What’s in Our Yoga Bag: November Edition (Video)

The editors of YouAligned.com love yoga and everything related to living a healthy and natural lifestyle. We pride ourselves on keeping our pulse on the industry, and we take reviewing the latest trends and products very seriously. From yoga and natural living essentials, to healthy snacks and more, below are a few products that have stolen our little yogi hearts and have become fixtures in our daily lives.
Take a look at what we’ve got in our yoga bag this month!


Hottie Yoga Wear

Lacey Bouquet Quench Leggings $72 and Sassy Bra $38
Hottie Yoga Wear is an Arizona-based yoga clothing line that’s versatile, edgy, and made with two things in mind: accentuating your beautiful body, and being kind to mother earth. We just love how the Quench capris are reversible! That’s right – you get a vintage floral print on one side, and a classic black and white lace print on the other side – two pants in one! Completely eco-friendly, the lightweight material is made from recycled bottles and blended with spandex for a comfortable fit that bends with your body. The fabric feels like you’re wearing a second skin. It is sweat wicking, dries super fast, and feels silky soft. The Sassy Bra is made out of bamboo, organic cotton, and spandex – the magical triage of comfort and support perfection. The cute ruching detail in the front flatters your ta-ta’s regardless of your bra size, and provides just the right amount of support for yoga, the gym, and your daily activities. Fair warning: you will want to live in this outfit.

Shop this look at HottieYogaWear.com


Lovepray Jewelry

Calm and Confidence Howlite and Amazonite Mala Bracelet $54 and the Healing and Change Sandalwood and African Turquoise Mala Necklace $98
Lovepray is a California-based jewelry company that focuses on yoga, nature, and fashion to inspire their beautiful, unique designs. The Howlite and Amazonite Mala Bracelet is made from 27 beads and wraps twice around your wrist with thick hitec elastic. Howlite has a calming energy, great for meditation, winding down, and soothing your nerves; Amazonite is associated with the heart and throat chakra, improving confidence and dispelling negativity. The Healing and Change Sandalwood (which aligns the chakras and enhances spiritual awareness) and African Turquoise (which stimulates communication and positive change) can be worn as a beautiful mid-length necklace or wrapped as a bracelet stack.


Shop these items at LovePrayJewelry.com


Good Karma Skincare

Good Karma Skincare’s Lux 3 Step Facial System $86
Good Karma Skincare was created by Cynthia Ransom, a traditional naturopath with a passion for holistic health. The company’s line is therapeutic in nature and the products are made with unrefined oils, using nutrients and vitamins the way nature intended. Good Karma Skincare also has excellent karma for the planet and our furry friends through the charitable program “Beauty feeds the Beast.”Lux 3 Step Facial System is a 3-step system that begins with a Purifying Facial Cleanser that gently balances and hydrates your skin. Next, give your face a spritz of the Balancing Facial Toner, before the final step: Age Defying Four-in-One Face Cream, available in normal to dry to match your skin type. This single cream is a game changer in the skincare market: it is a daily moisturizer for day and night, a skin-refining serum and an eye cream, all in one! Enter the code yogilove to save $10 off and receive free shipping on any Lux 7 3-step Facial System through November 30, 2015.

Shop these products at GoodKarmaSkincare.com


Hugger Mugger

Marbled Foam Yoga Block $14.95

Hugger Mugger is a quality yet very affordable yoga brand that we have grown to love and trust. They specialize in yoga mats, blocks, gear, and other accessories and props. This 4” Marbled Foam Yoga Block is beautifully designed, and incredibly comfortable and easy to use with its handcut, smoothed edges. It is made out of eco-friendly EVA foam, which makes it super lightweight and portable. Take this to the yoga studio or use it in your home practice to enrich and deepen your yoga practice safely, comfortably, and stylishly!

