The Best Grippy, Non-Slip Yoga Mats On the Market

Nobody wants a Slip’N Slide on the yoga mat. Some mats offer more traction and grip while others a bit more on the slippery side. No matter what discipline of yoga you practice, it’s important to have a non-slip yoga mat to keep your time on the mat safe and distraction free.
That’s why we handpicked, tested, and rated 14 of the best non-slip yoga mats on the market for all your different yoga and workout needs.
We rated each mat on the style of practice it is best used for so that you can, literally, get a grip in your practice and focus on your breath and alignment rather than the slip factor of your mat.

Check Out These 13 Non-Slip Yoga Mats From Your Favorite Brands:

Our favorite, reliable yoga mat brands have done it again with these highly functional, grippy yoga mats.

1. Tribal Native Cork Yoga Mat by Yoloha (From $169)

Merging two recycled materials, cork and rubber, the Tribal Native Cork Yoga Mat is not only magically grippy, but also eco-friendly. Weighing in at less than most mats of this caliber, this mat features an uber non-slip surface, optimum durability, and natural, antimicrobial properties.ing grip and traction that improves as you sweat, plus high absorbency and alignment reference points in beautiful geometric designs, this cork yoga mat is as high quality as it is high performance.
Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat
Yoloha has done it again with this mat boasting a firm top and soft foam bottom to create unparalleled comfort and simultaneous stability. Gripping even better when wet, this mat is ideal for all your hot yoga needs.”noopener” target=”_blank”>Ashtangis, we’re looking at you! – this mat surface is practical, beautiful, and unique.
Best For: Hot/Bikram Yoga
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2. Stingray Cork Yoga Mat by 2nd Wind Health ($130)

2nd Wind Health did it right with their Stingray Cork Yoga Mat. With outstanding grip and traction that improves as you sweat, plus high absorbency and alignment reference points in beautiful geometric designs, this cork yoga mat is as high quality as it is high performance.
Perfect for hot yoga or really any sweaty practice – Ashtangis, we’re looking at you! – this mat surface is practical, beautiful, and unique.
Best For: Hot/Bikram Yoga & Ashtanga
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3. GRP by Manduka ($98)

Manduka has another excellent yoga mat for traction and we had to include it. In case you couldn’t tell by the name, their GRP mat has some serious grip.
This perfectly designed hot yoga mat has the tagline “Bring the heat. Lose the towel.” Not only delivering supreme traction, this mat is also infused with charcoal in its rubber core to both absorb sweat and eliminate odors.
Best For: Hot/Bikram Yoga & Vinyasa
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4. The Liforme Yoga Mat by Liforme ($140)

Boasting “warrior-like grip,” this beloved mat by Liforme has it all. The yogi designers of the Liforme Yoga Mat created their signature “GripForMe” material to create what they call the grippiest yoga mat material currently available. And we’re not arguing because, even when sweaty wet, this mat won’t budge.
Complete with a strong natural rubber base and added felt cushioning to keep your bony bits comfortable, this mat provides both deep cushioning and a solid, stable base.
Best For: Alignment-Based Yoga
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5. B MAT Strong Long by BYoga ($102)

Extra length and extra cushioning in one mat, the B MAT Strong Long is ideal for a high-impact practice (giving protection to your wrists and toes during all those jump backs) as well as slower practices such as Yin or Restorative (providing extra support for those long holds).
Whether you’re moving fast or slow, the cushioning support of B MAT by BYoga will be your new favorite thing. The best part is the grip has not been compromised for cushy softness . . . the same super grip that you expect from B MAT remains on this blanket-like surface.
Best For: Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Yin/Restorative
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6. Premi-OM Mat by Youphoria Yoga ($57)

