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Enneagram Self-Care: The Best Routine Based on Your Personality Type

An enneagram self-care routine can be powerful. Why? Because a self-care routine isn’t a one size fits all thing. It’s self-care, after all – meaning it’s whatever brings optimal wellness to you, which might be totally different than someone’s else’s ideal routine.

One surprisingly effective way to hone in on just what your ideal self-care routine might be (because there’s a sea of options out there) is by your enneagram type!

Whether you’re a lover of the enneagram already or a bit of a skeptic, the system can be undeniably helpful in knowing yourself better, and thus, caring for yourself better.

Not sure what an enneagram type is? Think of it as your personality type, broken into some key characteristics. More on that below. 🙂

Whether you’re a lover of the enneagram already or a bit of a skeptic, the system can be undeniably helpful in knowing yourself better, and thus, caring for yourself better.

But First – What Is the Enneagram System?

More than just your basic personality test, the enneagram system is comprised of nine distinct personalities, based on how we uniquely experience the world and behave in it.

There are many online quizzes out there to help you determine your type. You may also be able to glance at the nine types and immediately self identify, based on which one speaks to you.

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Knowing your enneagram is just one way to know thyself, but it may be surprisingly eye-opening in understanding your own emotions, relationships, even enneagram meditation style and yes, which self-care routine is best suited for you!

Got your type? Great. Let’s dive in to your ideal enneagram self-care routine.

Here Are the Best Self-Care Routines Based On Your Enneagram Type:


Enneagram Self-Care if you’re a Type 1 (The Perfectionist/Reformer):

Type ones are some of the more straight-laced, type A, hardworking souls of the enneagram types, so your self-care regimen gives you a chance to let loose a bit and find your flow.

In terms of movement, get a bit outside your comfort zone with dance, or perhaps some stillness from a restorative yoga practice.

For your mind and spirit, reconnect with playful hobbies you enjoyed as a kid that allow you to express yourself or just “be” (and no creating more rules around how this “should” look!)

Enneagram Self-Care if You’re a Type 2 (The Giver/Helper):

If you’re an enneagram type two, you may be pretty used to being at the beck and call of others – it’s your generous, giving nature after all! Your self-care regimen is a chance for some alone time. It’s not selfish – it’s necessary.

Honestly, the act of saying “no” and carving out me-time is self-care in itself. Allow yourself to indulge, journal, get a massage, take a bath, meditate – whatever fills your own cup back up.

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Enneagram Self-Care if You’re a Type 3 (The Achiever/Motivator):

Type threes have a tendency to be goal-oriented and driven by accomplishment, which is awesome, but means self-care can easily turn into yet another thing to check off the list.

Instead, go within with breathwork or take intentional breaks. Our worth does not come from being productive! And let go of self-care being attached to hardcore tangible goals. Try to give self-grace, gentleness, and flexibility into what your self-care routine looks like.

If You’re a Type 4 (The Individualist/Romantic):

Oh type four, so in your feels (in a beautiful way!). For your enneagram self-care routine, honor this by feeling those feelings. Unpack them, or even languish in them for a bit – but combine this with something to keep you grounded, because #balance.

This could look like journaling, listening to a playlist that hits you in the feels, and then taking a nice long walk, meal prepping, or getting into a daily workout routine that gives you some healthy structure.

If You’re a Type 5 (The Investigator/Observer):

Enneagram type fives tend to see the world objectively, with a quiet, observant eye. A five’s ideal enneagram self-care regimen might give them some space to step out of the mind and connect with something larger (think meditation or abundance mantras) or someone else (like via charity.)

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And of course, a great yoga session can be a game-changer for getting out of your own mental space and finding more ease and unplugged time in your day. The goal is to get out of your head.


If You’re a Type 6 (The Skeptic/Loyalist):

Enneagram type sixes can worry a good bit about the future and work to maintain a sense of security. For an ideal enneagram self-care routine, let that sh*t go!

Knowing your enneagram may be surprisingly eye-opening in understanding your own emotions, relationships, even meditation style and which self-care routine is best suited for you!

This could look like pounding it out with some kickboxing to remind you what a badass you are, or bolstering your inner calm with a restoring yoga class. Mantras, trying something new, or journaling can all help to build up that confidence muscle, too.

If You’re a Type 7 (The Enthusiast/Generalist):

For a type seven, life is meant to be enjoyed and there are too many forms of self-care to try, not enough time. Because of your happy-go-lucky, positive energy, a type seven may tend to skip around and try a new self-care routine every few weeks.

With all that zest for life, your enneagram self-care routine should include plenty of fun, play, and parties, but keep yourself grounded too with some regular exercise routine, therapy, and routine, like daily meditation, mantras, or a brain dump before you start your day.

If You’re a Type 8 (The Leader/Boss):

If you’re an enneagram type eight, you’re in boss mode a good bit of the time, since you know what you want and own your own power. An enneagram self-care regimen for you is a chance to unwind, de-stress, and find quiet and calm.

Think a walking meditation to center, talking it out with friends regularly, or getting it all out with a high intensity workout. A good self-care routine can include all!

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If You’re a Type 9 (The Peacemaker/Mediator):

The last of the enneagram types, type nines appreciate harmony and calmness and avoid rocking the boat. Your self-care regimen can challenge you a bit to shake things up, while making your me-time more of a priority!

So schedule yourself a spa day or massage, or a good solo date, and when it comes to movement, get your heart rate up in a way that lets you practice taking up space! How does that sound for your enneagram self-care?

No Matter Your Type, The Best Enneagram Self-Care Routine is the One That Brings You Joy!

Your enneagram type can shed a light onto your ideal self-care routine, but of course the best regimen is always the one that you enjoy and stick to. And that might change during different seasons of your life!

And no comparing, either. Your self-care routine might be a 10-step daily ritual or a brief minute meditation between Zoom meetings – we’re all doing the best we can, and that’s all that matters.

So remember, you’re beyond worth it – a self-care regimen (particularly one based on your enneagram so it’s more ‘customized’ to your needs specifically), even and maybe especially when we’re at our busiest, is something we all deserve!

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