Pick up this block at HuggerMugger.com



Oatmega Vanilla Almond Crisp Bars $23.88 (for a box of 12)
If you don’t know about Onnit, let’s change that! Onnit is a fantastic brand that specializes in all things health and fitness. From their top of the line supplements to their food and fitness offerings, Onnit is a one-stop shop you can count on for high quality. The Oatmega Vanilla Almond Crisp Bars pack a punch: incredibly delicious, you’ll forget you’re eating healthy! Packed with 300 mg of Omega-3s, 14 grams of protein from grass-fed whey, 7 grams of fiber and only 5 grams of sugar, this gluten-free and non-GMO protein bar is about to be your new fave.

Get these delicious bars at Onnit.com



Personalized Yoloha Bottle $49
Yoloha started out making sustainable cork yoga mats, and branched out to create other cork and bamboo-made products. This Personalized Yoloha Bottle is made out of high-quality double-walled stainless steel with vacuum insulation to keep your hot drinks hot for 6 hours and your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours! Too good to be true? We tested it to find out, and the results are in – this bottle is 100% YouAligned™. You can take it everywhere – cold lemon water stays cold throughout hot yoga and wherever your day may take you, and hot coffee stays hot throughout your day at the office. But it gets better with the customizable, sustainably harvested bamboo cap! Get your personalized message (up to 6 characters) laser-engraved on the cap to make this bottle uniquely your own.

Pick on up at Yoloha.com


Kishu Charcoal

To-Go Water Filter $9.99
This is a seriously cool, seriously simple and easy-to-use innovation on water filtration. Kishu is a plastic-free water filter made from charcoal. How, you ask? Kishu begins its journey as sustainably harvested oak branches that are slowly heated in a kiln to create “the finest activated charcoal in the world.” Ok, but how do you use this thing? It’s as simple as unwrapping it, and dropping it into your water bottle for instant filtration (give it a full hour for optimal filtration in a 16 oz. water bottle).

Shop it at KishuCharcoal.com


Winky Designs

Iconic Fitness Slap Watch
Remember the slap bracelet? We know – stupid question – how could anyone forget the slap bracelet? Enter the Winky Designs Slap Watch. This fun design has some serious features: it’s waterproof up to 99 feet, has fitness-related icons for each hour of the clock face (including Warrior Pose for the 6), and the band is interchangeable so you can match your watch with your yoga outfit! The Winky Designs Iconic Fitness Slap Watch will have you rethinking your entire timepiece, and will help keep you inspired to maintain your fitness regimen.

Take it back to the 90s at WinkyDesigns.com


Yogapeople Bags

Ananda Yoga Mat Bag $49.99
What an adorable yoga mat bag! This will probably be your first thought too when you see the eye-catching floral print against a navy blue background with a fun striped, padded strap for comfort and tons of pockets and extra storage space. What we like most about the Yogapeople Ananda yoga mat bag is its size. Over 28” long and 7” wide, you’ll be able to fit any yoga mat, in addition to a small towel, and other personal belongings like cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. There’s an oversized inside pocket to keep your things organized, and a cute pocket on the front for easy access. You’ll look good with this 100% canvas yoga mat bag. Use code “yogiapproved” for $15 off your purchase.

Get organized at YogapeopleBags.com



Yoga Mat $140
Liforme has garnered a huge following and gained an immensely positive reputation for producing one of the best yoga mats on the market. An overstatement? We think not. Made with natural rubber and environmentally friendly polyurethane, this yoga mat is actually slip-resistant, from hot yoga to high-intensity cardio, you’ll feel grounded and rooted with this mat. Liforme developed their one-of-a-kind AlignForMe design that gives you actual lines and visual positioning for your hand and foot placement to teach proper alignment. Yes, a yoga mat can become your best yoga teacher, showing you the right placement for your body specifically. Choose from green, gray (featured), pink, or blue – all mats come with a Liforme Yoga Mat bag at no extra charge.

Get this amazing yoga mat at Liforme.com
What’s In Our Yoga Bag is a monthly recurring video series featuring all our editor’s latest finds that we want to share with you! You can expect a wide range of goodies, from yoga clothing and accessories to jewelry, healthy snacks, skin care products, and beyond – everything that aligns with your healthy, active, yoga lifestyle. You never know what fun stuff we’ll find next, so stay tuned!
See you next month,
Your friends at YA

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