Premi-OM Mat’s play on words is not only cute, it’s accurate. This premium-quality mat is super absorbent and antimicrobial so you can focus on your practice rather than worrying about bacterial growth or gross odors.
The open-cell, porous mat surface absorbs sweat as soon as it drops so you don’t even need a yoga towel. And Youphoria Yoga is no newbie to the non-slip game – this mat is not only high value at an affordable price, it’s also got unrivaled grip for whatever style of practice you prefer.
Best For: Hatha & Vinyasa
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7. Premium Combo Yoga Mat by MamaRoo Yoga ($44.50)

With a natural tree rubber bottom and plush microfiber top, the Premium Combo Yoga Mat is soft, cushy, and also highly absorbent. This durable mat with a mesmerizing design increases its grippyness with moisture and sweat so no need for an extra towel on top.
We love MamaRoo Yoga because they make products specifically fit for family fun. This trademark “F4” mat is so family-friendly (little kids and fur babies included) that it is even machine washable! Seriously, how amazing is that?
Best For: Hot/Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa & Yin/Restorative
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8. Para Rubber Yoga Mat by Hugger Mugger ($84.95)

The amazing Para Rubber Yoga Mat is double-sided(!) with each side offering a natural, non-slip surface that brings a more connected feel to your practice. Made from natural rubber, this mat is ¼ inch thick providing excellent cushion and shock absorption.
Hugger Mugger has certainly impressed us again with this eco-friendly, ultra grippy, and cushiony mat. It’s super easy on the knees and has enough grip to help you stick any pose.
Best For: Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin/Restorative
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9. Studio Select Dry-Grip Yoga Mat by Gaiam ($69)

Just as the name implies, the Studio Select Dry-Grip Yoga Mat keeps your grip dry even when your practice gets sweaty. The super grippy topcoat on this mat’s surface will wick away moisture and provide a secure grip even as temperatures rise.
But Gaiam didn’t just stop there. Offering 5mm of cushioning, this mat is also gentle on your precious joints.
Best For: Hot/Bikram Yoga
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10. Wai Lana Green EcoMat by Wai Lana ($59.95)

Wai Lana isn’t kidding around with their reversible Green EcoMat. Using a production process that consumes less energy and produces less waste, this mat is free of latex, PVC, glues, phthalates, toluene and chloride.
It’s completely recyclable and ecologically degradabale so it’s good for you and our planet. Its specialized patterned surface provides reliable traction for extra grippy goodness and non-slip sweat resistance.
Best For: Hatha & Vinyasa
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11. Harmony Mat by Jade (From $74.95)

The Harmony Mat is as durable, cushiony, and as grippy as they come.
All of Jade’s careful planning and designing shows in the quality of this product . . . it’s cushioned enough to be gentle on your joints but stable enough to support your standing balances. And, best of all, your hands and feet are not going anywhere – the grip on this mat is on another level completely.
Best For: Vinyasa
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12. The Reversible Mat 3mm by Lululemon (From $68)

Boasting some serious grip on both sides, The Reversible Mat 3mm is best used in low-sweat classes to keep the grip strong. Lululemon gave it a natural rubber base, which gives you cushioning along with some serious non-slip cling.
Like having two mats in one, this awesome reversible mat gives you different gripping quality on each side.
Best For: Hatha
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13. Eco-Friendly Premium Yoga Mat by Gurugrid ($88)

The Eco-Friendly Premium Yoga Mat from Gurugrid is made from natural rubber and polyurethane. This super combination offers a unique, stable grip that won’t budge.
The Gurugrid mat is printed with a pattern of lines, circles, and numbers that help you (no matter your height, age, experience-level, or size) properly align yourself in your poses. With clear markings on its grippy surface, you’re sure to find your perfect Down Dog with ease.
Best For: Alignment-Based Yoga
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Which Grippy Yoga Mat Is Your Favorite?

Yoga mats can be so unique to the practitioner and each yogi has their own personal favorite to sweat, relax, and meditate on.
Which is your favorite go-to mat for grip and non-slip qualities? Do you opt for sweat-wicking or soft cushioning or both together in one?
Have a favorite grippy mat that didn’t even make our list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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