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How to Make Yoga Teacher Training More Affordable

At first glance, deciding to dive into a yoga teacher training (YTT) can be intimidating. Not all students have access to the support and necessary resources they need to successfully complete a yoga teacher training program. The cost of getting yoga certified is important to consider, and can be the determining factor in whether you pursue your path of teaching yoga or not.
As with all forms of education and experiential learning, not all yoga teacher training programs are created equal. If price is a determining factor for you, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of teacher training you receive. With the right amount of research and inquiry, you can find the right YTT program at the right price!
Here are 5 payment resources to consider that can make your yoga teacher training more affordable and attainable:


Teacher Training Scholarships

Similar to universities, some yoga schools offer scholarships to students as a way to assist students with their tuition. For example, the savings can range from a $500 grant to a full-ride scholarship. Be sure to ask your preferred YTT program if they offer these.
See below for a special scholarship opportunity for YA readers.


Some yoga studios and YTT programs allow aspiring teachers to work in the the studio in trade for hours or credit towards their yoga teacher certification.

Payment Plans

Some YTT programs offer payment plans, which allow you to split payments and/or pay as you go. This is particularly helpful for those who aren’t able to make the full payment upfront.

Packaged Bundle

Some yoga teacher training programs offer room for specializations such as prenatal YTT or children’s yoga teacher training. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge and refining your niche as a teacher, ask about a package pricing option for combined trainings, which can ultimately save you a lot of money.

Sliding Scale Payment

There are some yoga studios and YTT programs that will work with your income to make their training more attainable for the individual. This may not be something they openly advertise so be sure to ask your studio about it.

Scholarship Opportunity in San Francisco, California!

YouAligned has teamed up with Yoga Garden SF to bring our readers an opportunity to win a $1,500 Yoga Scholarship to study yoga in the yoga mecca of San Francisco!
Yoga Garden SF is a yoga studio and yoga school in San Francisco that was founded in 1998. They believe yoga teachers empower others to make positive changes in their lives that ultimately benefit all of society.
Yoga Garden SF’s Fall 2016 Scholarship is available for both their full-time 200-hour YTT program, as well as their part-time 200-hour YTT to help spread the universal accessibility and adaptability of yoga.
This scholarship was created with the intention to fulfill the dreams of students in need of financial help by providing them access to immersive yoga study and high-quality training.
The Fall 2016 scholarship will award the winning student a $1,500 scholarship towards their upcoming trainings below:
– Part-time 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (September 11 – December 10, 2016)
– Full-time 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (October 4 – October 30, 2016)
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Big thanks to Yoga Garden SF for opening this scholarship opportunity to our YouAligned community! Yoga is an eye-opening journey worth embarking on, and we hope these resources help you find the right training, at the right price.
Do you have any additional questions, advice, or comments on how to make yoga teacher training more affordable? Please leave your comments below – we love hearing from you!

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Charmie Stryker

A wanderlust at heart, Charmie started her yoga teaching path during her travels through India. Her practice has been nicknamed as “shakti sway”. “Shakti”, meaning divine energy, and movement and “Sway” because of her love for flow, or the fluidity of movements. Currently she is pursuing her bliss of yoga, travel and design blurring the lines between work and play.

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