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Here Are the Best Healthy Food Blogs of 2023 (You’ll Want to Bookmark These)

If you’re in need of a fresh crop of the best healthy food blogs to bookmark but don’t feel like hunting them down, we’ve done the research and scrolling for you.

There are so many options of healthy food sites and blogs out there these days (a pretty positive problem) but still, it can be a struggle knowing where to start!

There are so many great healthy food blogs and websites, no matter your preferred dietary or culinary style.

While the internet is an endless black hole, here are the must-know, best clean eating websites and whole food blogs to get inspired (and hungry) from.


7 Best Healthy Food Blogs and Websites of 2023:

This list of best healthy food sites could easily be a mile long.

But if we had to pick a few to know and love, here are our top choices. Many happen to be plant-based – some are exclusively and some not. Hopefully you’ll find new favorites that inspire you to get in the kitchen and whip up a new favorite meal or two!

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1. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker
An oldie but such a goodie, the well-known Minimalist Baker is one of the best healthy food sites for wholesome, simple recipes that, as the title suggests – require minimal ingredients.

The site’s a breath of fresh air compared to so many healthy food blogs that require long lists of niche, pricy or hard-to-find ingredients. All their recipes are either one-bowl, require thirty minutes or less, or call for ten ingredients or fewer.

Recipes on Minimalist Baker are largely plant-centered but not entirely. They’re sorted by vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free and other dietary styles. And it’s not just baked goods! Find everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts and more.

You’ll love it if: You want a reliable, no-nonsense website that comes through anything you’re stumped for meal ideas or just looking for healthy meals that come together with no fuss.

2. Fueled Naturally

Fueled Naturally
You’ll find a little bit of everything on Fueled Naturally, from grilled cheeses to cocktails to vegan “fish” tacos. But the star in our opinion of this 100% vegan healthy food blog are plant-based versions of traditional Mexican dishes.

Alexa draws on her Mexican heritage to make plant-based versions of dishes she grew up eating, like empanadas, enchiladas, Mexican hot chocolate, and much more.

Make sure to follow her on instagram for even more dishes! Alexa often hosts live cooking classes on her Instagram, where you can tune in and learn with others how to make some of her dishes from the chef herself.

You’ll love it if: You want delicious veganized versions of classically Mexican dishes and flavors along with a smorgasbord of other classic comfort food dishes and desserts.

3. Ela Vegan

Healthy vegan food is Ela’s passion, and it shows. Ela Vegan is one of the best healthy food sites to bookmark and go back to anytime you need fresh, healthy eating inspiration or want to make a plant-based version of a beloved classic.

On Ela Vegan, you’ll find main dishes and comfort classic recipes like for brownies, puddings and cake – most are gluten-free, refined sugar-free and come together in a pinch – and sans any animal products. Her recipes are inventive, filling, wholesome and cover everything from curries to cookie dough, salads to pizzas.

You’ll love it if: You want and need a wide variety of dishes, styles and flavors, but all with simple ingredients and using only 100% plant-based ingredients.


4. Emilie Eats

Emilie Eats
If it’s healthy eating blogs you’re after, but hold the diet culture and pseudo-science (which sadly, runs rampant in the healthy eating space), then Emilie Eats is your go-to.

Emilie is a registered dietician and long-time vegan who’s mastered plant-based versions of everything you need from weeknight dinner to special occasion cakes. She also serves up helpful guides and round-ups like high protein vegan meals and top superfoods to try.

With everything she does, she encourages readers to let go of obsessive diet culture rules and reclaim the joy of nourishing our bodies. We’ll raise a glass to that!

You’ll love it if: You’re craving filling, wholesome, simple dishes you might have grown up eating but want to ditch the restrictions and rules of diet culture, so you can eat without guilt.

5. Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons
If you’re looking for one of the best healthy food blogs that centers around vibrant, plant-forward, lighter dishes, add Love and Lemons to your list. Their recipes are as colorful as they are fresh and healthy, and they don’t shy away from the occasional treat like a carrot cake or classic margarita.

Love and Lemon’s recipes aren’t strictly vegan but definitely plant forward. You’ll find many vegan recipes, but some include eggs and dairy.

You’ll love it if: You want to eat the rainbow! If you’re looking to veer slightly cleaner with your diet and nosh on plenty of power bowls, salads and lighter soups, you’ll find that. Even dishes like mac and cheese sneak in some veggies.

6. Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa
Richa, the chef and author behind Vegan Richa, one of the best healthy foot sites, features vegan, healthy dishes drawing on her Indian heritage. She takes the flavors she grew up with and creates many recipes that are oil-free, soy-free, gluten-free and always vegan.

She doesn’t only share Indian dishes – you’ll also find recipes for delicious dishes like a DIY vegan mac and cheese powder (it’s magic!) or Vietnamese-inspired tofu curried noodle bowls. But the star of the show are her Indian dishes – curries, tiki masala, stuffed vegan naan and so much more.

You’ll love it if: You want to explore beyond the sometimes-overdone classics you can find on any healthy recipe site, and expand your palate. Or, if you’re simply wanting to eat more plants while enjoying the flavors of classic Indian cooking.

7. Nyssa’s Kitchen

Nyssas Kitchen
No matter your eating style, you can find healthy dishes to fuel yourself with at Nyssa’s Kitchen. She prides herself on “never boring” food and achieves exactly that, through recipes ranging from vegan to vegetarian to Whole30, paleo, or gluten-free.

Think healthy chicken Ceasar salads, Italian pasta salad, baked salmon, but also vegan peanut noodles or cocktails. She has her recipes organized under handy tabs no matter what you’re searching for.

You’ll love it if: You’re an omnivore, your dietary styles are flexible, or perhaps you’re experimenting with finding your dietary groove. You want to eat healthier but still have fun with your mealtimes, and definitely don’t want dull or complicated recipes.

Get Ready to Be Inspired In the Kitchen!

These top healthy food sites are an endless source of cooking and healthy eating inspiration to draw from.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to food, but we can all agree, what we fuel our bodies with matters so much. Long gone (we hope!) are the days where eating healthy meant restrictive dieting or boring, sad meals that left us unfulfilled or hungry. No more!

Life’s way too short for meals that don’t bring you joy and nourishment.

There’s simply no good reason you can’t have both. In fact, an abundance of studies underscore how ineffective restrictive, old school dieting really is, and suggests that the key to healthy eating, if there is just one, is moderation. In other words, joy is very much back on the menu.

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Bookmark These Top Healthy Food Blogs

No matter your preferred eating style, palate or dietary needs, you can find heaps of inspiration and add some pizzazz to your mealtimes with these best healthy food blogs.

More of a visual learner? We’ve got you covered: Check out 10 Healthy YouTube Cooking Channels to Ignite Your Tastebuds and ditch Netflix tonight!

We’ll see you in the kitchen!

Yum yum! Which one of these healthy food sites is your favorite? Or did we miss one? Please share with us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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