Review of the Pogamat XXL Thick Exercise / Yoga Mat

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As yogis, we all understand the importance of finding a great yoga mat. So the question is – what makes a yoga mat great? What makes a yoga mat stand out from the crowd? We’re glad you asked! A great yoga mat should be well-made and durable. It should offer cushion and support, plenty of traction, and be made with eco-friendly practices. Then there’s the unique features that make even a great yoga mat stand out from the rest . . .
Enter Pogamat. Pogamat is a family-run company based in Denver, Colorado. The name “Pogamat” comes from plyometrics and yoga – hence POGAmat – and these mats are designed for precisely that: yogis and athletes who love their fitness and demand a high-quality exercise mat that can keep up.

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Let’s take a closer look at why the Pogamat XXL may be the last yoga and exercise mat you ever need:


Pogamat XXL is designed for high intensity workouts. There are several key elements that contribute to making this mat perfect for any exercise regimen. First off, cushioning is key! Whether it’s to pad your joints or provide more support for high intensity movements, the thickness of a mat is crucial, and this mat is more than twice the thickness of a typical yoga mat.
Next, let’s talk about the size! The size is by far the most notable and unique feature of the Pogamat XXL. It is twice as wide as a typical yoga mat, and an extra ten inches long, giving you tons of space to move around freely! On that note, this is also an acroyoga or couple’s yoga dream mat, since it can fit two people comfortably.
The material is super durable and stands up to the toughest workouts. That means you can use this mat with or without shoes, making it all the more versatile and practical for any workout regimen.


The Pogamat XXL is yoga, couples yoga, cardio, and plyo/HIIT friendly. You can use this mat for pilates, kettlebell workouts, bodyweight workouts, and at-home exercises like P90X, T25, Insanity, and all other types of fitness training.
Despite its size, another great feature of this mat is that it comes with three velcro carrying straps, making it portable! This means you can take it to the beach or the mountains, camping, picnicking, and beyond. You can even use it as the foundation for a sturdy and safe kid’s play area. Its thickness provides the ultimate surface for all of your favorite activities.

The Details

The Pogamat XXL is 78″ x 48″ x 6.5mm and weighs in at 17 pounds. It is made from premium high density eco-friendly PVC. This mat contains no latex or silicone. It is odor-free and phthalate-free, and is made with eco-friendly manufacturing techniques.
The material does not crumble over time, even when using shoes on the mat. To us, that speaks to the high quality and durability of the Pogamat XXL. The mat also features rounded corners, which are effective in keeping the mat lying flat and avoiding the annoying curling effect that so often happens with mats that have been rolled up for a period of time.
It is important to note that this mat does require a break-in period, since it comes with a thin protective film on it that feels slippery at first. But have no fear! You can break it in by scrubbing it with warm water and a cloth, or you can take our approach and leave it on a high-traffic area of your home for a week, walk on it with shoes, and use it for your workouts. Once you break your Pogamat in, you’ll love the incredible grip and traction it offers.


As we all know, yoga mats can easily cost over one hundred dollars these days. With the Pogamat XXL, you are investing in a great at-home yoga mat, exercise mat, and multi-purpose mat all in one. You can buy the Pogamat XXL for $199.99. For its versatile and multi-purpose offerings, this is a worthwhile investment in your yoga and fitness practices.
For its well-made, built-to-last quality, unique and highly versatile design, and all the fun ways you can incorporate this mat into your fitness regimen, the Pogamat XXL Thick Exercise Mat is 100% YouAligned™.


XXL Thick Exercise Mat

The Pogamat XXL is 78″ x 48″ x 6.5mm and weighs in at 17 pounds. It is made from premium high density eco-friendly PVC. This mat contains no latex or silicone. It is odor-free and phthalate-free, and is made with eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. Shop the XXL Mat


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