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This Airline Just Launched In-Flight Yoga – Could This Be a New Travel Trend?

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you probably know how difficult it is to sit in those airplane seats for an extended period of time. Now add sitting in those uncomfortable seats to hours of preparation, possible TSA-stress, and the general stress of traveling. Your body gets tight, achy, and stiff . . . right?!

Just last month, the Hong Kong based airline Cathay Pacific announced their partnership with Pure Yoga to provide travelers with in-flight yoga and meditation. The airline recognizes the harmful effects on the body of sitting in one position for long periods of time, and wants to offer its customers with a way to combat this.

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travel-in-flight yoga

Photo: Pure Yoga


We’re So Ready to Travel With In-Flight Yoga!

The program, called “Travel Well With Yoga” is just one part of Cathay Pacific’s larger “Life Well Traveled” campaign. Travelers simply use the screen in front of them to navigate to the Lifestyle section of the entertainment provided, where they can find demonstrations of yoga and meditation.
“We all know that sitting still for a long period of time can be uncomfortable. The need to get up, move and get your blood pumping is important during a flight. Yoga is an innovative way to do this. There are a series of exercises that can easily be done from an economy class seat whilst other moves are suitable for after the flight in your hotel.” -Simon Cuthbert, Cathay Pacific Entertainment, Platforms and Connectivity Manager
The video series of demonstrations are available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese, and show examples of yoga asana and meditation that travelers can practice before, during, and after their flight. Possibly the coolest part? All these recommendations are accessible even from an economy seat!
Is this finally a shift from corporations determined to focus on the comfort of their customers, and not just the end-of-the-day profits? Or maybe even just more comfortable travel experiences? We sure hope so! We’re excited and thankful for Cathay Pacific’s venture into this endeavor, and we hope more airlines start to pick up what they’re putting down!

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