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5 SUP Yoga Poses You Can Practice On Dry-Land

SUP Yoga (or Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga) is, for obvious reasons, associated with summer – warm weather, blue skies, and everyone rushing to get in the water. But the good news is that SUP Yoga can actually be practiced all year round!!

Are you saying I don’t need water or summer weather to practice SUP Yoga? Yes I am, so get excited!

We are now able to practice this fun and engaging yoga style year-round. Indoor SUP Yoga is perfect for the SUP Yoga enthusiast, or the beginner who wants to practice on dry-land.

Many of us have fallen in love with this yoga style for the different perspective it brings to our yoga practice and the great core strength and stabilization it brings to our body.

But if there isn’t any water in sight or everything is frozen, will indoor SUP Yoga really give you the same benefits?

Learn How to Practice Yoga on a Balance Board

A balance board has an unstable base that activates the stabilizing muscles in your body when you’re exercising or doing yoga on it. Your body has to stabilize itself on the board, which activates your core and strengthens all the stabilizing muscles in the body.

Balance boards are a great way to boost your existing workout routine or yoga practice, which is why they’re becoming such a popular fitness prop!


Why Should I Practice Sup Yoga Indoors?

  • If you are looking to add variety to your yoga practice, strengthen more muscles and/or become more confident with your SUP Yoga practice, you should absolutely try SUP Yoga indoors.
  • Indoor SUP Yoga has many of the same benefits as practicing on the water. You will still burn calories, tone muscle and practice being present. You will be pleasantly surprised when you feel a connection to new muscles and more strength overall.
  • How can I practice SUP Yoga indoors?
  • SUP Yoga indoors is all about the balance board. To replicate the unstable stand-up paddleboard on the water, we use a balance board to create the same effect. The best balance board to match the stand-up paddleboard is a six foot long wooden plank-style board that sits on four rockers – which creates the instability.

Here are a few balance boards we recommend:
Indo Board
Yoga Board by Powers Yoga
SurfSet Fitness Board
For a smaller option check out the Pono Ola Board

No balance board? No problem. Some of these yoga poses can also be practiced on a BOSU Trainer, which can be found at most gyms. So bring your SUP Yoga practice indoors and start getting stronger during the off-season. You will see major results when you get back on the water.


Here are 5 core exercises to try on a balance board:


1. Table Top Spinal Balance


  • Begin in Table Top pose in the center of the balance board
  • Extend the right leg back and the left arm forward
  • If you feel stable, exhale and crunch the right knee to the right elbow
  • You can continue to test your balance by pulsing the extended right leg or practice Tiger’s Pose
  • Hold whichever variation you choose for a few breaths, then switch to the other side

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2. High Plank Pose with Knee Taps


  • Begin in High Plank pose with your shoulders stacked over your wrists
  • Use your core to balance and stabilize your body on the balance board
  • If you feel stable, lift the right foot off the balance board and tap your right knee as closely as you can to your right tricep
  • Continue practicing a few knee taps on one side or alternate sides

If you have not heard of the amazing benefits of a SUP Yoga practice, check out SUP: A Beginner’s Guide to Paddleboard Yoga to learn more.

3. Side Plank Pose


  • Begin with your right hand and right knee on the centerline of the balance board
  • Extend your top leg (left leg) long and reach your left hand skyward, opening your chest and hips
  • It may be helpful to keep your bottom knee on the balance board at first to help you feel stable
  • Stay here for a few breaths

As you progress, try these different leg variations in your Side Plank Pose:

  • Tree Pose
  • Hand to Big Toe Pose


4. Yogi Bicycles


  • Begin reclined on the balance board with your fingers interlaced behind your head
  • Stack your knees over your hips and keep your shins parallel to the balance board
  • Extend the right leg forward and keep it lifted
  • On your inhale, lift your shoulders. Then exhale and bring the right shoulder to the left knee
  • Inhale back to center and switch sides
  • Exhale, bring your left shoulder to the right knee and inhale back to center
  • Continue alternating sides, using your breath and moving with control for more muscle activation



5. Boat Pose


  • Begin seated in the center of the balance board and with your legs extended
  • Slowly lean back until you are balanced on your sitting bones
  • Bend your knees and lift your feet so your shins are parallel to the balance board
  • As you build strength, hold on to the back of your thighs and keep your knees bent
  • When your core feels strong, gently straighten the legs and reach the arms forward
  • Be sure to keep your chest lifted and your spine straight, heart lifted


Practice These Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your SUP Yoga Journey!

As you practice more yoga poses on the balance board, you will notice how all of your stabilizing muscles need to be fully engaged to help you stay balanced. These 5 SUP Yoga exercises specifically target your core and stabilizing muscles so you can feel strong and confident when you hit the water this summer.

It is important to move slowly and listen to your body when using your balance board to stay safe and build more strength. What might seem easy on your yoga mat may be much more difficult on the balance board. Take it slow, and enjoy the SUP Yoga ride!! Namaste.

Have you heard of yoga on a balance board? Does it seem like a fun and beneficial addition to your SUP Yoga practice? We love hearing from you, so please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Jessie Benson

Jessie Benson is the founder and creator of FloYo®. Jessie combines her passion for yoga with her love of the outdoors, experience competing in triathlons and intensity of teaching spin classes to create a challenging core workout on a standup paddleboard with her FloYo fitness classes. Jessie is a sponsored SUP racer with Yolo Board and a master trainer for the Academy of Surfing Instructors and leads FloYo Teacher Trainings around the globe.

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