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Stressed Out Yoga Teacher Funny Parody (Video)

I want you to close your eyes and think about the first yoga class you ever went to. Now I want you to press play on this video and laugh out loud as you check off every yoga stereotype in the book.
“Stressed Out Yoga Chick” is a video that pokes lighthearted fun at all the clichés you can imagine when you see, hear, and think about the word YOGA. This comedy sketch made me wiggle with awkwardness and 100% relate.
Toni Bologna, the actress portraying the stressed out yoga teacher, hit every topic on the head in only seven minutes: judgement, yoga pants, gurus, mat spacing, chanting, flexibility, core, breathing and so many more. Her endless rambling reminded me of my own thoughts during my first yoga class – jumping from one random thought to another.
In this video, Toni makes you step back and have a good laugh at yourself, and not take everything so seriously. Have fun watching this Stressed Out Yoga Chick video. Reminisce. Laugh. Breathe. Namaste.


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Brittany Nowicki

Brittany Nowicki is a yogi and writer drawn to the practice on her journey of self-discovery. Finding inspiration around every corner, she takes joy in writing on her blog as well as reading on the beach, running, painting, and a fresh vase of flowers.

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