is going with the flow, relaxing or sitting in stillness.

Your Mantra: I am doing enough and approve of myself as I am

Type 4: The Individualist/Romantic Mantra

An Enneagram type four isn’t afraid of their feelings – they’re sensitive and creative and revel in the waves of emotion. This at times can cause them to fall into the comparison trap or question if they’re special.

Your Mantra: I am seen and loved for exactly who I am


Type 5: The Investigator/Observer Mantra

The type five on the Enneagram chart is deeply intelligent, cerebral, and observes the world with a wise eye. Connecting with their inner feelings isn’t always the strong suit for a typical five, however.

Your Mantra: My needs and feelings are worthy of being seen and met

Type 6: The Skeptic/Loyalist Mantra

Pragmatic, future-focused, and a planner, a type six craves security and can often feel anxious about what lies ahead.

Suggested Mantra: I have all the support I need

Type 7: The Enthusiast/Generalist Mantra

Life is meant to be enjoyed for an Enneagram type seven – who more often than not finds herself as the center of the party and living life in full color. FOMO is a constant for many type sevens, who struggle to live in the moment.

Your Mantra: I am right where I need to be, right now

Type 8: The Leader/Boss Mantra

A type eight enneagram is a boss and knows it – they truly own their own power and authority. Relinquishing any can be a struggle, and their headstrong nature can sometimes push others away.

Your Mantra: I can let this be easy

Type 9 (The Peacemaker/Mediator):

The last of the Enneagram types, type nines value harmony and peace in the world around them, and can sometimes struggle with feelings of worthlessness as they overlook giving nurturing energy to themselves.

Your Mantra: I am willing to show up for myself

Try Your New Enneagram Mantras and See How It Serves Your Personality Type!

Done right, a mantra can serve as a tiny hit of confidence, comfort, and grounding energy whenever we need it most – at the start of the day, before we wind down at night, or any time in our day when we need the gentle reminder.

For a deep dive into overall best self-care practices based on your Enneagram type, check out Enneagram Self-Care: The Best Routine Based on Your Personality Type

Of course, trust your inner wisdom when it comes to choosing a mantra – your inner self already knows what you need to hear, perhaps more than you give yourself credit for. But taking a cue from your enneagram never hurt, either!


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