Even as Studios Start Re-Opening, Here Are 6 Reasons Why On-Demand Yoga Is Here to Stay

The pandemic gave everyone in the yoga community a very valuable reminder — yoga can be practiced, anytime, anywhere, especially online. While the concept of on-demand yoga has been around for some time, over the past year we have seen that when forcibly driven to the digital space, the yoga industry as a whole not only survives but thrives.

Being able to connect with teachers and students across the globe has bonded the community in a unique way.

On-Demand Yoga Continues to Gain in Popularity

People no longer have to save up to travel to foreign destinations to experience yoga as it is practiced on the other side of the world, or have to visit studio after studio to find the right style of yoga or teacher that is right for them.

All of this can now be done from the comfort of one’s living room.

The question isn’t whether on-demand yoga is sustainable. We know it is.

While this time has brought yogis a sense of reassurance and security to be able to continue practicing no matter what, it poses the question…post-covid, is on-demand yoga here to stay?

The question isn’t whether online yoga is sustainable. We know it is, thanks to yoga studio management software like TeamUp providing the capabilities for yoga businesses to host classes via Zoom and share on-demand yoga content with their clients.

What we are looking for are the reasons why teachers and students will continue practicing and teaching yoga online.

6 Reasons Why On-Demand Yoga Classes Are Here to Stay

Here to share her six reasons why online yoga classes and on-demand yoga content are in fact here to stay post-pandemic is TeamUp’s, Jessica Armstrong.

1. Fearful Yogis Now Feel Empowered and Have a Boost of Confidence

Yoga is a friend to all. However many people still hesitate to go to a yoga class out of fear of embarrassment or not being able to do what their peers are able to.

Yoga exclusivity has become an issue in the industry for some time. And while many alliances and groups are trying to rewrite the notion that yoga has to be done or look a certain way, that fear of judgement and being on display in a public class prevents many people from embarking on their yoga journeys.

On-demand yoga classes have given people the accessibility to practice however and whenever they want, and most importantly on their own terms.

Being able to take a class with a group and shut off their camera when feeling uncomfortable or watch a video and pause and rewind to make sure they are doing the poses correctly has enabled people to feel empowered and in control of their practice.

Online yoga has given people the accessibility to practice however and whenever they want, and most importantly on their own terms.


There is no more need to worry about what others think or fear of practicing in front of a group, and without that pressure, over time that fear fades away. Those who began their journeys watching beginners’ videos are now exploring their abilities and are taking their flows to the next level.

Online yoga has boosted peoples’ confidence and made them feel safe and comforted being able to find their flow at their own pace.

Without that ability and layer of comfort, there might be a lot fewer yogis actively practicing as there are today.

2. There is No More Distance Between Yogis and Their Local Studio

Long gone are the days where a physical location prevented someone from regularly attending a yoga class.

Whether the local studio wasn’t very local at all or the studios nearby never offered class times that matched up with your schedule, a lack of accessibility due to location is one of the biggest reasons people stop doing yoga or cancel their memberships.

Online yoga and the ability to watch on-demand yoga content has given that flexibility back to people who remain eager to practice yoga as well as those who never had an opportunity to start.

Clients and students are now falling in love with studios and classes that are being hosted from across the world. Even with a difference in time zones, people are being more flexible with their own at-home schedules if it means they can jump into an online class or watch an on-demand yoga video from a teacher or studio they love.

3. On-Demand Yoga is More Convenient Than Ever

While yogis will do their best to make time for a class in their busy schedules, racing from one place to another makes having enough time in a day very difficult to manage.

There is no denying that online yoga classes and on-demand yoga have made yoga not only more available but more convenient than ever. People no longer have to get in the car and drive to a studio when they can simply walk into the other room, roll out their mats and get started.

People who previously lacked time are now not only able to fit yoga into their schedule, but use that extra time they would have spent getting to the studio on doing more yoga.

Thanks to on-demand, if someone doesn’t have time or can’t make it to an online class either, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out. They can watch a class recording or choose a pre-recorded curated video to enjoy at their leisure.

Having options to choose from and a constant solution again reinforces that yoga is accessible no matter what.

4. Yoga Businesses are Able to Expand Their Footprint

Yoga teachers and businesses now have a bigger opportunity than ever to grow their business. By being able to offer their services to everyone without the obstacles of distance and location, they can now market to larger sectors and attract clients from afar.

Students who have been looking for the services a particular studio or teacher offers can now sign up without any limitations. Not to mention they can also help that business grow by encouraging their friends, family and peers to tag along or subscribe to their new favorite content, too.

Online yoga and the ability to watch on-demand content has given that flexibility back to people who remain eager to practice yoga as well as those who never had an opportunity to start.

Online yoga and on-demand yoga classes have also reduced the competitive behavior of winning over local business. If anything the opportunity for more and shared business has grown as people can now become a member from a different city, country, and even continent.

Whether studios and teachers offer online yoga classes post-covid or live-stream in-person classes online, or both, teachers and students will do whatever they need to do to remain accessible to each other, and yoga businesses will grow as a result.

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5. Online + On-Demand Yoga Offers Dynamic Hybrid Options

Online and on-demand yoga has also shown yoga businesses that they can offer multiple mediums for their services which have proven to be very lucrative especially between lockdowns.

For clients, having the option to take a live in-studio class or online class means they can participate in what they want when it works best for them as well as choose the option that is more flexible for them.

For yoga businesses, it means they can upgrade their offering and elevate their pricing to reflect a premium service now offered in their memberships and packages.

Studios can even use this upgrade in service to reach out to former clients and encourage their return with a guarantee of more accessibility and availability than ever.

6. Safety + Security for Yogis Not Yet Comfortable Returning to the Studio

Over the course of the next year, with rules and restrictions changing due to the pandemic, yoga students and clients all have different feelings and levels of comfort that studios need to take into consideration.

Continuing to offer online classes and on-demand content will give those students who want to remain home for safety or personal reasons an opportunity to continue practicing yoga without compromising their comfort zones.

This is still new territory for both teachers and clients, and the studios and yoga businesses that continue to go above and beyond to deliver to their clients any way they can will be the ones that are most successful post-pandemic.
On Demand Yoga 2

The Takeaway on Why On-Demand Yoga is Here to Stay

While for many studios, teachers, and students on-demand yoga might have gained its popularity due to the pandemic, the overwhelming success has proven that even when classes return to the studio, people will continue to take advantage of online yoga content and classes.

The comfort and accessibility as well as the boost in confidence they now feel has given yoga a new meaning for clients and students.

People no longer want to feel limited by circumstance, location, or fear. Being able to take a class from home or watch an on-demand video at their convenience has helped people feel empowered by yoga again and feel motivated to explore their practice.

Yoga businesses have more of an opportunity than ever to demonstrate how above and beyond they can go to be accessible and available to their communities in-person, online, and on-demand.


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