Travelistas: Stash These 5 Healing Crystals in Your Carry-On for Protection and Good Vibes

Travel: it can be the best and the worst of times.

The highest of highs: seeing new sights, interactions that restore your faith in humanity, breathtaking views that a camera just can’t capture, and places steeped in history.

And by the same token, it can be the lowest of lows: long and cramped flights, horrible jet lag, that person in the seat next to you who can’t respect personal boundaries, food that doesn’t agree with you, the Airbnb horror stories, and missed connecting flights.

Basically, travel can do a serious number on your emotions and wellbeing, not to mention your physical body. It’s just part of the price we pay for the serious privilege of getting to see new amazing places.

With healing crystals on your body or in your bag, you can rest assured knowing you have a little extra travel insurance.

Luckily, there are many tips and hacks to make the icky parts of travel suck a lot less, and to keep our health, mood, and spirits high while seeing the world. Carrying certain healing crystals is one of them.

Once thought of as something only for the super woo-woo or spiritual, healing crystals are becoming more and more mainstream in our day-to-day lives as more people realize the very real powers and benefits of gemstones.

Used for everything from healing our bodies and calming our minds to increasing abundance or health of relationships, specific healing crystals are also ideal for easing many of the burdens of travel. There are many crystals for protection that you simply don’t want to leave home without.

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Best Crystals for Travel – Here Are 5 of Our Favorite Crystals for Protection

We all have our arsenals of tips and tricks for staying comfy and well while traveling (stretchy pants, healthy snacks, a good book or podcast). There are even yoga poses we can do on the airplane to help ease our sore, cramped bodies.

So it can’t hurt to throw a few healing crystals for protection into your carry-on for a layer of extra security and health.

Anyone who’s been to a gem store knows there are more choices of crystals than options of shows to binge on Netflix. So, without further ado, here are five powerfully healing crystals for travel you can take on your next vacay:

1. Amethyst

This well-known and easy to find purple stone is something of a cure-all for many health ailments. But it’s also one of the most powerful crystals for protection, thus making it ideal for travel.

In fact, many experts call it one of the best crystals for travel, as it’s known for protection, good luck, and positivity.

In ancient times, everyone from the Egyptians to Spanish and Portuguese sailors used amethyst for good luck while traveling to foreign lands. Whether you’re stressing about making that tight connecting flight or uneasy about traveling to unknown places, amethyst is your BFF.

Not to mention, it’s known for its ability to sooth insomnia and sleep cycle issues, making it perfect to soothe your jet lag exhaustion. Keep a piece on you while en route and place it by your bed as you sleep each night.


2. Moonstone

This gem has been increasingly popular in jewelry and even engagement rings lately. But you may not have realized that in addition to its pearly, ethereal beauty, moonstone has long been revered as one of the most powerful and best crystals for travel.

Known as the “sailor’s stone,” or “traveler’s stone,” moonstone gains its power (as you may have guessed) from the moon. It gained a reputation as a talisman for travel upon the water or in the night. And it was actually used for illumination during ancient times. Even now, it acts as a symbolic illuminator, helping open up the pathways of our lives.

You can carry a piece of moonstone or tuck one into your luggage. Or, better yet, wear it as a ring or necklace so this crystal for protection is close to you at all times during travel.

3. Shungite

While a slightly lesser-known stone to us layman crystal lovers, shungite might just become your go-to pick of crystals for travel. This is thanks to its impressive protective abilities.

If you’re all-too familiar with that vague, general “funk” you can feel after a day spent in airports and on flights, it’s likely due to the electromagnetic energy your body and Root Chakra pick up from X-ray machines and security scanners.

To combat this, carry a piece of shungite on you at all times when you travel by air. And notice how much more energized and aligned you feel. This carbon-filled gem is known to neutralize these rays and protect your body’s natural energy field. This will prevent you from being thrown off and act as a literal shield around your body’s chakras.

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4. Malachite

Love travel, but not such a big fan of the anxiety and worry it can trigger? We feel you. Whether you’re uneasy about flying, jittery about navigating your way through a foreign country, or honestly just less than thrilled about staying with family for days on end (we’ve all been there), then tuck a piece of malachite in your bag or wear it on you.

This crystal for protection will soak up your worry and negative energy. Plus, it will cast a protective shield over you, helping you to avoid accidents and unpleasant events. Think of malachite as the perfect all-in-one sponge for your anxiety, plus a general good-luck protectant charm.

An extra bonus? It can boost your immune system, helping you to avoid coming down with something after breathing germy airplane air.

With so many benefits packed into one gem, malachite is definitely one of the best crystals for travel.


5. Selenite

A great choice if you need a little help in the area of energy clearing, this white, iridescent crystal for protection is often found in long “wand” shapes.

The last thing you want to be susceptible to while traveling is the negative energy of others around you. So, selenite helps ensure your energy stays pure and untainted.

If you bring a wand-shaped piece with you on your travels, you can perform a daily ritual of energy clearing by simply “combing” it up and down your body to recharge and restore your energy while removing any negative blocks.

You can think of selenite as a handy, portable (and smokeless) alternative to sage. It’s a powerful energy cleanser for any room you stay in.

Not only does it cleanse and restore our bodies and our surroundings, selenite is also a wonderful recharger for other crystals. So bring it along and lay it near your other gems periodically to cleanse them of any funkiness they may have absorbed.

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Make Room in Your Bags for These Healing Crystals for Protection!

At the end of the day, there’s never one quick fix to ensure all our travels go just as planned. In fact, we’d argue that the bumps and minor mishaps along the way are often what create the best stories and memories later on.

It’s certainly all part of the journey, so buckle up and enjoy it. While there may be no magical cure to ensure all our travels are smooth, if you can give yourself a boost and an extra dose of protection while traveling, then why not?

With healing crystals on your body or in your bag, you can rest assured knowing you have a little extra travel insurance, if you will.

So grab the best crystals for travel, put on your most comfortable walking shoes, and get out there and see the world. It’s waiting for you!

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