This Is the Best Meditation Style for You Based On Your Enneagram Personality Type

Just like there are different yoga styles, there are different meditation styles too.

From silent meditations to guided ones, chanting to focused breathwork, meditating is always a good idea.

But you can get more out of your meditation practice if you choose meditation styles that are right for your personality. And one easy, structured way to do that is to meditate based on your Enneagram type.

What Is the Enneagram?

Referred to as the GPS of wisdom, the Enneagram is a personality system with ancient roots that has been gaining mainstream popularity over the last 15 years.

The Enneagram suggests that your experience in life is influenced tremendously by where your attention goes.

The system outlines nine distinct “habits of attention” and correlates these different habits with personality traits.

Have you ever sat next to someone and witnessed the same event but had different impressions of what happened? Your friend thought it was awful, but you thought it was amazing. You were both right, but your minds were just focused on different things.

Your Guide to the 9 Enneagram Types: Which Personality Type Are You?

How Can I Learn My Enneagram Type?

There are three main ways to learn your Enneagram type. Some people can read a detailed description of the nine types, and they see themselves clearly in one of the nine profiles right away. You can start here.

Other people try online tests to determine their type. I recommend these as interesting data points, but I caution you not to be overly reliant on the tests as they can often be inaccurate.

The third way is to schedule an Enneagram typing interview with someone who is trained to do this assessment. This is often the fastest and most accurate way to learn your type.

Once you know your Enneagram type, you can practice the meditation style best suited to your personality traits and habit of attention.

Some may need to calm down and drop excess stress and anxiety. Others need to wake up and start pursuing goals.

The good news is that there are meditation styles for each specific type, and you can experience observable improvements in as little as three minutes per day.

Here Are the Best Meditation Styles for Each of the 9 Enneagram Types:


If You’re a Perfectionist Enneagram Type 1: Burn Out Inner Anger

As a Type 1, your attention goes to improvement and getting things right. You can feel frustrated and annoyed that the world is such an imperfect place. Sometimes you turn this frustration on yourself and become really self-critical.

To help burn out some of this energy of anger and annoyance, try this three-minute meditation to burn out inner anger. In just three minutes, watch yourself reach a more relaxed, expansive state.

If You’re a Helper Enneagram Type 2: Cultivate a Calm Heart

As a Type 2, your attention goes to the needs of other people, and you strive to be liked and likeable. While you may focus a lot on others, you can be surprisingly disconnected from your own needs. With all your helpfulness, it is easy for you to get tired and drained without realizing it.

This meditation for a calm heart helps you reconnect with your own heart and your own goodness. Do this three-minute meditation as a journey back to yourself.


If You’re an Achiever Enneagram Type 3: Change the Ego

As a Type 3, your attention goes to achievement and being successful in the eyes of other people. You can get a little lost in competition and all the things that feed your ego. This disconnects you from your heart and your inherent compassion for others.

This meditation to change the ego helps you to connect with your Higher Self and relax your drive to always win. Do this three-minute meditation to reset your priorities.

If You’re an Individualist Enneagram Type 4: Resolve Inner Conflict

As a Type 4, your attention goes to what is missing, and you can get overly absorbed in the world of emotion. Remember that your emotional world is constantly changing, and feelings aren’t always the best guideposts for decision-making.

This inner conflict resolver meditation can help you stay centered and balanced in the face of your ever-shifting emotional world. Do this three-minute meditation to regain equilibrium.

If You’re an Investigator Enneagram Type 5: Wahe Guru Meditation

As a Type 5, your attention goes to scarcity and feeling like you don’t have enough. This causes you to shut down and hide.

We want to see and hear more of you so this Wahe Guru meditation with its accompanying mantra gives you the perfect opportunity to speak up.

This meditation style opens the Throat Chakra and helps you access your inner power. Do this three-minute meditation to share your voice with the world.

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If You’re a Loyalist Enneagram Type 6: Meditation for Self-Authority

As a Type 6, your attention goes to danger and threats to your security, and you can experience a lot of anxiety imagining what could go wrong.

Scanning for danger is fine but acknowledging that you are perfectly capable of handling a wide range of situations is important too.

This meditation for constant self-authority reminds you that security resides within you, and there is no reason to look outside yourself for it. Do this three-minute meditation to stabilize yourself.

If You’re an Enthusiast Enneagram Type 7: Caliber of Life Meditation

As a Type 7, your attention goes to what could be fun, exciting, and new. Fear of missing out is very real for you, and this can leave you anxious and scattered.

This caliber of life meditation requires you to focus on your breath and to hold physical posture. This focus can actually be very healing for you. Do this three-minute meditation to focus yourself.

If You’re a Leader Enneagram Type 8: One-Minute Breath Meditation

As a Type 8, your attention goes to power and power dynamics. You like to control and dominate your environments, and you access anger pretty easily.

Sometimes you overwhelm others with your intensity and your communication style. This can be hard on you and those around you. This one-minute breath meditation teaches you to act, not react. Do this meditation style to manage your anger response.

If You’re a Peacemaker Enneagram Type 9: Breath of Fire Meditation

As a Type 9, your attention goes to maintaining harmony and a peaceful environment. You can forget your own priorities trying to keep other people happy, and you have a tendency to space out to avoid conflict.

This Breath of Fire meditation helps you to wake up and step into your power. Do this three-minute meditation to wake up to your true priorities.

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There Is a Perfect Meditation Style for Your Enneagram Type

This guide is to help you get started, but feel free to try any of the meditation styles above.

To get the most out of your meditation practice, try a single meditation style for 40 days in a row.

It takes just three minutes a day, and layer by layer and breath by breath, you’ll shed anger, anxiety, and shame, which will leave you with your inner radiance and grace. Happy meditating!

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Lynn Roulo

Lynn Roulo is an American Kundalini Yoga and Enneagram instructor living in Athens, Greece. She teaches a unique combination of the two systems, combining the physical benefits of Kundalini Yoga with the psychological growth tools of the Enneagram. She blogs about living in Greece and her journey from being a San Francisco CFO to an Athens Yoga instructor.

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