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My Bad Week of Yoga – And What I Found to Turn It Around

When you find the one thing that does everything you expect it to, you hang onto that for life. And you’re incredibly lucky if you do. Many people never actually find that one thing they click with and then continue to keep in their life forever. It’s a rare thing.

My one thing is yoga.

It’s my go-to for all of my wellness: physical, mental, spiritual. Yoga is my healthiest lifelong companion.

Counting on this trusty pal through the inevitable ups and downs of life has been a forty-year love story. It’s my passion, my purpose, and my dharma: I’m passionate about inspiring people to practice yoga.

So how in the world did I ever have a bad week of yoga? Thanks for asking. It’s the first. And yes, as with all firsts, there is a huge growth curve attached.

My Bad Week of Yoga Started Out On a Monday

Off I went to the only class I could fit into my schedule . . .

Class cancelled. No sub. No bliss. I went home and rolled out my mat only to be interrupted by the usual onslaught of delivery people ringing my doorbell, leaf blowers and lawn people, and my high-energy dog who placed every toy she owned on my mat. Ok, but not great.

There’s always another day, I thought. Tuesday: Core Power Yoga Level II class. While I’m not happy the classes have been shortened from 90 to 60-minutes, I’ve adjusted. What I haven’t adjusted to, though, is the new teacher still trying to cram in the same amount of poses from a sequence she must have learned in YTT.

How would I know she’s a new teacher? It’s obvious. The sequencing is dangerous, and the room is clearly too hot. Most people left red faced and looking like they left behind their smiles. I sent an email to the studio manager.

Wednesday. I missed my favorite class because I took a call. The problem: I had once again placed work above my health. My bad. Not beating myself up, I vowed to make time tomorrow to drive up the coast for a fun Ashtanga class.
Which takes me to Thursday. One of my favorite classes, this Ashtanga rooftop yoga overlooking the beautiful California coast, was cancelled due to rain. It was weather that had blown in unexpectedly or I wouldn’t have driven up the coast to get there.

I was officially an angry yogi. So not me. So I decided I better get creative.

How I Used Online Yoga Classes to Turn My Bad Week of Yoga Around:

I came home and turned on my TV.

First, I tried “Yoga Studio” on my Apple TV app

The videos were too short and it had an irritating robot-sounding voice layered over a person moving on the screen. A little creepy, a little sad. Yikes, surely I could do better.


Next I tried Glo

The “trial” class wasn’t a trial but a “try and get locked into $29.95/month” which irritated me because I am a yoga teacher and have practiced yoga a very long time, so I am an expert. I simply wanted to check out a video before committing to a monthly contract. Red flag. Pass.

Then I searched for online yoga classes on YouTube

I put “Advanced Yoga” into the search tool. I got a YouAligned video. I knew the name because I’ve contributed articles here before, so I clicked on it.

Heaven. The instructor was professional, knowledgeable, and taught an all-levels class in an upbeat and authentic way. The sequencing was challenging, yet healthy. I was impressed. I subscribed to the channel.

Figuring I should check out what else there was for my next class I found a “Foam Roller Tutorial for Low Back Pain” class. My life-partner is a runner and he was having back pain and since our foam roller is seldom used, I clicked on this.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the video was led by my contact and friend at YouAligned, Ashton August. The class was so incredible I sat down and wrote her a note begging her to let me write an article to share what a great resource the YouAligned channel is.

My concern was, though, that people would think it was a planned “advertorial” – which I hate – but I told her I would write it and pitch it to other magazines if she didn’t want to share with YouAligned readers.

Whether It’s Online Yoga Classes, Rooftop Yoga Classes, or Anything in Between, Stay Committed to Your Yoga Practice

What couldn’t be healthier. A real review based on a real experience. I’ve found lately that some bloggers and IG “influencer wanna be’s” are hiding the fact that they’re taking compensation for products they are professing to love, while not sharing that they are a paid promotion.

That’s the next article I’m working on. That, of course, after I get to yoga.

Find that one thing that you’ll go to any lengths to hang onto. I’m grateful mine is yoga. I hope and trust you will embrace this ancient science of healthy living. The last thing the world needs is a bad week of anything.

I’m shouting about yoga from the rooftops, and not only when I get to that rooftop yoga class. Check one out while you’re here in Southern California, or just as inspiring, simply turn on your TV or laptop.


From YouAligned: We are committed to providing quality, accessible yoga! In addition to our YouTube channel, we also offer YA Classes, a premium on-demand yoga and fitness membership that you can try free for 7-days

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Stephanie Spence

Stephanie Spence is certified yoga teacher committed to helping ignite the desire for others to create a life of health and joy for themselves through a sustainable practice of yoga for a lifetime of transformation. Her book, “Yoga Wisdom: Warrior Tales Inspiring You On And Off Your Mat” is now available. Connect with her online or on social @Stephanieyogini

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