Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Vagina Healthy + Happy

From garlic cloves to crystal eggs, lately I’ve heard a lot about people sticking random sh*t in their vajeens . . . so I decided to do some research. If you’re curious about best practices when it comes to “The Land Down Under,” you’ve stumbled across the right article!
For the sake of this article, let’s clear something up. Your vagina is the muscle inside your body, not the visible skin on the exterior of your body. That’s an important distinction for today’s conversation!

Here Are 5 Tips For a Healthy Vajeen:

Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

1. Keep Your Vajeen Clean . . . But Not Too Clean

This is first for a reason. Stop “cleaning” your vag! Your vagina is self-regulating and has a very sensitive pH balance that it maintains to kill bad bacteria and host good bacteria. When we talk about keeping your goodies “clean,” just a rinse with warm water is perfectly fine.
Stay far, far away from douches, soaps, fragrance sprays, wet wipes, and all that other sh*t. Not only are these things unnecessary and wasteful, they actually knock your vajeen’s pH out of whack and cause infections and irritations.

2. Let Her Breathe

This is especially true for us yogis and fitness junkies. Being trapped down there with synthetic fabric, warmth, and sweat is not good for your vajeen. This causes humidity and irritations, which can lead to infection.
Instead, wear cotton underwear or go commando, or change out of your workout clothes as soon as you get the chance. Other ways to let her breathe are simply air-drying whenever you get the chance or sleeping in your birthday suit.

3. Have a Hygienic Period

If you use tampons, be sure they’re unscented, organic cotton, and that you change them regularly – every four to eight hours. Keeping up with your hygiene during your cycle is crucial to avoiding irritation, infection, and TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).
If you’re interested in a more sustainable option, menstrual cups, period panties, or a combination of both are totally the way to go. Both are reusable, hygienic (when taken care of properly), and completely worry-free. My advice: give yourself some time to figure out what size cup you need and to adjust to the precise placement of your cup.
Looking for a different menstrual cycle solution? Check out this article.


4. Don’t Bail On Your Gyno

As uncomfortable as it may be, it’s crucial to make it to your annual exam with your Gynecologist. Even if you have a regular sexy-time partner, aren’t pregnant, or don’t have an STD, your annual exam is an opportunity for a look under the hood to make sure everything’s going well down there.
It’s also a great time to ask any questions you may have about anything you’ve noticed in the past year, or just general questions about sex, fertility, your cycle, and more!

5. Stop Sticking Things Up There!

Like I mentioned before, your vagina is self-regulating and, honestly, pretty damn cool. She’s an independent b*tch who don’t need nobody. Stop thinking she needs suppositories, herbs, or any other thing that pops up as an ad on your Insta feed.
The latest vagina trends include herbal pearls that sit up there for a few days, garlic cloves, crystal eggs, and more. But, seriously, don’t do it. There’s sufficient research and evidence to point to the fact that these practices are harmful and unnecessary.
Anything and everything you stick up there has the potential to throw her off and cause infection and irritation.

A Healthy Vajeen is a Happy Vajeen!

Vaginas are pretty cool, and all they want you to do is do less. Leave her alone and let her regulate herself – she’s much better off without all the “homeopathic treatments” floating around on the internet these days.
If you have any concerns about the health of your vajeen, please go see your doctor. I know it’s not fun, but you can’t get that kind of peace-of-mind anywhere else!

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