We Review the Folding Travel Yoga Mat From Wai Lana (Product Review Video)

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In this product review video, we check out the Folding Yoga Mat and Tote from Wai Lana.

Wai Lana offers a wide variety of yoga and healthy lifestyle products, including a considerable selection of yoga mats. The Folding Yoga Mat and Tote is perhaps their most unique design.

Travel yoga mats are perfect travel companions, whether you’re traveling to the beach or across the globe. Most travel mats are simply thinner than regular-sized mats and still roll up the same way.


We Review the Folding Yoga Mat and Tote From Wai Lana

We tested out Wai Lana’s travel yoga mat and the results are in!


What Makes Wai Lana’s Folding Yoga Mat Unique?

The most striking feature of Wai Lana’s Folding Yoga Mat is that it folds into squares as opposed to rolling up. The benefit?

This travel yoga mat is great for packing – it takes up less space for travel since it folds into small squares (about the size of two folded shirts).

The folded yoga mat is the perfect height and size for a meditation cushion – another great feature for travel (travel yoga mat and meditation cushion in one). We think that’s pretty snazzy!

This folding design is also hygienic because the bottom never touches the top when you fold the squares. Wai Lana’s folding mat is great for any form of travel or carrying your mat to and from the office, gym, or yoga studio.


Other Details to Know About the Folding Yoga Mat by Wai Lana

This travel yoga mat is offered in two colors: solid blue or azure green with a beautiful Wandering Elephant print (featured in the video). It comes with a cloth carrying tote that has a matching elephant print.

Wai Lana calls this mat “eco-friendly PVC.” While there are mixed feelings and mixed reviews about PVC, the Wai Lana website states that this mat is phalate-free, latex-free and made from hypoallergenic material.

Finally, the low price point is ideal for people who want an extra mat to keep in the car, and/or a quality yet affordable travel mat. We love it’s affordable price point, and our favorite feature is the practical folding design that makes packing a breeze.

If you want to learn more about this brand, you can check out Wai Lana here.

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